Monday, April 30, 2012


 It's 1 year on since Kate and Wills got married. She hasn't put a foot wrong, she's worn some lovely frocks and her hair is always 11/10. So Far So Good.
 Speaking of Superior Hair, it was Queen Beatrix's Birthday today. She has wonderful hair. It reminds me a bit of my late Grandmother's. All that height!
 Which reminds me, I must start planning my Jubilee party.
 Don't lose sleep wondering about my nails. I'm wearing Essie's Lovie Dovie.
 Carly sent me this and I luff it!
 The weather has turned cooler, so I've focused on the 3 Cs- Cosiness, Carbs and Crochet.
As you do.
I'm actioning a rug for the Bebe.
 He's involved. On a Certain Level.

 My parents were here on the weekend.
You can tell because the Fuchsiadome played host to what can only be described as a large pony sized 30 kilo dalmatian. With a flicky tail.
 Black and white's always so chic isn't it?
 Took my new Rag and Bones pink jeans out for a spin. I luff them 11/10.
I missed out on this DVF top from Gilt but I really want something similar- any ideas about where to source same?

Are you sad about the Allison Baden-Clay Powell's murder? Me too. Those poor children. And don't get me started on all those bikie shootings on the Gold Coast.
The World has gone Stark Raving Mad.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Here's a fabulous lemon drizzle cake that my friend Y made me yesterday.
Today everything's gone wrong from start to finish.
Don't you loathe days like that?
Anyway, it could be worse.
At least I'm not in a combat situation. Or engaged in Trench warfare.
Thank God.
Fingers and Toes tomorrow's better.
Meanwhile can you believe it's almost a year since Kate and Wills married?
Hasn't it flown?
I haven't ruled out buying these Barbies either.
It seems like last week that I was throwing flowers in my hair, putting the champagne on ice, whipping up Coronation chicken, donning a tiara and hosting a Royal Wedding Party.
This was me in case you need a Visual in relation to What I Wore.
I loved it all and wept when she walked up the aisle.
I remember the Baby was about 5 weeks old so I had to get everything ready while he slept.
And I started cooking at about 8am in the morning.
Anyway, when the going gets tough, the Tough action a bechamel.
All that stirring's very soothing during Life's Challenging Times.
And here are some Black and Spiro images to cheer everyone up

Remember these fabulous Prada flats that I bought heavily discounted from Jean Brown?
Well Someone has very naughtily ripped the lovely red flower off the top of the shoe.
This is the Guilty Culprit, crawling away at high speed from the Scene of the Crime
 Anyway, I'm going to hunker down and have a bit of a read.
I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the Shurley photo shoot in Hello.
Can you believe they were paid $1 million dollars for it?
Me either

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ANZAC Biscuits.

 This afternoon I made Anzac biscuits, which have a long shelf life and don't contain eggs, because every knows they were in short supply during a war.

 I steeled myself to watch a documentary about the Battle of Long Tan in Vietnam in 1966.
Holy Hell. How anyone lived through it is beyond me.
The most chilling thing is the recording of the radio transmissions where urgent chopper reinforcement is requested
 And the soldiers are told that no choppers are available.
Can you imagine the chaos and fear?
And everyone seemed to be about 21.
I had to google what regiments, battalions, companies and platoons were to make sense of it all.
If you read my earlier post, I've made posies of rosemary and olive branches for Remembrance and Peace.
I'm going to end ANZAC day by watching a documentary on SBS tonight about the letters Australian, New Zealand, English and Turkish soldiers wrote home from Gallipoli. I know it'll be sad but I think it's important to never forget.


 Because it's Anzac Day, I've made posies of Rosemary, for Remembrance and Olive leaves for Peace.
Can you imagine the horror of being in combat in a war? 
Both my Grandfathers were in the army in the 1940s.
This photo was taken when my Grandfather was on leave. He hadn't seen my Mum for months.
 Here's my Dad's Dad in uniform. He was 21
 Since I've become a mother, I cry at anything and l've felt very emotional and teary watching all the Anzac dawn services and documentaries on tv.
 46000 Australians died on the Western front and 18000 have unknown graves.
I hate to think of their median ages. 19? 20?

 Tonight I'll make some Anzac Biscuits.
Designed with ingredients to last and last and last until they arrived in a care package at the front.
Remembrance and Peace.