Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Luffing yellow sick? Me too. Wore a bit today. Here's a Visual:
That bee brooch's been Good to Me.
All the Big Names have had a Yellow Phase. Like Catherine
 And Diana.  Turbans divide the masses but I am a Fan.
A parcel of hand- me- downs arrived from my sister for my little boy today. Hooray!
 Mr FF hopped on the yellow bandwagon today too.
 Loving Chanel's Orange Fizz. I don't want to frighten anyone but it is just a teeny bit prone to Chipping.
 Actioned a Slaw.
and Vegetarians Avert Your Eyes!
Because we ate the slaw with a roast rack of pork.
In keeping with Frugal Feb I've been taking my lunch from home and am committed to reducing the  amount of food we waste.
A friend of mine's doing "No Spend" for a year except for absolute essentials and says it's empowering.
I'm watching Notting  Hill. Hugh and Julia seem miscast. But the houses are nice.


  1. I am on my 4th of "no spend" and it is true that is empowering.. so far ! I am going to London tomorrow though, I wonder how I'm going to fare !x

  2. I love Notting Hill but I think Julia and Hugh are perfect together. I love the dinner party scene where he takes her to his friend's place who is hosting his sister's birthday party. They all seem completely natural in that scene. I could imagine myself sitting around the table enjoying their company and joining in the conversation. I love how they all scream when she leaves ... my friends and I would completely do that as well. I really love that movie.
    P.S. is there any colour you can't wear? Yellow even looks sensational on you. I love yellow but I can't wear it ... except on my feet ... it makes me look grey.

  3. How does one learn to action the art that is scarf tying as perfect as you?

  4. Yellow.......oh my favourite colour. Also luff Coldplay's song 'Yellow'. You do look lovely in yellow.

    On one of my special birthdays ending in 0 my daughter sent me dozens of yellow roses when she was working in London. The best present ever !

    Can't sleep so thought I would check out a few blogs, yours being the first!

    Lorraine E.

  5. I watched Notting Hill too, though I don't really enjoy it anymore.

    I like your frugal feb plan, I am doing the same. Also love the yellow photos, that one of the Queen is beautiful, and I have always especially liked that particular one of Jackie O. Did I tell you I'm reading a book about her, Mrs Kennedy & Me it's called, have you read it?

    Got a big fright this evening when I looked at the tv guide and checked that Nigelissima is on tomorrow night, and saw that it had (Final) next to it!! Lord knows that show helps me get through the week, shall have to find a plan b.

  6. Thanks for the reminder of the loveliness of yellow. Is there a more cheerful color? That very pale yellow dress of Kate's reminds me of one I loved as a child. Seeing it triggered a rush of nostalgic feelings. I'm going out today and find something yellow to lift my spirits and bring sun to the dreariness of winter here in North America.

  7. Lovely yellow visuals - gorgeous roses too.. Yes agree Chanel polish is a bit prone to chipping unfortunately. And isn't it the best getting a package in the mail? Rather like Christmas all over again. S x

  8. Ooh FF I luff that Hermes scarf!
    I like the way you have tied it too very chic.
    Yellow is not an easy colour to wear.

  9. i'm loving yellow too at the moment. it does add some sunshine when the sun isn't shining if you get my drift...and i know you do. kisses, janet

  10. Love yellow and I think the Queen's outfit (which I believe was for the wedding?) is one of her best looks ever. Such a beautiful color - sweet butter.

  11. Yay for the hand me downs, how timely arriving in frugal February. Love the cheery yellow snaps.

  12. I have a big bunch of daffodils, and every time I look at them they make me smile. I was never a fan of coleslaw until I saw yours!

  13. Yellow is so attractive. This post has cheered me up immensely, we're freezing here!
    Hand-me-downs fit right in with Frugal Feb!

  14. Loving the the rive gauche 70! That always lifts the mood...

    Is that bumble bee Alex Monroe? It is rather cheery.

    Not very yellowy in London now though...

  15. Always great to see pictures of our leader...she never goes out of style.

    Im really going to miss Janelle's blog and wish I could come with all you all in May

  16. How good are handmedowns for the littlies!? I've hardly had to buy any for my two, they've been clothed almost exclusively in good quality stuff from their cousins. Excellent.

  17. I knew the girl who bought the house they used for Notting Hill - she did Interior Design with me in London. First thing she did when she moved in was to sell the blue front door to some wealthy Americans via Auction. She used the money for the renovations. Love all the yellow. It is very cheery. xx

    1. How funny Heidi! And what a brilliant idea! Cheers, Pamela

  18. I love slaw. Had a sort of hybrid slaw/greek salad last night with some fish that I crumbed.

    The Duchess looks great in that yellow cap sleeved number. R wears yellow socks. It looks good on everyone.

  19. Dear FF
    The yellows are so gorgeous. Envy you and all the lucky people who can wear it near the face. Doesn't Jackie O look spectacular! Probably her tan helps set off the colour of the dress. Love your Hermes yellow scarf and the Jewellery! Also Mr FF's tie. And the duckie in the foam! All too wonderful!

    How do you action such brilliant crackling?! Tips plse?

    Best wishes, Pamela

  20. Love the accessories. I think of you everytime I see a bee ring or a brooch :-)

    The pork with the crackle is making me hungry!!!

  21. Hi. I'm an admirer of yellow but I can't wear it, there's one bandwagon I can't jump on. Sorry FF. I bought a yellow belt this summer and I can't even wear that. I shall live the bright cheery yellowness through your blog.

  22. I'm another yellow lover. Had a bright, sunny yellow on my walls. So cheering. Unfortunately i don't wear it well.

    I am on a no-clothes-buying year. The great wardrobe diet! Doing well. As well as empowering, it is liberating. Free from the power of advertising copywriters and photographers. And free from the pull of consumerism.

  23. Ha...watched Notting Hill last night too....the housemate stole the funny was he! Think the fist time I watched it, I was infatuated with Hugh because he seemed very blah this time around xx

  24. Some yellow tolix chairs just walked in my front door- I LOVE them. Picked up a few yellow and white chevron bowls from woolies too. Jx

  25. I am loving yellow too!
    I just bought a yellow dress that has been in high rotation since it came home with me.

    I have NOT been good at not shopping.
    I never shop much but lately I have been feeling like am spending more than I need to.
    So I am embracing Frugal February!

  26. Luffing your yellowspective... janeS x

  27. Love the tea cup and saucer. Is that wattle? Must be an Australian make.
    Meg in St L

  28. Yellow is so cheery. Both my sisters look beautiful in it, I've yet to find the shade that suits me - apparently anyone can wear yellow, it's all about which hue. Jackie & Kate certainly nailed theirs, as did you :) Love that yellow blouse with the dramatic bow, yellowtastic!

    Hope you're week is winding up to a fab w/end.


  29. Loving the post about yellow (and the subsequent one about orange)! My yellow dress from ASOS arrived today and I'm in love. Also watched Notting Hill yesterday which was great particularly since I now live in Notting Hill. Awesome seeing places that I had walked past only a few hours beforehand.

  30. Hi FF
    I am suitably impressed by your fiend who is doing a year of no spending....I might find that overwhelmingly challenging although during the "Recession"I bought no clothing other than essentials (new underwear) for just over a year so perhaps it is possible....I am trying Frugal February far so good!


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