Saturday, June 30, 2012

Me Me Me it's All About Me.

 Everyone always asks me what my favourite Nail Polishes Are. (I never pretended this was a blog about World Peace). 
So I've created a little Shrine  to give you all a Visual. 
It's Shrine-tastic. Look:
 At the moment I love A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find, Big Apple Red, Lincoln Park After Dark and  Shorts Story. I'm also addicted to this stuff-
 Mr FF found it on one of his journeys through David Jones for me and it is the Bomb. Talk about Time Saving.
Meanwhile I luff American Vogue but this month's very very Thin.
 Organisation and Nicely Folded Things warm my Heart. So comforting.

 Yesterday a complex matter I'd been working on with a team of 8 people spread over 2 states for 4 years concluded. Every one of those 8 people were diligent, proactive, polite and easy to deal with. 
If only all matters were like this.

 It's my Grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary tomorrow. I'll have to sort out what sort of cake arrangement I'm going to action.
 Willow and Lotus are popping round this afternoon so we can have a look at the Proto type of their latest necklace. Exciting. 
Can't wait to see it.
 Everyone's talking about this 50 Shades book, and I'm nothing if not a Joiner so I read it too. Literature it was not. The lady who wrote it is apparently earning $1 million a day!!! The main male character is a 27 year old billionaire who wears white linen shirts and likes to control his girlfriend. She's young and naive and says "Oh My" a Lot. It was fairly dreadful but a part of me wants to read books 2 and 3 so I can find out what happens. Apparently they're turning it onto a movie.
Remember People, Good Hair, Kindness, Gratitude, Teamwork and Loyalty are Key.
Especially Loyalty. I love Loyal People.
I hear Tom Cruise and Katie have divorced. Hope Suri is ok.
Happy Weekend.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


How freezing and rainy is it? I admit I'm loving it sick. Look, 2 scarves instead of one:
Because Underaccessorising is the Devil's Work.

I don't believe in dry cleaning cashmere. I know. Contraversial. I March to the Beat of my Own Cashmere Drum and wash it on a gentle cycle in the machine and dry it flat on a towel. If a moth eats the Baby's cashmere blanket I will cry. My friends K and L gave it to me and I luff it 11/10.

I know every mother thinks this, but my kid is Perfection-
When I was Fraught I was not Idle. 
I stayed up late and sorted the Hell out of my Pantry and Freezer. I know. Glamour Never Sleeps and Neither do I.

But I am starting to feel a bit worn out. Not unlike this lion.
But in super Happy News, look what arrived today-Behold the Magnificence of my new shiny patent Hunter Wellies. Hooray. I'm going to wear them everywhere.
Vegetarians Look at this:
It's Eggplant Parmiagana. And it's very very good.

Have you visited the Jean Brown online sale site at this link?
You'd be mad not to because everything already on sale, is a further 25% off either online or in store. If you are shopping online enter the code JB25. 
I  know. 
Your Economy Needs You.
And can I just say that after watching the news tonight that I am fed up with politicians who can't pull together as a team to get things done but expect the rest of us to? I can't help but think I could run the place better myself. With the help of some like minded organised souls and some decent admin support I'd be Unstoppable. 
Righto. I'm off to watch the lovely Martha in Silk.


 Don't let this Smile fool you People. Today was what can only be described as Fraught. Fraught I tell You. 
Thank God it is Over.
In other developments,  I actioned a pseudo rain proof outfit and remembered to take my brolly to work. Because the weather is Diabolical. Which ramps up  to the the Level of Fraught two fold.
 On a happier note I sourced this pink Hermes Tres Kelly scarf arrangement when I was in London with my sisters in November 2010 and still love it sick. It's weird how something like a scarf can be imbued with so many good memories. I think about that trip a lot. 
I liked the Tres Kelly so much I got it in orange too on the basis of the scientifically proven*
When-You're-On-To-A-Good-Thing-Stick-To-It- Accessory Theory.
Do you subscribe to this Theory?
The Frosty Winds of Change are whistling through the Coalface Corridors. 
People are Anxious. And Fraught. En Masse.
Soothing it Isn't.

 The only thing to do when Fraught is lose yourself in the comforts of Family and Friends and Domestic Minutia.
Here's a Red Thai Chicken curry I made when I got home after a mad dash in the rain to collect the Last Baby left at the Orphanage. All that repetitive chopping and stirring was dead set calming.

Have you looked at the Jean Brown online Sale like I told you too?  All those heavily discounted high end designer products are enormously cheering.
I'm loving this cold weather. Are you? And I've been loving the comments lately 11/10 too. Keep up the Good Work.

*As Researched By the Highly Trained and Lavishly Remunerated Scientists at the Faux Fuchsia Institute for Scientific Research. Who wear pink lab coats. Naturally. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 Today was wet and and freezing and windy. I have never been so glad to get home. I was totally unprepared physically and emotionally for the onslaught of rain. Tomorrow I'm wearing boots and a Rain Proof Hairstyle.

 Met the girls for lunch. Got soaked to death walking there. Felt better after some old School Fish and Chips.

 It's the sort of weather that demands Restorative Red Wine.

 And rugs are Mandatory.
 If these fit me I'd wear them to the Coalface tomorrow.

 The only upside to the weather is that the other day I hacked off some cordyline branches and divided some bromeliads and shoved them about my poor decimated garden so hopefully the rain will help them strike. 
Fingers and Toes.

 Once upon a time, I made the bed and artistically positioned my cushions and the whole arrangement stayed put.
Those Days Are Over.
Yesterday the Baby, who it must be said is fairly unsteady on his feet, overbalanced and began to fall off the bed. It unfolded in slow motion and I felt what can only be described as Extreme Maternal Panic. 
His fall was broken by a pile of Black and Spiro cushions he'd chucked on the floor and a bunch of airfreight American Vogue magazines.
I know. Lucky.
The Moral of this Tale? Never Ever Undercushion. Someone could get Hurt.
I am watching the beautiful Joanna Lumley on that doco about Greece. She looks amazing and has the best voice ever. I'd quite like to be her friend I think.
Stay Warm.