Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Bit of Easter Action.

We had a cracker Good Friday seafood lunch at Hanworth with the gorgeous V Family.
Wish we could do it all again.
Hanworth turns 150 years old in a few months and  looked wonderful
If you've been reading since March 2013 you already know that when the restoration was almost complete, an arsonist set the building on fire and destroyed 80% of it. 
It truly has risen form the ashes since then.
M looked fab in Lily Pulitzer
I wore an el cheapo maxi frock and a Shourouk necklace
We ate our body weight in seafood
I made a bucket of béchamel for our sand crab lasagna
There was a run on sand crab (the Great Sand Crab Shortage of 2014) and my friend Lucy had to source some for me in Dutton Park and channel a courier and drive it into the city for me (Thanks L!). I'd asked for a kilo but at $80, yes $80 a kilo I settled for 500 grams. 
I mean it's shell fish not gold bullion.
This was the veranda after the fire
And this is it now:
If anyone needs some flocked velvet small oblong cushions, you'd better get yourselves to Big W pronto
Had dinner with my sister and Girlfriends at Il Posto on Friday night. Here's our Zsa Zsa:
Here's old Me
Here's an amaretto sour (Delicious! and Refreshing!)
And this duck and porcini ragu arrangement pasta was 11/10
Because we'll go in Hard with Feaster Sunday tomorrow tonight there will be Soup
Meanwhile I'm not at Southbank because I thought I'd get a better view of Kate and Wills on telly.
Loved this Zimmerman
Luffed this DVF :
And love this LK Bennet dress too. And the blue Oroton clutch. I think she looks wonderful.
I loved the Oroton clutch. Tried to buy it online but it had sold out dammit.
Am glued to the tv waiting for them to leave the Convention Centre and walk down Russell Street.
So exciting!!!
Happy Feaster.
PS they just started the walk, I LOVE THEM!


  1. Hanworth looks fabulous - they must feel so proud to have finished it (again), and restored it from a ruin (again). Big achievement. You must've caused the run on the sand crab - I remember reading Habitually Chic commenting that she now only mentioned things after she'd already bought them now, having had things sell out from under her when she put them on her blog.
    Enjoy Sunday feasting, and the Royal telly watching. xx

  2. It might still be at Oroton at Warringah Mall, in Sydney.

  3. You're like a kid in a candy store with the royals!

  4. I'm fairly sure there is a knock off of her most recent white and blue dress at Target. Gok would be impressed. I loved that Zimmerman. Loved it on Naomi Watts as well but now Kate's worn it I'll never get my paws on it. Great to see Hanworth looking a million bucks. Also, I think it is time to add the sand crab lasagne recipe to the blog..

  5. Look, I love the Duchess. In fact I squealed when I gave up my opportunity to meet her (don't ask but ethics were in play). But why, oh why, does she always hold her hands in front of the general region of her crutch?

  6. I tried on that blue white dress a few weeks ago, it was lovely but too formal for my lifestyle.
    It's lovely to see your friend's home almost back to normal now, my in laws house burned down too ( arson ) last year but they never went back.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your easter spread, I know it will be amazing.

  7. It makes my heart sing to the see the V Family's beautiful home restored once again. Happy Easter FF!

  8. They have done such a good job restoring Hanworth! Were the arsonists ever caught?

  9. What a beautiful home your friends have created - for the second time. I wish them much joy in it, it's so clearly a labour of love. I am absolutely determined to try making some kind of crab lasagna. I might have to make it with *holds breath in fear* BROWN CRAB. Would that work, d'you think?

  10. that pav looks good enough to eat !

  11. That Pav! I have no words for how amazing it looks!

  12. @$80/kg, it'll be worth your while to investigate the marinara mix & green prawn offerings at your local deli/supermarket. Mother-of-six here (including gluttonous teenagers) just sayin'... Blonde Lasagne can still be the bomb without taking out a second mortgage. Even when you have to feed a ridiculous amount of people.

  13. l thought Mr FF was the maker of the famous sand crab lasagne? You have always mentioned him making it on here. Has he handed over the reins to you as you seem to work less hours than he?

    1. He makes a sand crab pasta but for a while now I have been the lasagne maker. I made it while he took our little boy to golf.

  14. Happy Feaster to you. That seafood looks amazing, and so does Hanworth. Wow, they've done amazing work!! Our Feaster is going to be a better-late-than-never Big Family Passover Seder. I need to get cracking on the apple matzoh kugel.

  15. I love that blue and white dress so much.
    I am going to need a comprehensive tour of the V Family home. That kitchen looks as if it was designed for me. If the FF measure for excellence is 11/10, her taste is 22/11. Happy Easter!

    1. It's not their family home, they live somewhere else, but they are restoring it. It has 29 bedrooms!!! M has lovely taste. The kitchen is perfect!

    2. Will it be a hotel?
      I love the choice of grey grout and brass hardware. Choices that aren't that popular (at least in the US right now). But so classic.

  16. Kate & Wills are my fav couple; she looks great in everything but those frocks were well chosen.
    Love (oh I must practice my luff) that frock on your Zsa Zsa.

    You're my kind of quartermaster FF!

  17. FF,
    Now that I've finally snapped back after 23 years of post baby weight I am desperate to get my paws on that medallion belt you're wearing with that fuchsia dress arraignment. And what exactly is sand crab? I'm sure it must be something available here too.

  18. Love Kate and Wills. Like you, I sensibly chose to watch them on the telly yesterday. I saw The Queen when I was 12 (briefly...she was in a car, I was on a bike...I like to think she waved at me, but I'm fairly sure she was adjusting her tiara) and am kicking myself now for not going into see K&W. Wonder what The Easter Bunny gave baby George? I'm guessing probably not a One Direction mug and egg set like the one he delivered to our place this morning ;) Enjoy the rest of the long weekend x

  19. Cannot BELIEVE how they have risen from the ashes so amazingly. Happy Easter to you dear K xx

  20. So wonderful to see Hanworth rising from the ashes, 29 bedrooms no
    wonder your little boy looked like he was running a marathon on Hanworth's verandah (it is so long).
    I have loved every outfit Kate has worn on her NZ and Aussie tour.

  21. That pav is the is the sand crab lasagne. Bravo to the formidable V Family and their gumption. This tour has been an absolute triumph for all the Cambridges....a lot of hearts have been healed methinks. Happy Easter to you and your lovely ones. M xo

  22. Absolutely love the LK Benett at the bottom, how wonderful and fresh, bet its sold out though, I will take a look. You are good on the vermillion, got to introduce some more of that into our house and wake it up!


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