Monday, December 14, 2009

Leopard Print and Me, A Love Story

Have you ever noticed how Leopard Print polarises people? But can I just say how much I love love love it? I wore a leopard print wrap dress from about 2001 to the Coalface today. I hadn't worn it in years. The necklace was Lanvin/Prada-esque but really quite cheap. From Dotti of all places.
Now don't be frightened, but I'm wearing what can only be described as Neutral Polish. I know. I'm just as shocked as You All Are.

I don't just wear leopard print, I use it to decorate the Fuchsiadome. This is in fact a Table Mat. It's actually Furry. Really.
I also wholeheartedly embrace a leopard print faux fur cushion.

I haven't used this bag in ages but I still think it is 11/10 Adorable. No animals were killed in it's creation, except perhaps little farmed nylon ones.
Embrace you Leopard Print. You'll be much much Happier.
Any Questions? Comments? Share your own Story of Print Addiction.
Adios People and keep your Polish Unchipped.


  1. Magnificent necklace. You have a very swanlike neck, I unfortunately do not so am very jealous.

    I have a question/comment. What is your advice on corsetry? I notice on your photos a significant amount of shoulder is often exposed but no strappage of any sort to be seen. Very commendable. I, like yourself am of a certain age, more snap dragon than whippersnapper and am finding suitable foundation garments impossible to find. The ones where you can show a shoulder but still be modest. Your advice please.

    I do enjoy your blog, I have popped over from VF to have a sticky beak. Love your work, keep it up. Midge

  2. Hi Midge, I would tell you to embrace a strapless bra in these shoulder baring circumstances. At my age, I will not buy tops or dresses that cannot work in partnership with a Foundation Garment. It's the camera angle- my neck is dead set normal I just stick my face up in photos to hide it and it lengthens the neck! xx

  3. Fabulous necklace FF! I loathe leopard print but you seem to carry it off very well... well done!

  4. Leopard print is wonderful. I wore my leopard print flats today. Your dress is wonderful.

  5. I wish I could pull off leopard print as well as you do! I've got my eye on a leopard print silk scarf...not sure if I can work it.

  6. FF you've nailed glamourous and elegant at the same time. Well done!
    The people on the bus to work must have been in awe of your dedication to glamour in wake of the heat of yesterday!

  7. Thanks Kate, there are quite a few Glam people on my bus actually!They are at least air conditioned these days.x

  8. I love leopard print - I wear it all the time. Summer, winter, in coats, shoes and accessories, for all occasions. But I do prefer furry print over just print. It's somehow far more elegant...?

  9. The previous owners of my house have completely turned me off leopard print for life. I used to embrace the print, with some gorgeous little flats that I wore to death.

    However, when we bought our house, it was completely covered in leopard print. We have leopard print contact lining our kitchen cupboards and wardrobe, a leopard print bath mat and shower curtain... I can no longer stomach leopard print. Sorry.

    Love the necklace though. I bought a gorgeous necklace yesterday from Portmans of all places, 75% off. I'm a sucker for % off.

  10. I love leopard print too but how do you respond to 'fashionistas' who insist leopard print Is Tacky And Should Not Ever Be Worn In The Office?

    Also how conservative is your office environment? Do the other ladies dress as wonderfully as you? I work for a big 4 bank in their corporate finance team...most women seem to wear boring black suits all the time. How does one Push The Boundaries without making the fashionless people feel intimidated? Maybe a post topic idea? ;)

  11. This is a tricky area. I can sort of get away with stuff because I've been there for ages and have a lot of autonomy but if required I'll dress v. conservatively. My office isn't that conservative reallly now I think of it. Some people dress beautifully, some don't- there is a real cross section. The girls in my work group always look great- they've got their own style and always look pretty and make an effort. I think they enjoy seeing what I wear! I will definitely do a boundaries post x

  12. The leopard print dress is fab, key with leopard you have to know how to wear it and you have to own the look it when you do. Keep the handbag and shoe simple, birken bag look, and do a big pair of Jackie sunglasses. Diane Von Furstenberg every year does the classic wrap dress and still shows leopard prints. Every woman should invest in a DVF wrap dress
    It will take you to any event including cocktails after work.


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