Monday, December 31, 2012

Beach. And New Year's Eve.

No one, NO ONE loves a beach holiday at a resort more than me. Well maybe there's someone on the other side of the country, but I doubt it.
So handy given that 68% of my wardrobe is what can only be described as Resort Wear.
This year I'm embracing turquoise blue with every cell and fibre of my being.
 I've packed a few accessories, just a couple, to get me through
 I've channeled Ivana Trump circa 1987 and said yes to Grecian drapes in lime green lycra

 If you like pina coladas...come sit by me

 This is the view from our room. I know. It's STUNNING, Stunning I tell you.
 2012 was Big Year for me. So many important Milestone Style arrangements took place- I went back to work at ye olde Coalface, the Baby got sent to the Orphanage and turned 1, My Grandfathers turned 95 and 90 respectively, my Grandparents celebrated 70 years of marriage, Old Mr FF turned 50, I turned 40, the Baby learned to sit up talk and walk....
Happy New Year. Where ever you are. I always think New Years Eve delivers less than it promises. Hope yours'll be ok.
I'll be asleep at midnight but if you're awake you can toast me in your mind.
Happy Times FF Readers.
I'm off to the beach. I'm my gold lurex Missoni caftan. Naturally.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Life Snippet from Late December.

 So last night I threw on my Glad Rags and Hot footed it to Bucco to meet my Girlfriends for Dinner.
When I got there they were drinking these with what can only be described as Enthusiastic Abandon:
 I always order exactly the same thing in restaurants. Based on the When You're on a Good Thing Stick  to it Theory. As extensively researched by the world famous Scientists at the Faux Fuchsia Institute for Scientific Research.
Behold the Magnificence of this Sand crab linguine:
It was 11/10 People.
as were these limoncello lemon sorbet cocktails. Refreshing in this heat.
 Today began badly when the car wouldn't start. I know. I was sad too. And can I just say I luff RACQ with all my heart? They got there so fast and now I have a new battery. The old one lasted 6 years. Which is apparently very good. 
After all that I met up with old Amber and M.
I love them. Remember they organised my beautiful Baby Shower back in the Day? It was all so gorgeous. Here are some Visuals in case you missed it:
Luff Old Amber's house.

Packed today. Am worst packer. Want to take Everything.
Offended by Prawnography? Best Look Away Now then.

Friday, December 28, 2012


 BB from Melbourne sent me this divine scarf and YSL scarf ring for Christmas and can I just say I am luffing them both SICK! Thank you! So gorgeous. The thank you note's not in the post yet, but it will be. And I cannot wait to read this:
 Old Mr FF gave me this Miriam Salat ring in my Signature Colour. Luff it too. Don't think I won't be wearing it with a sequinned caftan on the Beach. Because I will be.
 Meanwhile this morning, I drank one of these (God Bless you Nespresso)
Grabbed this Anya Hindmarch clutch arrangement
Threw on some sequins and hot footed it to The Magic that is Jean Brown to see Old Amber who's in town for a flying visit (I miss you when you are not here. Damn You Tyranny of Distance).
 Everything in store was Sparkletastic and Lovely
 Prepare yourselves Emotionally for way you are about to Witness People.
Behold the Magnificence of my Sparkletastic Shourouk necklace. 
I know. It is Stunning. 
I can just tell we will be very happy together.
 I've forgotten what day it is. Holidays do that to you don't they? This would never happen if it was Business as Usual.
Tonight I'm catching up with friends for an early bird dinner. What are you up to?