Monday, September 20, 2010

Behold the Magnificence of my Clean Oven

Prepare yourselves emotionally for the sparkling cleanliness of my professionally cleaned oven! It has made me 11/10 Happy. The guy did an amazing job. But on a less cheerful note why is it so cold? Will I ever get to wear my summer clobber again??
I miss these Chloe summer frocks. A lot.
I also miss shorts and Play Tops
And I miss my Miu Miu stripey summer flats too. Hurry up Warm Weather. If only I didn't hate my Winter Clothes, I wouldn't mind so much.
Back to my oven. Look just Look at how clean and shiny and new it looks:
It was worth every penny My Cyber Friends. Every Penny I tell you.
The weather's all dark and moody and huffy. But I'm not whinging about the rain because frankly, the FF Garden needed some water.
I noticed this poinsettia out a bedroom window today. Looks a bit Christmassy and festive. Which reminds me, better put my holiday tree up soon.
The oven cleaning guy was thorough- he even dismantled the oven.
and it was really really bad before. I blame my love of roast chickens smothered in butter for this. Look at the horrible and shameful "before" shot:
I made a cauliflower gratin in the Wonder that is my Oven. Just make a bechamel, shove it on your cauliflower and sprinkle with walnuts. Bake in your clean oven til golden. This is very comforting and soothing on a raining day I think.
Hello Gorgeous Clean oven!
Meanwhile today on a rerun of Oprah the cast of Mad Men were on. I read somewhere that a lot of people find Don Draper attractive but they find John Hamm less so (if the person who said this reads this let me know so I can attribute it to you! EDITED to add I read it on Confessions of a Curious Mind Blog thanks for letting me know!). I agree. I just watched episode 9 of season 4. It is one of my favourites ever. I finished Kitty Kelley's Oprah and found it depressing. So Oprah's really ambitious and her relatives hate her. Big Deal. We knew that already.
Remember how I've decided I need some orange in my life? Well Nigella's rocking a nice orange cashmere cardy here. Let's face, she'd look good in a sack though.
Don't forget to watch Q and A tonight.
I'm off to eat my raspberry almond tart now.


  1. Hello FF
    Amazing oven! So sparkly.

    Nigella is meant to be heading to Melbourne sometime soon. Tickets for something involving her go on sale in October this year. It's on my phone diary.

    SSG xxx

  2. The sight of that oven warms my heart x

  3. SSG how do I get tickets? i love the 'Gella!!

    Candy, me too. I keep staring at it. You could eat your dinner off its surfaces.

  4. Very sparkly oven. I bow down and worship at your oven's feet. I didn't even know that there were such things as People Who Come And Clean Your Oven For You.

    Wonder if they exist in Scotland?!

    Will make that cauliflower gratin thing - looks delish!

    Ali x

  5. Where do you watch your Mad Men episodes? I'd love to start watching Season 4!

  6. So happy you went down the "Professional Oven Cleaner" route, than the "spray on and nuke the whole house/garden/nails route" (rather than learning the hard way, like I did!)
    .....and do I see you are using foil, too?? (Did I have any influence here, or am I just hopeful that I contributed something worthwhile to your blog? were probably going to do this anyway, but I am very excited by the sight of it!)
    I start off doing this (it would be too sad to ruin the gorgeousness of a clean oven straight away!) - then slowly drop my guard...until such time as I get it cleaned again!

    ...and I am with you on the Don Draper/John Hamm comparison. Don Draper - sexy, smooth, charismatic, devilishly charming. John Hamm - well, to me....just not the same!

    Keep enjoying that oven!

  7. That oven is so clean you could eat your dinner off it - ha ha.
    I watched Sophie Dahl tonight and she is sweet and very beautiful but she has a lot to thank Nigella for - it is like a carbon copy but with a beautiful blonde. Nigella is still Queen.
    I love Gail on the Mad Men set how they played with her and offered her drinks and ciggies.

    I am up to ep 8 on Mad Men season 4 and I thought that and 7 were amazing so now cannot wait for 9.


  8. hi ff,

    the oven looks amazing and you know what my advice to you would be to keep it clean!

    i didn't say that about don draper but i agree wholeheartedly.

    i think i'm going to make that cauliflower tonight b/c it looks so good.


  9. P.S David Jones Toowong have their Christmas section out - is this normal ?

    Q & A was fascinating - I loved Leslie and her ethical take on poor boat people and of course Craig's quip about refugees coming to Australia via Qantas.


