Saturday, May 8, 2010

Black and Spiro Sale and Channeling Holly Hobby.

Here are my 2 new lovely blue and white porcelain products sitting on top of my china cabinet. I bought them today at the Black and Spiro Sale. (Janet I wish you could have flown out from California-you would have LOVED it)
I got there super early which was lucky because there ended up being a huge crowd. The lady to my left had driven up from the coast and was the 1st person there. My friend K who I've known since 1985 and is an interiors stylist came with me. We had a lot of fun and ran into a lot of people we knew.
There were incredible bargains. Anna Spiro recently commented on this blog and added me to her blog list and I was lucky enough to meet her today in person. Like her blog and shop she is absolutely beautiful too. Thankyou AH for telling her about this blog!

My friend Amber from Jean Brown bought this beautiful green porcelain drum table thingy.

Afterwards my friend K and I recovered at Eurovida with coffee and muffins. It is my new favourite cafe. Cathy who runs it is so friendly. Run don't walk People.

Don't lie awake wondering what I bought from Black and Spiro. I got this lovely Tiffany blue lamp for $10:
and this bowl for $20:
and this huge ginger jar with the double happiness symbol:
I was sitting on a sofa recovering from the crush when I noticed this cushion. It was huge and was marked down from $195 to $50, so I bought it. I have a lot of persian rugs in my home and it looks 11/10 fabulous with them.
Isn't it attractive?
I bought this silver dove for $15 down from $110. I love her. We'll be very happy.
And Behold the Magnificence of this fabric remnant that I scored. I'm going to turn it into 3 cushion covers with hot pink piping. I love that beige brown shade and I love poppies so the Sale Gods must have been smiling.
This was me yesterday at the Coalface in By Malene Birger. I was channeling Laura from Little House on the Prairie. Or Holly Hobby because the sleeves are so puffy and the dress is so smocky and voluminous. All I needed was a bonnet. And a lunch pail.

This was a superior morning tea that my secretary T created yesterday for us:

If the commentor known as "Blighty" is reading this can I just say that I and a lot of my friends live for and love your funny comments. I often laugh out loud reading them. Keep up the Good Work please! Enjoy your weekends and Happy Mothers Day to Mothers for tomorrow and Happy Aunts Day to Aunts (someone should invent an Aunts Day Pronto. We deserve one). Speaking of which I missed a phone call from Niece FF last night. Her little voice on my message bank saying "see you later" was just too cute.


  1. Dear FF, having that Virgo eye for detail as I do, I notice that the ring on your right hand swapped between your middle finger and your pointing finger (am sure there is some correct osteopathic term for our fingers but I prefer to use language from 5th grade) I've not seen you wear a ring on your pointing finger (index finger?) and wonder if this is a trend you will follow? I know it is a spot favoured for over sized rings (favoured also by King Heny VIII and Anne B, which I gleaned from The Tudors).

    Have a great weekend, hope Gran is going well xo

  2. I love all if the pictures you've posted today! I would very much like to visit Black & Spiro but have no plans to go to Brisbane. Hmm.

    I am a big fan of ginger jars and think I need one. I'm also a big fan of those drum things as purchased by the Jean Brown lady.

    The FF necklace is still looking great, as is your hair. I like your nail polish too. Bravo.

  3. Dear Bron, thanks for the Gran comments will see her tomorrow and gift her with a Chanel beauty product as if my tradition. I shoved the ring on my other finger because it is strangely loose and was annoying me because it was so loose and slipping over to the side. Well spotted. Am getting it resized pronto. x

  4. Emily I'd like a hot pink porcelain drum. Have seen them in Hong Kong but don't know how to get them back here...If anyone finds one please tell me asap x

  5. FF I wish I had headed up to the Sale. I half thought about going last night but completely forgot about it and looked what I missed out on.
    I love all the blue and white things and the cushion is to die for. I can just see Niece FF and you lying on it together shooting the breeze about 'portant stuff.
    Sign me up as a fan of Blighty. I wish L was Au pairing for her she sounds very fun and lovable and would I expect treat her au pair well.

  6. Am so envious of the cushion!!!! I cant believe i walked away without cushions, but it was just so overwhelming. As for the pusher-in-ers..did you see me blockade them when the doors opened? Sisters in line unite. Love your goodies (not talking about the cushion, i am too green) and thanks for guarding my goodies.

