Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spring Appears to have Arrived

Spring's here, I've put the heater and flannelette sheets away and I've whipped out some Springish clobber like this Milly top whatsy from Good Ole Jean Brown that I haven't worn since summer. Spring lasts about 2 minutes in my neck of the woods so I have to move quickly before it morphs into Full Blown Hardcore Boiling Hot Humid Summer.
I don't know about the rest of you but I am super attracted to green at the moment
Lovely Em from For the Love of Pink (see my Blog roll) sent me these divine polishes which I love-Strawberry Margarita and Miami Beet. Both Spring-appropriate and cheery. Thank you Em! The thank you note's in the post.
The garden's being a teeny bit spring like. It needs water though. It has only rained for about 2 minutes in the last few weeks so things are dry.

I was watching Jamie Oliver in Andalusia and he was cooking quail eggs so look what I've got-
Recpies anyone? Say what you will about them, they are Spring Like. So's this Careltonware:
and so's this tea cup. I think it's Royal Albert
Some varmint's eating my salvia leaves
And look at this Hardcore Spring-like hippeastrum bulb that's popped up-
I think it's red but maybe it's orange.
Meanwhile you'll be relieved to know that I remain Committed to Never Ever Knowingly under cushioning
Nephew FF is staying in this room. He likes cushions too. I think.

Can I just say that having a baby in the house is lovely. He's no trouble at all, sleeps for 11 hours at night and provides endless entertainment. Say what you will about him, he's happy and smiley
I've given him this bath glove thingamy with animals. It's from Olive Home. I think he likes it.
Meanwhile yesterday I had a superior lunch with my aunt and sister at Il Posto. I hadn't been for ages. It was excellent.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day. Mine's getting his gift next week when I see him for Nephew FF's christening.


  1. Dear Ms FF, How lovely to see so many manifestations of Spring. I particularly like the cheeky grin of Nephew FF - he clearly knows he is on a good wicket in the Fuchsiadome. I do love handpainted English teacups and saucers. I collect them with cake plates (trios). I like to imagine the women who painted them and the people who drank tea and ate cake from them. My girls and I are a bit down tonight as our friend Marianne has just left to go home. This is the worst thing about living overseas - one is always saying goodbye.

  2. hi ff,

    i cannot believe you are already heading into spring. that was so fast!

    your nephew is absolutely picture perfect adorable. well done sis.


  3. You are right FF, lets enjoy our 2 mins of spring before we are sweltering.
    My winter clothes are packed away after a huge declutter.
    Loving todays rain and so are the plants.
    Green apparel is most becoming on you.
    Nephew FF looks a jolly little fellow.
    11 hours sleep a night is positively brilliant.
    My recent trip down south involved cuddling my 4mth old nephew non-stop. I'm now suffering withdrawal.

  4. Gosh as you enter spring we enter Autumn. Nephew FF is the cutest and those cushions are divine!

  5. Cushions are beautiful. I received a Union Jack cushion from my Mr Melbs this week for my Sept 1st spring birthday and it is fab. Very patriotic.

    This rain in Melbourne needs to go on holiday elsewhere. Cannot wait for the hot aussie summer :-)

  6. I am so in love with those neutral shoes...will be on the hunt for a similar pair, they go with everything!

  7. Thought you might like the new Pucci book, very expensive though!

  8. Hi FF

    What a lovely day! So envious of you having that gorgeous young man come to stay. Love the hand puppet.

    SSG xxx

  9. I am very amused that you use flanelette sheets in Brisbane....

  10. Gosh, I love nephew FFs glove. I think I want one for myself. Here in Melbourne we are still waiting for spring weather, but the flowers are coming out regardless.

    I saw this and thought of you

  11. You look fabulous in green. I've always loved that Royal Albert pattern, so very traditionally English. Are those peonies in the basket from your garden??? They're 11/10!

    And your nephew is raising the bar for baby cuteness! You must want to cuddle and kiss him all the time.

  12. OMG what is that dessert?
    It could be the midnight binge in me talking but I think I need it NOW.
    It looks delicious!!!
    Nephew FF is a cutie!
    11 hours sleeping? What a dream baby!

  13. Nephew FF is worthy of consumption! I always want to eat the super-cuties. And I do admire your High Concept of setting off your green clobber with enough green cushioning to call Spring from Olympus.

  14. Family and friends, nice weather, a delicious lunch and most important, an adorable nephew, what a perfect start to Spring.

  15. Your nails look grate with nail polish. I am looking for a quality top coat. What do you use? What are the other brands you use other than OPI. I use chinaglaze and it is very good

  16. Green? how about green with the greatest pink nail polish now that is a favorite!

  17. Oh he's the cutest little button. Pray tell how your sister gets him to sleep 11 hrs! I am still recovering from sleep deprivation 12 years after the fact. Hope the rain washed your varmint away! A-M xx

  18. Last week I consumed my own bodyweight in quail eggs and pastirma on mini-toast with fresh parmesan. It was a nod to bacon and eggs but heaps fancier.

  19. You can never quite go past pink nail polish if you ask me! Kellie xx

  20. Noooo! We're just heading into autumn in the UK, I am jealous of you just starting spring! Maybe I should move country every 6 months...

    Nephew FF is incredibly darling, good choice of glove present, hope he enjoys!

  21. well, enjoy your 2 weeks of spring! i have a feeling it'll last that long where i am, too.
    your pink flowers are just lovely.
    nephew FF does look like a happy wee thing, what a cutie. xo

  22. Nephew FF is getting so BIG. My children had that bath glove and they loved it.

    FF finally we have a Government !


  23. your nephew is adorable and the bath-cloth is really cute, too! I like how his eyes smile!

  24. Quail eggs! EXCELLENT

    So glad you love my favourite pink OPI colours, FF x

    Haha is that the Royal Albert Old Country Roses? that's my mother's favourite! she has it all lovingly displayed, I used to love playing tea party with it when I was little. actually, I still do...

    Nephew FF has gotta be one of the cutest little infants getting around!



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