  10. Your oven looks like new! The guy obviously did a great job! Did it take long? How much did it cost? What did you do in the meantime? Of course, you took photos! :)

  11. FF, you inspired me to get my oven properly cleaned.

    And I blogged about Don Draper vs Jon Hamm earlier this month. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

  12. Hooray for clean ovens! Ours is supposedly "self cleaning" though we've only tried that once in the 13 years we've had it. Results were 7/10. It will be summer there soon, and all of the summer frocks can come out to play!

  13. Wow! I need to get me some of that oven magic pronto!

  14. Awesome oven! I refuse to clean mine, because if I do I will be too scared to roast duck and that would make my life pretty well meaningless.

  15. Wow! your oven looks awesome. I didn't even know one could get it professionally cleaned - that's a really horrible profession isn't it I think I'd prefer to be a dog pooper scooper!!

  16. You'd look good in a sack too, you wild babe you! :). Seriously.

  17. Dear FF,
    The oven is beautiful, but the cauliflower with bechamel is the most marvelous thing I've seen all morning! (Don't tell that to my husband.)

  18. I know that you use your oven and cook a lot so I applaud that you chose to have it professionally your manicured hands thank you too!
    Hope the weather warms up fo you...ours is rainy and Fall is settling in.

  19. I'm having a double wow moment - the oven and you in the shorts and top - I love that look!

  20. Loving the clean oven. Nigella is fabulous. I'd die to see her - she is so witty and articulate as well as being beautiful.

  21. That oven is a sight to behold. I must attend to mine. Does your oven man travel far!?

    Go see Nigella - give her my love. The woman is a wonder.

    fingers and toes crossed for warmer weather for you.

    And yes Don Draper is cool although love how his character is slipping into seediness in series 4 - we are only on episode 2 here in UK. John Hamm is not - it is the costume and character not the man! xx

  22. Wow FF that is superior cleaning.You'll be cooking in an oven bag to save on mess as my mother used to do
    This rain is lovely but coldness isn't. Queensland we know you can do rain AND warmth so sort it out!
    I love Nigella too bits. She is credited with creating the cooking bug in L. Hope I snag at least a ticket to her show.
    Kate Bx

  23. India, Chrsymas decs usually appear in Sept/Oct. Suits me as I follow a retail Christmaswhich means I can put the tree up sooner!

    The oven man took about 1.5 hours. He dismantles the oven and takes it outside to the driveway/his van and uses non toxic stuff that won't hurt plants and used steam (needed a power point for) and s'thing else. I didn't pay that much attention as was watching Mad Men at the time. It was $120 and worth it!

    He said NOT to line your oven in foil as foil breaks down and wrecks the surface. I lined my baking tray with foil though as the tarts are sugary and I didn't want to clean molten sugar off the my baking tin.

    Janet, I can't give up roasting chooks...not even for a clean oven.

  24. Also, I watch Mad Men online on because I do not have the foxtel channel that shows season 4 of Mad Men and SBS (free to air) is about 2 seasons behind. Apart from the Sopranos it is my favourite show.

    I missed Sophie Dahl dammit! Was she good?

    How can I get a Nigella ticket?

  25. Hi F-F,
    sorry, I should have explained myself a bit better!
    I meant just to sit foil under the baking tin/tray (if something is very splattery or drippy) & to change it each time - not to line the actual oven with it. That would be scary (and damaging to the oven, as your oven-cleaner man said)...Sorry for the confusion!
    Mine used all non-toxic stuff (and steam), too - actually smelt really nice afterwards (but maybe that was just because all the burnt fat was gone?!) Sure this is far safer than those do-it-yourself sprays?
    You have motivated me to call Mr Oven-Cleaner Man again, as mine is a mess!

  26. I love a happy ending. So glad it all worked out with the oven guy.

    The Oprah book sounds like the Anna Wintour book, except Anna was a flirt as well as ambitious. Remember The September Issue when Anna was in the conference room with that all-powerful retail person who wanted her to get the designers to pump out more clothes on time so they could all make more money and Anna kept giggling like a little girl?

    Which leads me to this question FF: What do you think of flirting in the workplace? Is it ok if it only leads to career advancement and nothing else?

  27. Professional Oven Cleaner! Do you think he will come to Central West NSW for a quick trip? I feel deep shame when I glance upon the monstrosity that has become my oven - it is so bad that I have developed a mental condition that now blocks me from even attempting to do something about it. When we have guests I make the children stand in front of it all night so as not to expose my one & only flaw (well that I have admitted on FF blog anyway).