  7. Amber, your green glasses are divine, was happy to guard them. Just as there is Honour among thieves there should be Solidarity among Sale Shoppers-arriving late and pushing to the front with those who got there early is the Devil's work. Very jealous of your fab new green drum whatsy. Can you believe I was actually practically sitting on the cushion when I noticed it? I LOVE it xxxx

  8. Great sale haul FF - good work! Sad I was not in Brisbane this weekend too.... would have loved to have a post sale reviving coffee and muffin with you! Love your smocky dress you wore to Coalface - looked as you say, 11/10 with the FF necklace x

  9. Dear FF
    I have just discovered your fabulous blog via Annas Spiro's own absolutely beautiful blog.
    As fashion inspires you and is an important part of your everyday life I would love to invite you to an Autumn Dreaming, Ipswich's premiere fashion event, Saturday May 15th.
    Please find more regarding an Autumn Dreaming by visiting -
    It would be wonderful to see you there. Bring some friends and enjoy a fabulous night out.
    Lou Lou

  10. Dear FF, first may I say I am beyond flattered and deliciously horrified and yet horribly pleased to be mentioned in your blog...thank you for the compliment. It has cheered me up this morning, I was online trying to find a phone number for Sensei Ron, son number 1's judo teacher, to give apologies for him not turning up to a judo competition today due to ongoing illness (real or fictional; have not got to the bottom of it yet but feel that the Boy 1 and 2 water pistol fight out in the garden last night might be a clue)...having babbled out my excuses to Sensei, I sneaked a peak at your blog for a cheeky glamour fix; I would guess that Sensei Ron does not hold with glamour, though he does have nice tattoos...
    Well done on your haul from the sale, love the ginger jar and all the other things, did you paint the four pictures in your first picture, they are lovely.
    Blightyxx P.S. must now check out some sort of parenting site for advice on When Boys should be Allowed Off School; any advice from your readers also welcome; I am clear that broken limbs and active upchuckage fall into the Keep At Home category and that "don't fancy it" and Spelling Tests come under Go to School and Get on With it; it's that tricky middle ground of looking a bit peaky/heartbreaking tears yet still able to eat pizza and biff sibling on head with cushions that baffles me..

  11. Oh my god - what a day! Thank you so much for coming and I can't believe that you were answering the phone! What would we have done without you FF! Loved meeting you and I absolutely LOVE your blog. My mother has been reading your blog tonight and she is now hooked funny!



    Dear FF,

    I too covet those Chinese Drum Stools- ...and for some reason I want an orange one... don't know why as I'm not sure I even like orange... but saw one on apartment therapy and liked it. They sell them at Orson and Blake in sydney in a variety of colours and I have seen them on another website that I currently cannot remember.... I will see if I can search around for it and send it to you- I know they had a gorgeous blue, orange, green and THINK they had pink... OZJANE

  13. I am SOO green with envy. I'd planned to go but didn't.I envisaged the blue & white lamps at my place...ggrrr. Power to you,those pushy pieces are everywhere.I encountered the type at DJ Xmas sales. Needed you there to sort them out!
    The cushions will shine with persian rugs

    My positive for today is Anna's hit on your blog.A
    great find for me.
    Looking forward to seeing those cushions completed.

  14. Love, love your fab purchases! wish I could have been there :( but was stuck at our house in the country. I think I will have to go there and buy something anyway.

  15. You made a haul with some goodies. Isn't it fun visiting a great sale at a great place? Just this week I went to the Brunschwig & Fils warehouse sale and purchased an amazing number of fabulous finds!

  16. FF, did you know that the "double happiness" chinese character is actually means joy in specific reference to love?
    When chinese get married, paper cutouts of that character is strung everywhere around the newlyweds' house as a symbol of fortune love and happiness.
    It certainly adds a romantic element to your and the Mister's home :)


  17. Yet another round of visual treats, courtesy of FF.

    1) LOVE the blue and white Asian ceramics. I'm nuts for ginger jars.

    2) That fabric piece is Visionary.

    3) Tea looks divine.

