Sunday, September 30, 2012


We love Lotus. For lots of different reasons, she's one of my favourite people. Her wedding, in the Rain Forrest of her parent's property, was, as expected, Absolutely Beautiful. I was thrilled to be included.

This Balinese Group played gorgeous music before and during the service.
After buying 5, yes 5 potential wedding outfits, I wore a Caftan Arrangement.
Mr FF wore, amongst other things, a Kenzo tie
Baby L (a Leo) wore a sequined flower girl frock made by Sandra (Mother of the Bride and also a Leo). The baby wore braces.
I wore a Kenneth Jay Lane necklace and some el cheapo earrings
The Bride looked Divine. Her dad John looked Impossibly Young and was up at 6 am the next day cooking us all breakfast. Can you believe it?

The service was very emotional, original and moving. The mother of the groom read a poem she'd written and Sandra read the Dalai Lama's words about Love.
All the Big Name's embraced Orange Polish
Willow was Maid of Honour and shone in bronze sequins

I loved the party favours
which included Sandra's delicious home made pickles. Don't think I didn't take 2.
There was an amazing band (seriously, those whippersnappers were fantastic!) and everyone danced the night away.
This is one of my favourite photos-
Years ago before she met her husband to be, when we were both at very different stages in our lives, I dropped Lotus home after dinner. We spoke a long time about relationships and men and dating. And about our hopes for the future. I thought about this as I watched her say her vows yesterday. I am absolutely thrilled for her and her husband.
Thank you for letting us share it all with you. We loved it and we love you.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Orange and Navy.

 I've been looking forward to this weekend for ages (and even chosen the accessories that I'll be wearing. Namely Orange ones), but in the spirit of I Cannot Believe This is Happening I have been struck by an illness that is manifesting itself in horrible ways.
 I know. I am deadset sad too. Took these snaps earlier in week when I was in better health.

 See how even this toy is embracing orange?
 as was my beautiful friend B when I met her for lunch the other day
 And in a spooky coincidence my sister, who is back in Honkers now has also lost her keys! Here's a photo of her on her last night here when we both were blissfuly unaware of the tragic key loss to follow.
I miss her.

Yesterday I lost my keys. The Baby smashed OPI's A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find all over the floor and walls creating a huge crime scene style mess. And I got sick. 
Why do bad things always happen in Threes?
Feel so sad about that poor woman Jill Meagher whose body was found outside of Melbourne. Awful and tragic for her family. How utterly terrible for them. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Taking Questions.

I get emails asking me for recipe clarification and stuff like that. I always reply in my mind but not always on the blog.
Feel free to ask away.
And if anyone knows where I have misplaced my keys please let me know.
Nothing more irritating than losing keys. Apart from losing a wallet maybe.
And despite my best efforts St. Anthony hasn't located them for me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Red Letter Anniversaries.

 Japanese Food divides the Masses but I am a Fan.
Who's with Me?

 And in  Exciting news, thanks to Mr FF I finally got my mitts of Chanel's superior orange polish Holiday (thanks for the tip Kate B!) and their new pink lippy Extatique. I'm not going to lie, it's no Coco Pink (sadly discontinued) but it's still more or less The Business. Because this is not a Blog about World Peace, I predict they'll be the Hits of Summer 2012. Run Don' Walk People.

 Behold my current favourite polish Lucky Lucky Lavender. Very slow to chip. Lucky all round really.
Some People are Scared of Carbs. I'm not one of them. Whipped up a deconstructed pesto pasta arrangement.
 Meanwhile, I've been thinking about all the Signifigant Anniversaries that 2012 has turned up.
 The Baby turned 1
 The Queen clocked 60 years on the Throne
My Grandparents celebrated 70 years of Marriage
My beautiful Grandfather (whose hair it must be said, is Superior) turned 90
 Mr FF tuned 50
I turned 40
And my other wonderful Grandfather turned 95
How can there be so many Signifigant Red Letter Anniverseries in one year?
What does it all mean?
And who knew so many of you liked to Craft in Groups? Tomorrow I might buy some Glitter and some Glue. Because say what you will about Me, I am Nothing, if not a Joiner.