  28. I liked Sophie but she is no Nigella. My husband was rather enamoured with her and I had to explain her heritage her modelling, her now husband and pregnancy. She was very English and the set was beautiful. She used old fashioned terms like suitor and beau - that particular episode was about romantic food. I loved her clothes and her amazing eyes and she had the mixer of choice a Kitchenaid in a lovely yellow. I liked it - perfect fodder for a rainy Monday night. The format and style of the show is very reminiscent of early Nigella. Talking straight to camera, few shots down the cleavage, sex kitteny licking of spoons, a few giggles and embarassing glances. I am a food show addict though.

    Also have to give a little book recommendation - some lovely light reading after a tough day at the office (well for me anyway) Tout Sweet and Tout Allure by Karen Wheeler. Sweet books about a London fashion Editor who leaves London and buys a house in rural France. Nothing Booker Prize winning but a bit like Lunch In Paris - lovely escapism.


  29. Hi FF
    Oven looks fab! It has just occurred to me that you're always cooking roast buttery chooks, raspberry tarts, cheesy gratins, etc but you look absolutely fabulous. You've never really mentioned anything about exercise. What's going on? Please tell me you get on the treadmill every morning!

  30. Also I think FF when we first connected on Vogue over Mad Men/TRHNY I said that John Hamm wore a baseball cap and Tshirt in real life and was no Don Draper *sigh*
    Ooh and apparantly January Jones was on Project Runway as a guest judge and was as vacuous as Betty! Most disappointing as I would have thought she would have been quite a interesting person.
    Kate Bx

  31. Dear Ms FF, I do love the internet - you can access it from anywhere including my rather gorgeous hotel in DC (note the jargon!!!). You would be quite at home here - lots of beautiful gardens, elegance, heat and sun. I have only done a modicum of shopping but have put aside all of Friday to do as much damage as I can (sorry Mr LiC). I am surprised that Washington feels very like London in its familiarity. One forgets how much history and geography that has been internalised through books, film and TV. At dusk, I turned a corner and suddenly spied the Capital building. So beautiful.

    I am very impressed with your oven. I particularly like it that you were inspired to bake which I think is always a sign of things being well in the world. Now the ladies on How Clean is Your House, a program to which my two little girls are devoted for the sensationalism, say that it is probably a good thing to clean your oven each time you use it. A thought. But, I do enjoy it when things are clean - I feel that I might possibly be on top of things when of course I am not.

    It is rather unfortunate that Kitty Kelly does not have happier things to say about Oprah but then that would not sell books. Possibly her relatives are galled by the fact that she has become such a megastar. Imagine if all your relies who weren't that keen on you as a child suddenly came to ask you for handouts. I don't think that any of us would stand an in depth portrait. Yet, it was the story of how Nigella nursed her dying first husband when she had two little children which turned my very snotty view of her to one where frankly she can do no wrong. Us Taureans are like that...

  32. Dear Linda In Chile,
    I made Blighty start a blog, and you are my next project! Start a blog! I want to see Washington, I want to see Chile! When I next go to the Midlevels in Honkers I will take lots of photos for you. I love Nigella too- she is a survivor and I likie her attitude to food. Enjoy DC- will you go to the Smithsonian and see all the Inaugral frocks???

  33. Just watched Q & A FF and it was 11/10. Gosh that Craig Reucassel talked a lot of sense and the ethicist woman was v good as well,and Tony was most humourous. Thanks for the reminder as usual.
    Nigella's husband John Diamond wrote a column in the Times i think which I used read on occasion and I always admired his candour. He wrote a book about having cancer which was pretty full on an in your face and it made me respect Nigella so much more than the TV goddess I had come to know.

  34. The Delicious Miss Dahl repeat on Foxtel 158 at 6.24pm tonight.

  35. Poor Sophie got hammered by the press over here. They found the fact that she reads and is unashamed of her rather privileged upbringing pretty well unforgivable. The food wasn't up to much, but she is terribly pretty and the whole thing looked very nice.

  36. For those of us in Brisbane, can you tell us the name of this marvelous miracle worker who cleans ovens

  37. This is probably not the place to confess this- but I don't think I've ever cleaned my oven.

  38. The oven looks so damn clean its made me realise how dirty mine is.
    I didn't know you could get someone to come and clean it for you.
    I'm very interested in this.
    Who wants to clean an oven? no one!

    That tart looks so damn good.
    I want to come over to your place and eat all your baked goods one day.
    I'd have to save up about 2000 calories in the days leading up to it though.
    Baked goods terrify me.


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