Friday, March 30, 2012

Karl's Day. And Other Things.

 Hi. Thank you for all your Get Well Soon Messages.
 The baby's on the Mend but I am not.
More's the Pity.
 Did you read the link to A Day in the Life of Karl Lagerfeld I posted yesterday? Talk about Interesting. I mean, who knew he used Klorane dry shampoo and drank litres of Diet Coke all day long? My friend Kate B wonders what Karl sups on for dinner. Me too. A spooky sixth sense tells me it is not mashed potato. Covered in caramelised onions.
His Loss.
He probably doesn't do bangers and mash either.
And Old Karl probably sneers at a retro-tastic beef stroganoff. With Noodles. Never mind.
More for Us.
He is a Hardcore Fan of Ironed fabric though. But who isn't?
Have you read this month's American Vogue? There's an article in it about a lady who put her daughter on a diet after her paediatrician said she was obese. You can just tell that next month's letters to the editor pages will be filled with comments about it. It's a polarising issue.
Meanwhile the Financial Review came with the good magazine today. Hooray. It's all about the state of the fashion industry in Australia. Deadset Fascinating.
Here's my Final decorating Tip of the Week.
#4 Pattern is Your Friend. As is Colour.
So cheering during Life's challenging Times. Plus they don't show the dirt. Win/Win People.

And in other news, got my hair cut.
have a lovely weekend

Thursday, March 29, 2012


 I hate to introduce a Sad Note but the Baby is really sick and so am I.
I know. Talk about exhausting. I've had 3 visits to the Doctor in as many days and not for the 1st time I've wondered how on earth parents with really serious illnesses manage to care for babies when they are completely physically incapacitated.
I've been rubbing this stuff on the baby's feet like No One's Business:
You can smell the menthol from out in the street.
Fingers and Toes we can action a speedy Lazarus-style recovery and get better soon. Because I am not suited to Illness.
Wish these quinces'd poach themselves.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I fully embrace and endorse the use of a Cardigan. This one's an old Jean Paul Gaultier number purchased for 10% of its original price from Honkers Back in the Day.
Works a treat with this Malene Birger smock arrangement.

This is my new favourite polish, Think Pink. As soon as I get better I'll paint my nails in it.
Don't forget I'm featured on the Decorating Forum.
Which brings me to my next decorating tip
#3 Make Your Bed People!
It'll make your bedroom look much nicer.
The Outnet tells me Lace is the Essential Fabric of the moment. Who knew? Will you be hopping on the Lace Bandwagon? I'm not going to lie to you- I've got a soft spot in my heart for lace. Remember this old Chloe Stalwart?
Speaking of the outnet, this silk tunic by Day Birger et Mikkelsen's nice.
or you could get your mitts on an attractive  Pucci scarf for about $100.

Lying awake at night wondering how Ole Karl spends his day? Well Stop it!
You can read all about it here.
Say what you will about Karl, he lives pretty high on the hog. And is partial to dry shampoo.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Festival of the First Birthday Continues.

 Channeled Our Domestic Leader Martha like No One's Business and actioned  a Party for the Festival of the Baby's First Birthday on the weekend. All the Big Names came.

That Fat Bird gets wheeled out and shoved on top of a cake at any given Opportunity. I live in Fear that someone will throw it away.

I was going to ask (ie Force) everyone to wear white but it got too complicated. I still Flew the Flag though.

My lovely Friends turned up super early with coffee to help me action everything. I've said it before and I'll say it again- get yourselves some good girlfriends People. It'll be practically the best thing you ever do.  And never again will you have to cater for the masses alone.

I do luff a take home lolly bag don't you?

The Baby found the whole thing a bit overwhelming and had to take to his bed soon after the cutting of the cake.
I've had the nicest day catching up with my friends at Anouk (No Jamie Oliver today. More's the pity), meeting Ole Mr FF for lunch and rewatching some Mad Men. All in all pretty perfect. Don't forget to pop yourselves over to the Decorator's Forum, where I'm Blog of the Week.
Which brings me to #2 Decorating Tip'o'the Week.
 I would never ever Knowingly Undercushion (Undercushioning being the Devil's Work and All) and Neither should you.
 We live in Difficult Complicated Times- Cosy is Key. Cushions are Key.
Trust Me. I'm a Lawyer.
What's everyone having for dinner? And what's good on telly tonight?