  18. hi ff,

    i'm so jealous i could cry. love, love, love that silver dove and the fabric is beyond. love everything i saw in your pics and am so envious that you met anna, as she seems so beautiful inside and out. you were answering the phones? i can just picture that! just think, her mom is now reading your blog!


    ps ~ my neighbors garden only gets morning sun!

  19. Again can I move to Australia - what a lovely bunch you are and such nice things to do - what a great sale at Black & Spiro! xx

    PS Blighty - ref boys and peaky plus tears, I find a 'you must rest/no TV/water and toast diet' works wonders

  20. Hello FF glad to see you out and about in your familiar take no prisoners way. High WASPs love pillows for house decor. Clearly, in High WASP parlance, you are the rarest of species. A Grande Dame crossed with an Artsy Cousin.

    Oh, and speaking as one with two sisters, and the first among us to have children, EVERY day is aunt day.

  21. That is a superior morning tea - I do love a Swiss Roll (do you call it that down under?) - we haven't even got a proper kettle in our office!

  22. So glad to find your blog! What fun!


  23. What a sale it must have been. I like your purchases! Good girl.
    Have a great Mums Day!

  24. Dear FF, maybe I was not so wrong when I got the impression you lost some weight - looking at the ring at the index-finger.
    Often it does not show on the scale but in your clothes and jewellery.
    You lips look yummy at the picture of you in the office. Is this a new color? (with the Holly H.-blouse)
    The morning tea looks so nice! Lucky you!!
    Have a nice Sunday! Are you going to visit your mother?

  25. Blighty, i fully endorse Make Do's tips: With a 10 year old that stayed at home the better half of last week with a mysterious tummy bug..the rules no x-box, no TV, lots of rest IN BED etc can get rather tiresome for boys and school starts to look attractive. My 10 year old made a miraculous recovery for Friday just in time for pizza nite!
    Anna, the sale was amazing, just drove past with hubby this morning to show him our new goodies. I cant wait to see BandS renovated!xx

  26. Hi Faux, just found your blog through Anna's. Funny, I spoke to you while you were making up your mind about that gorgeous cushion for $50! So hello! I look foward to following your blog. Michelle

  27. HI Faux, I just found your blog through Anna's. I was the lady who spoke to you while you were deciding on the cushion for $50. Great to officially meet you and what you do. Michelle

  28. Hi Faux, I was the lady who spoke to you while you were deciding on the cushion for $50. Glad you pick up such a nice buy! I just found your blog through Anna's. Michelle

  29. Hi FF

    Your purchases are all gorgeous, I especially like the ginger jar and the cushion. I think it is your blog where I saw the stunning pink ginger jar? I am not sure but have been keeping an eye out for one since.

    Agree on the Blighty commendation. I follow her comments like a sub-blog to yours.

  30. Hi FF, what are those paintings in the background of the first picture there? Did you paint them or were they purchased? I really like the colours, they're fascinating.

  31. As the hart longeth for the water brook, so my soul longeth for that poppy fabric. It is totally 11/10.

  32. Oh I have Black & Spiro envy. Great buys FF.

  33. I found your blog through Anna's...I'm following you now because of this..."Chipped Nail Polish Revolts Me"

  34. Hi FF, this is my first visit to your blog & I have to say I love the comments as much as I love your blog. Your purchases are all fabulous. I also love the chinese drum stools, they have beautiful shiny silver ones at Domayne for $250ea. I have just started mt own blog only last week & I aspire to have as many wonderful comments as you. A quick note for blighty, we call the possible fake sickies from school,"schoolitis", my 7 yr old son thiks it is an actual disease,LOL.

  35. Hi FF, I have never commented on a blog before, so not sure if I'm doing it right. My big Sister Laura told me about your blog she had found and now I've seen it too, we are certain that you are my neighbour since birth. I am Clare xx

  36. Clare! This is so funny! Well done with the detective work! I actually drove out to see our respective old houses last year just to see what they looked like!!!

  37. Loving your blog, and i am only one post down!
    Definetly agree on Aunties day, says the Aunty currently babysitting her neices and nephew and reading blogs while they are in bed hehe

    Your picture of 'our leader' Jackie made me think of my very Jackie coat and smile :)

  38. oh lucky you for going to Black & Spiro! i live in Los Angeles, so it's a bit of a trek for me. how exciting that you posted what you bought...what treasures!
    xox alison


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