Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Look at this beautiful Fuchsia card my friend L sent me. I luff it.

In sad news the Baby's sick and I'm sicker. Feel like Death. You might think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. Here's a Visual:
No One is Happy. Poor Us.
Meanwhile during my 30s I discovered the Importance of Understanding What Constitutes The Right Amount
I'd Never Knowingly Undercater.
I'd Never Knowingly Undercushion (The Devil's Work)
And I'd certainly Never Knowingly Under Accessorise
I'd Never be caught dead with (crosses self) an Under Decorated Tree
I'd Never Knowingly Under Sequin

What wouldn't you be caught dead doing?
Meanwhile it's nice to see Kate with an updo for a change
Loved seeing all the Royals at the show jumping watching Zara Philips and her beautiful horse leap about the traps. I'm a big Princess Anne fan. She has amazing hair and you can tell she's quite disciplined. The equestrian commentator lady has the best voice. That's one Lympic event I'd've loved to've been at.
Best wishes from my sick bed.

The Big Names.

I love seeing all the Big Names at the Olympics. 
Do you think Kate was with Victoria while these two were together?
Mary met Fred at the Sydney Olympics in a bar. 
I mean, what are the odds? 
I'm running out of Things I learnt in my 30s but I have a few more Lessons up my Sleeve.
In my 30s, I began following a Retail Christmas and started putting the tree up in early October.
I also learnt that it will take approximately 763 more decorations than you think it will to get decent coverage.
I'm already worried about how I'm going to keep the Baby from destroying all the decorations....
The next exciting thing I learnt in my 30s was that a Parlux Hair dryer was the Way Forward. It cuts your drying time in half. Half!
Exult the New God!

Isn't it Freezing?

Monday, July 30, 2012


Our Leader was a Leo. I think you can kind of tell, because of her hair.

During my 30s I learnt that Accessories are Key. 
They cost a fraction of the price of a new outfit and give you something to look at when you're Thinking. 
I love this necklace but it's Ultra Heavy. More's the Pity.
During the Olympics I find myself Obsessed with things I hardly think about otherwise. Like beach volley ball. And dressage. All so exciting.
What's your Olympic Poison?


Baked a coconut cake.

I've been thinking about how I once invited a Person to dinner at the request of another guest. I'd gone all out with flowers and the food and making everything as attractive as possible.
Did I receive a Thank you? Reader, I did not.
It was relayed to me instead that the portion sizes were too big.
Again, I'm no expert, but if someone invites you into their home and feeds you, the only appropriate response is something along the lines of "Thank you".
In my 30s I learnt how to feed a crowd and make things looks beautiful in limited time, limited space and with a limited budget. Food is Love. You really can't cook without handfuls of the stuff.

Our Jackie's a Leo too you know. Her birthday was July 28. Here she is with Bunny Mellon.

This card came to mind today
Because I caught the Baby ripping the trim off my beautiful Louis chair. Naughty.
His powers of Destruction Know No Bounds. Even when feeling under the weather and running a fever.
Australian Story about adoptive parents was very moving and then Four Corners about domestic violence was Dreadful.  My nerves are shot.
Are you loving the Olympics? Or not?

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Say what you will about a pilfered Bird of Paradise flower from a council garden bed, it makes a Statement. Meanwhile I saw a very sad French movie today called And if we All lived together. Jane Fonda's in it looking beautiful and speaking French like No One's Business. It's about ageing and dependancy and having to rely on others. I know. 
The Twins bought me this cardy covered in beaded whatsies and I am luffing it sick.

Made Mr FF a multi layered red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. 
He liked the icing (The Queen of Icing) but said the cake was dry. Oh well. 

Cheese divides the masses but I am a Fan. This Heidi Raclette retails for $52 a kilo. I know. It makes Frenched cut lamb look almost affordable. I mean we're buying cheese not gold bullion or a YSL clutch or something.
And in very very sad news my little Baby is sick for the millionth time. So upsetting for everyone. Nothing Sadder than a Sick Baby.
I've almost run out of things I Learned in my 30s.
But I give you this- 
Get yourself a Decent Group of Friends, and look after them as you would a Garden or your Hair, because they'll make your life better in about 50 different ways. Someone once told me that it's hard to make friends after 30 but I don't think that's true. I met some of my very best friends in my 30s. They've enriched my life, fed me, listened to me, made me laugh, supported me during the Bad Times and loved the Baby with all their hearts. 
I love them. And Frankly, I don't know what I would have done without them. 
You know who you are.
And thank you so much to everyone who emailed me links to lovely Celebration Sequin Frocks. So kind of you to think of me in my Sequin Hour of Need