Thursday, November 29, 2012


 The last of my lilies are starting to fade. Wish they flowered all year round.
Wheeled out this old Stalwart from about 2006 to wear as a top over my jeans.

 The Baby thinks when he puts things over his eyes that he becomes Invisible.

 Went to a Christmas Lunch with my Colleagues
 Excellent Secret Santa gifts were exchanged. Here's Old Willow:
 I was given a beautiful French glass jar and the lid has 3 bees on it. Luff this! Thanks Secret Santa.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Wore some camouflage Moschino to The Coalface today.
Thank God for white iceberg roses. They flourish in what can only be described as Adverse Conditions. Which accurately sums up my Gardening Situation.

 I feel quite nostalgic and emotional when I look at the Baby's kindy art. When he first started at the Orphange he couldn't even sit up let alone talk or walk. I used to carry him into the building. 
Now he holds my hand and walks.

 Meanwhile this tassle-tastic necklace goes with Everything. Everything I tell you!

 I think I might start wearing this Hermes scarf as a top on a regular basis.
 Vegetarians Look at This! 
Tonight I actioned a Thai green vegetable curry in a jiffy from cupboard  and freezer ingredients. I don't know about the rest of you, but I go in hard with the lime juice the coriander and the kaffir lime leaves. I'm not going to lie-It was Delicious. Delicious I tell you!
 And in exciting news today I discovered that Guerlain  makes a fragrance that has a Bee emblem!!! How could I not have known this? Tres Exciting. It smells like honey and summer.
 In 4 months time, this little boy will be 2. I know. 
I cannot believe it either. 
Meanwhile I have 9 yes 9 social engagements scheduled for the next 7 days. I know. I'm scared too. 
The baby sitting arrangements have been planned with a Military-like Precision that Monty himself would be impressed by. And Rommel would be deadset jealous of.
Do the rest of you luff Who Do You Think You Are as much as I do?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

22 Things I Like.

 1. My new tassel-tastic Faux-roccan Red Phoenix coral necklace
2. workshopping clothes and jewels with Old Lotus (who looked fab today in Pucci)
 3. sparkly tops
 4. the Baby's fabulous paintings 
 5. my favourite cushion. Sewed it myself with fabric sourced from Black and Spiro. Love those pom poms
 6. old school retro fragrances
 7. Reading what Mrs Danvers is up to
 8. plants grown from cuttings taken from my late Grandmother's garden
 9. organising celebratory dinners
 10. vintage furniture that I've painted and upholstered myself
 11. my Tree
 12. the beach
 13. watching the Baby run around the beach
 14. Christmas food
 15. my Chanel grand shopper tote
 16. when the FF Garden performs
 17. scented candles. Think this was Glasshouse
 18. ginger jars en masse
 19. Good Hair days
 20. lilies grown from bulbs
 21. seeing how much the baby's grown since this time last year
 22. Individual hot puddings
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Is anyone else fascinated by this Slush Fund thing with the PM?
If you have any accessory questions just pop your question here and I'll ask (i.e. Force) Lotus to action a response a la today.
Can anyone predict what we'll be wearing next May? If like to get my wardrobe sorted on the cheap and in advance.
Oooh Goody, there's a doco about Clinton on SBS starting now. Let's revisit the mid 90s right now.

Necklace Questions.

 Yesterday a reader who'd had a preventative mastectomy and subsequent boob job left a comment asking for advice on how to wear her beads with her new figure. Good question. I contacted our resident necklace expert Lotus who actioned an immediate and entire blog post in answer to this important issue. 
 Someone asked if Red Phoenix Emporium ship overseas- they do. People in America and Europe and China are walking about the traps with these gorgeous necklaces draped around their necks.
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Happy Tuesday.

Monday, November 26, 2012

High End Giveaway.

 It's almost 3 years since Willow came over on a Saturday morning and set up the blog for me. I know. Time Flies! Can you believe this is my 987th post?
So we're actioning a High End Fancy Pants Giveaway. With 3 yes 3 top shelf prizes.
The 1st giveaway will include this lovely Red Phoenix Emporium necklace, and my 3 favourite OPI polishes A Good Mandarin in Hard to Find and Shorts Story
and No Spain No Gain
And you'll also get this decoration sourced from Happiness Place. Because under decorated trees are the Devil's Work.
 And we're including this Summer Basket of Treats from Red Phoenix Emporium too. It has cards and a sarong and lots of other little attractive summery bits and pieces.
 The next Giveaway has 2 lovely things- is this attractive Red Phoenix Emporium necklace:
 and Jane from Life on Planet Baby has generously agreed to send you one of her bespoke Liberty JOY or LOVE words from her etsy  shoppe which is called Planet Joy. I know, they're gorgeous.
This is what they look like:
I luff them
Our 3rd Giveaway is so Fantastic I'm tempted to keep it for myself.
Ovenu (Professional Oven cleaners to the Stars and to Me) who I always use to clean the FF oven and who make the filthiest ovens look like New are giving a lucky reader a professional oven clean! I know! Such a good thing to win. 
So handy if your oven has been dealing with slow roasted pork belly and similar.
This prize is only available to readers who live in metropolitan Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or Perth.
And another thing, If you contact them and mention this blog they'll give you $10 off your oven clean. The $10 off lasts until 5 March 2013. 
Meanwhile, inspired by Mrs Vreeland's Garden-In-Hell Billy Baldwin decorated living room I went with a kind of red pink and leopard theme today. It's kind of Christmassy.
Look at this stunning plate that my little boy made at the Orphanage! I remember making these as a child too. I'm going to get him to do one every year.
Made a key lime pie today
with a sour cream topping.
It was 11/10
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My sister once asked me if the blog was one of the best things in my life.
It isn't, but I enjoy doing it and I love having an online scrap book for the last 3 years.
I've also met some truly fabulous people.
You know who you are.