Thursday, August 30, 2012


I don't know about the rest of you but I love poppies shoved in a vintage Falconware poppy vase from the mid 1940s. So cheering. If anyone knows where I can source more of this pattern, let me know. Because I luff it 11/10.

Vegetarians look away now! 
Because I popped into New Farm Deli to get my mitts of some cured meats 
And who knew the term Snausage was so widespread?

In exciting news the other day, the Baby was taken to David Jones and fitted for his very first shoes!

I don't want to scare anyone half to death but they cost $75. 
That's not a typo. $75. I know. I thought we were purchasing teeny tiny shoes not shares in Rio Tinto or gold bullion or something. 
Apparently he'll grow out of them in a matter of months.

This is me in a Malene Birger top and a Gaultier cardy sourced on the cheap from Honkers for a crazy 10% of its original price. I know. 
My whippersnapper friend Sophie ( the one who introduced me to Amaretto Sours) emailed me some cocktail recipes that involve blood oranges. Thanks Soph!
I took her advice and gussied one up with some campari. Talk about Refreshing. And Healthy. Because it contains vitamin C.
Actioned some home made gourmet baked beans for Old Mr FF
The other night B gave me some high end fancy Dutch cocoa. What should I bake with it do you think?
Bullying is much in the news at the moment. I see Charlotte Dawson's been admitted to hospital following a cyber bullying incident on Twitter.
And there's a documentary about Bullying in school tonight on SBS.
Bullying, whether it's Old School real life stuff or the new fangled cyber kind is Revolting. Stop It!
You just make the rest of us imagine what a nightmare you'd be to live with.
On a Happier note, I loved the Para Olympic opening ceremony and I thought the Australian para olympians looked fantastic in their checked shirts and yellow ties as they came into the stadium. Talk about Inspiring. There's nothing I admire more than Courage and Discipline in the face of adversity.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I don't know why the colour Orange is so Good. It Just Is.
Our Real Princess luffed it too. I miss her. I wonder what she'd look like now, and what she'd be wearing. It's hard to explain to the Younger Players just how Significant and Powerful her Star Wattage was. 
And don't even get me started on the Magnificence of that nifty little Dior bag.

And in Thrilling News, Blood Oranges ("The Queen of Oranges") were at the Farmer's Markets today! Hooray. 
I'm going to put them into cakes and shove them into salads. 
I've started buying things for the Baby to wear in summer. Turns out he loves Orange too.

Mr FF bought this teeny tiny snack from the German sausage man today at the Markets. It was delicious! We call sausages Snausages. I don't remember how or why this started, but what can I say, when I find something that Amuses Me, I Stick to It like No One's Business.
It's one of My Talents.
Hooray for Snausage Makers the World Over. And God Bless those who eat them.
Meanwhile, see this seemingly peaceful innocent sleeping Baby?
Don't be Fooled People!
He creates Havoc and Destruction the Likes of which the Poor Fuchsiadome has never seen before.
I'm not exaggerating either.
On a happier note, tonight I actioned Nigella's gooey chocolate pudding. 
By God it was Comforting. Nigella never gets it wrong pudding wise. 
Nothing else to report.

Week So Far

Look what S K and F sent me for my Birthday!!
 It's a bespoke Through the Looking Glass badge! I luff it 11/10, Thank you! 
 Meanwhile this has been a busy week. On Monday I had friends over for dinner which was lovely. I wore Rachel Zoe gold sequins. I know. Subtle. This was Me:

 They bought me champagne and Dutch Cocoa and fresh herbs from their garden and excellent conversation. What's not to love?

 Mum, cast your little eyes onto these dalmatian cufflinks that Mr FF was wearing:
 How cute are they? 
Yesterday was a Carpa-whatsy Hermes scarf day- I know someone will know the proper name-it's the one with elephants on it. Sometimes I think it'd look good in a frame.

This is me on the phone to my sister in Honkers planning our weekend and organising a joint Father's Day lunch for Mr FF and my brother in law. I am counting the seconds til she arrives. Excited!
 I'm in Old School Lipsy sourced on the cheap from the net

Met my friend L at Il Posto for a Good Old catch up.
 Vegetarians Look Away! Because we had slow cooked beef cheeks and they were delicious! This is L looking Fab in Pink-
We hadn't seen each other in AGES but it was like no time at all had passed and we picked up where we left off. I luff it when that happens. 

How's your week travelling? Any more Spring Cleaning? Sorted out what you'll do for Father's Day? Organised and shopped for your Summer wardrobe?
Give me the Drum.