Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Halloween wasn't a big deal when I was young but it is now and I for one like it. 
We've had 13 neighbourhood children visit for treats and the Baby presented his little self at the Orphanage today dressed as a Tiger. All the kids looked 11/10 adorable gussied up in their spooky Halloween outfits.
 Sadly, the Baby kept removing his hat. Which was a shame because it was an integral part of his Look. Plus it contained his scary tiger ears.

 And say what you will about me, I am nothing, if not a Joiner. So I wore my Faux McQueen skull top to the Coalface

 The news from New York is terrible. Sheri in New Jersey (FF Blog Stalwart) I hope you are ok. Let us know once you have power.
Happy Halloween People.

Monday, October 29, 2012


 Capital Letters Confront some People Emotionally, but clearly no one's bothered to tell the Global Branding Manager at CHANEL
Meanwhile today I was Luffing Blue:
 And La Pazitively Hot:
 And Rag and Bone jeans

 Mum's here so we went to the Gallery to see the Spanish painting exhibition. I think it was called Treasures from the Prado? Anyway we all luffed it Sick.
 My Mum is the BEST GRANDMOTHER ever! The Baby screams with what can only be described as Joy and Excitement when he sees her. I love watching them together and took about 174 photos of them. But she has absolutely got to stop bringing him presents. 
No More! I mean it this time.

 Hooray for Old School 7 year old Espardrill Wedges.
 And Hooray for Lunch
 And Triple Hooray for my Divine and Always Happy Christmas Tree.
Honestly it never gives me a single moment of Trouble.
Not a Moment.
It never whinges.
It never criticises me. 
It never creates Drama.
It just sits there looking Gorgeous.
What's not to Luff?

Sheri in New Jersey (Blog Stalwart and Faithful FF commentor) is bracing herself for the Dreadful Frankenstorm. I hope you are ok. It sounds awful beyond words with apparently between 4 and 7 feet of snow being dumped. Can you imagine??? Thinking of you Sheri. Stay safe and keep us up to date if you can. 
I hope the rest of you are Ok Too.
Australian Story is very sad tonight. It's about people in the newspaper industry who live with Hardcore Job Insecurity. Nothing like Hardcore Job Insecurity to weak havoc with one's Peace of Mind.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


We celebrated my beautiful friend M's Birthday yesterday at a fancy pants girlie lunch on the river. She looked gorgeous in sequins. I met her through my then boyfriend in 2001 but we lost touch until 2005 when I saw her on the 377 bus. She's an amazing friend to me and the Baby and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. Happy Birthday M!
I carried my fab pink bag (Thanks A-M I luff it)
And wore this green 1 shouldered Shoshana number
It was a Very Glamorous crowd

She had her own signature cocktail (If you need some visuals you can have a look at my Instagram photos. I'm at fauxfuchsia)
Like all the Best People she had a Welsh Lady Birthday cake. Which was Delicious.
Meanwhile this one continues to squeeze himself into the most improbable spaces

Some people love jacaranda trees but I am not one them. Look at the mess they create on my driveway:

Turns out this Mischa bag works a veritable treat with Missoni. Who knew?
And  Very In Exciting News we had our 1st Haircut! I saved a lock for a keepsake.

Am loving my new sandals from Jean Brown. Those wings are the Bomb.
I saw the most fantastic documentary at the movies this morning called Searching for Sugarman. If you haven't seen it Sprint Don't Stroll because it is 11/10. Seriously. I might see it again. It's about the singer Rodriguez who released 2 albums in the early 70s. His career went nowhere in America but he was huge in South Africa. He never knew this though. His fans thought he was dead but it turns out he wasn't. It's hands down the best movie I have seen all year. And I can't stop singing I Wonder.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pickle Success.

 Look, my lovely orange lilies are out and so far no evil varmint has eaten them.
 Meanwhile remember I ordered Lotus to don a beret and dark glasses and bring all remaining eggplant pickles that her mother made to me Or Else? 
Well say what you will about her, she Does as She is Told. 
 Pickle Success! 
I cannot tell you how happy and relieved I am. I was down to my last jar. 
I know. I was scared too.
 Yesterday I wore yellow. By Rachel Zoe.
The sky looked a bit retro last night
Kind of like it was say 1977
 So there was only 1 thing to do
 That's Right People. Old School Chinese with my Entourage. I love it how Chinese restaurant's embrace little kids.

 Today in a Through the Looking Glass Moment Mr FF has not, I repeat not, gone to Golf.
I hope this doesn't mean the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are about to ride into town.
So we've gone for a walk, done some gardening, actioned the washing, read the papers and now he and the Child are having a snooze.

 Meanwhile I've been sorting out what bits of my wardrobe can be worn with my lovely new Mischa tote from Jean Brown

 Thankyou to the reader who sent me the link to this Kiki McDonough bracelet with bees. I luff it 11/10. If I win lotto I will buy it.
Mecca's doing a gift with purchase if you're in the market for anything
I've got M's 40th birthday lunch today. Cannot wait.