Thursday, May 31, 2012


Look, just look at this fabulous cordyline that the FF Garden has produced in what can only be described as Hardcore Old Testament conditions. What with the filthy bush turkeys and my Dad's Chainsaw Massacre-style prune it's a miracle anything's still standing. 
Here are some more Garden Stalwarts for your viewing pleasure:

And look- my bougainvillea is sending out baby leaves-Hooray.
Meanwhile this morning I went for an early breakfast at Buzz. 
Talk about Excellent People Watching.
I hope this didn't contain carbs
Because it was 11/10 Delicious.
Say what you will about Me, I am prepared to commit to wearing stripes 24/7.

Tiffany Piggy Bank says Hello
This American Vogue cover's different from Anna's usual look isn't it?

I luff the scent of basil don't you?
If you're new to this blog you probably don't realise that in February 2011, before I went on maternity leave, H Super Secretary manufactured a pregnant Barbie in my likeness complete with hand sewn black leggings and accessories. I still luff it Beyond Measure.
The Universe directed me to action yeast cookery. I do as I'm told
And threw together some rustic slap dash pizzas.

I'm thinking about painting my paws with Essie's Lilacism
Isn't she FABULOUS? 

You know how my Mum bought me this Jan Constantine cushion in the Channel Islands?
well Jan's actioned a Jubilee cushion with a corgi!
Still Decluttering? I am. So soothing and comforting and Good for the Soul. Clutter being the Devil's Work and All.
I got emails about whether the bush turkeys dig up bromeliads. They certainly do. I shoved the wire down and used the bromeliads as sort of pegs to affix it to the ground. I'm hopeful that the wire around them will stop them clawing the plants out. Fingers and Toes.
Thank you for all your lovely get well soon messages for the Baby.
Meanwhile I tried my Clarisonic and LOVED it! The level of Impressed.
If you haven't bought one, Run Don't Walk, or Sprint Don't Stroll, because they are the Bomb.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today I threw on Old School Pucci. Had a lunch with my girlfriends to celebrate a birthday which was excellent.
Look at all this lovely sashimi
My friend T swears by her Clarisonic Mia. Say what you all about me, I'm a Joiner. Naturally I bought the pink one
I'm tired, the Baby's sick, so I'll just provide some Archival Action for You. Because it's less admin. Plus I like to see all the old snaps.

Hello St Genevieve Patron Saint of Paris. 

Generally I make Mum a proper Old School cocktail but tonight we said Yes to Bubbles.
The poor Baby is listless and has huge bags under his eyes.
We are all very Sad.
Fingers and Toes he stages a Miraculous Recovery tomorrow.