Thursday, January 10, 2013


 Threw on some el cheapo sequins and a Red Phoenix necklace to meet long time Blog Stalwart Ms T and her gorgeous baby for lunch.
 Can you believe this Heat?
 Hooray for Baked Cheescake. This one was 11/10
 Jane from Planet Baby sent me this gorgeous Liberty heart that she made. I luff it. Thank you!
Last day  in the Nursery Room at the orphanage for this one tomorrow. I know. It's the end of an era.
I told Mr FF not to let him play with those permanent markers...
Mum's here and we had a fab dinner but I forgot to take photos.
Don't forget to check out Mummy's Wish a charity that supports Mum's with cancer. They rely 100% on donations. Last year they helped 160 Mums  with car parking, babysitting, laptops and housekeeping. They also organise family portraits for terminally ill mothers and tape mother's voices into Mummy's Wish Bears so that children can hear them while their Mums are in treatment. I hope I never ever have to use their services, but it's good to know that they exist for those in need.


  1. Loved lunch and sharing stories. Can I tell your readers in real life your are deadset gorgeous, funny, honest Caring and thoughtful. A will treasure his book can't wait to read it with him.

    Don't get me started on that cheesecake. It really was 11/10. Enjoy having mum FF in town.

  2. FF,
    Your ability to turn sequinned, sparkled, or spangled clothing into anywhere, anytime casual clothing is admirable. You make me want to give it a try myself.

  3. I now embrace sequins without fear. I love that sparkly top. Baby FF still looks so tiny when he's standing beside the cushions - I'm sure he'll enjoy the next stage just as much as he did the nursery!

  4. Oh only have washable markers in the house FF...
    my girlfriend's boys took a permanent marker and drew wonderful pictures all over her white leather sofa while she took a quick shower...

  5. That sequin top is so cute! It doesn't look cheap one bit! But nothing looks cheap on you, dear FF.

    What a wonderful charity. Makes me think how nice it would be for someone in my extended family - who has kids and is very ill with cancer - to have such a service in her area.

  6. The permanent marker story is SO funny! Our friends came to stay - they have two boys and had been on holiday where they were given 'washable' pens to write on wall can imagine what happened when they got home!!! You can't blame the children though.

    Keep smiling,


  7. Sounds like a wonderful charity.
    This heat is making me DERANGED!

  8. The cheesecake and the schnitzel look divine.

    At least the permanent marker wasn't on his face. I know a blogger (shhhh!) who this week gave her 2 year old a texta and let her draw all over her baby. Crazytown. That's only going to ever end in tears.


  9. That looks like schnitzel and a 'slaw to me. Nice one.

    Do you have indoor plants? R and I are trying to have an indoor garden. Got any tips? X

  10. Aha, we have learned to climb, have we?? Life will never be the same again, he he. My grandson recently decided to "write" his name on the wall with those markers. Oh Dear!
    Those sequins are the prettiest, delicate pink. Lovely.

  11. Although this heat is killing our beautiful lawn, it reminds me of the summers we used to have as kids, sweltering, eating Sunny Boys and Icy Poles. We've been making good use of our local pool!
    Love those el cheapo sequins!

  12. Please tell where that cheesecake was sourced from - am craving some now!

  13. All this talk of writing on walls, I am the biggest culprit ever. When I was about 2 Mum and Dad were at a BBQ and the hosts daughters were minding me. They gave me textas and a piece of paper and wandered off. Ages later Mum found me by which time I had coloured in an ENTIRE ROOM. Everything the walls, the cupboard, the drawers, the bedclothes, part of the carpet as high as I could reach. I had never done anything like it and never did anything like it since but it was spectacular.

    Gosh I love how you wear sequins to day things. I'm still a bit scared of doing that.

  14. I know how you feel about those permanent markers. My niece got given non-washable Dora the Explorer markers (seriously? Does that even SOUND child-friendly??) and they stayed on her beautiful skin for three baths.

  15. This heat is dreadful at the moment - love how you keep so 'cool' looking in that gorgeous sequined top!

  16. Love the sequins and necklace. Lunch looks delish. Toddler climbing - arrgghhh.

    You could this on the stain. I have used it and it worked. I think I got it at Woolies or similar (perhaps Bunnings??). I managed to get a leaky biro stain out of a white linen blouse using the stuff from the blue bottle and don't think I didn't bring it back to Asia with me!

  17. I am melting. This heat is absurd.
    The only good thing about it is that it seems to make Toddler C take extra long naps!

    We need to plan another Orphanage mom get together...somewhere cool.

  18. That sequined top is beautiful. Wish I could still wear shorts - noone to blame but myself. Your taste is impeccable.
    Watching Ita on One plus One. Love her. What a role model.
    All the best

  19. That sounds like a great charity. In my neighborhood, we tried to be as helpful as possible with calendars assigning child pick-ups and nightly meals to everyone when someone was going through treatment. I hate to imagine anyone having to go through treatment without a support group.
    Sorry, but I think the Baby FF decorated shirt is adorable - even if it is permanent. Thanks for the Cheesecake picture.

  20. So delighted you like the heart, FF. Makes me smile. As does the Baby atop those chairs. Yet another milestone conquered! J x


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