Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Attractive Products Everywhere

Look how nice these flowers are that my lovely friend N gave me. Aren't they divine?
And behold my birthday card from Blighty! It mentions frocks!
Ignore the shadow. And look, just look at what else the Magic that is Blighty gave me:
That's right People. It's the Valentino dvd!! I for one cannot wait to hear that "Maybe a little too tan" comment again. And again. And then maybe again for Good Measure.
My good friend L whose birthday is the day after mine gave me this fab Pop Pink Estee Lauder lipgloss, which is 11/10 perfect, and this beautiful card:
Wouldn't fabric like this be lovely?
Meanwhile the FF Garden is slowly producing some attractive flowers like these Kalanchoe numbers:

and a few irises

I'm a big believer in colourful foliage and cordylines do the trick
I have no luck with roses because I get about 30 seconds of sun a day but look at this Mr Lincoln rose sprouting new growth:
I know, I am super excited too. I just hope no nasty aphids arrive.
Remember I threw some nasturtian seeds about the traps the other day?
Look at this little baby nasturtian popping up through its protective coating of sugar cane mulch.
I love it when seeds germinate.
This is a little native coastal rosemary flower, I think it's called westringia, but I could be wrong.
This is my beef strog. You know my views on food from the 70s. I'm a fan. Just don't serve it with rice!
A few people asked for my lemon risotto recipe. I just fry the white part of a leek and an small red onion in butter and olive oil then I add arborio rice and stir it and add white wine and chicken stock and keep stirring and at the end when it is cooked I grate the zest of 1/2 of a lemon and the juice of 1/2 a lemon and some grated parmesan cheese. I find repetitive stirring very soothing.


  1. hi miss ff... check out my blog... youll find something you created amongst the pictures... let me know what you think.
    much love

  2. Excellent birthday loot! Happy Birthday.

  3. thanks Foodycat and thank you Danielle- love the photo- how can I get a copy? can I buy one?

  4. FF, how come no rice w beef strog? Love the card from Blighty! (UK stationary is second to none.) x

  5. ill pass my email onto Willow/Lotus... im glad you like them :)

  6. Everything is 11/10! The flowers at the top are stunning, and it's good to see your garden perking up. Does that mean Spring is on the way for you?

  7. Indeed! Attractive products all around!

  8. Blighty found a great card to honour you!
    Love your blooming garden...the iris are stunning.

  9. Oh lovely presents and yummy risotto xx

  10. Oo-er HAPPY BIRTHDAY - so sorry I missed it! Been away in France with no 'puter. So wishing you Bonne Anniversaire as well. Now catching up with my favourite bloggers as well as getting stuck in with updating mine. (BTW - watch out for my blog on Chanel's Paradoxal which I had to chase round Cherbourg's parfumeries to track down the last bottle.) Raising a glass of my favourite pink prosecco to you tonight!

  11. This is wonderful timing. My boyfriend's mom just brought home one of those yellow kalanchoe plants and we had no idea what it was or how to care for it! But I was able to look it up and learn how to make cuttings and water it and everything since you posted the name and a photo! What an unknowing life saver you have been, thanks FF!

  12. dear ms fuchsia,

    flowers, cards, dvd and polish. you are very lucky indeed and truly loved by one and all! even your garden gives!


  13. FF I think the debate over pasta verses rice is funny.
    My well used circa 1970 something Women's Weekly Cooking Class cookbook states the usual accompaniments to beef strog are noodles or rice. No such thing as low-fat sour cream back then either!
    I promise to try noodles next time I cook this family favourite :)
    Pink lippy, where would we be without it.
    Your garden is looking tip top and isn't this rain wonderful.

  14. I adore the Pop Pink gloss - I think I might have to go out and nab some of my own. What a lovely birthday!

  15. FF, I have to share with you the exciting news that I have now committed to a weekly FF OPI manicure. Being a bushband violinist, I have always had very short boring, practical, functional nails but I am taking a break from 'Knees Up Mother Brown' and 'Whiskey in the Jar' for an indefinite period and now plan to "prepare myself emotionally" for a bit of weekly glamour and pampering. My first one (black russian blue thingy) was gorgeous but lasted one day as my rough and tumble, mother of 2 boys lifestyle lead to devastating chips and statements of "chipped nail polish revolts me' from my HUSBAND of all people.... he's very in touch with his feminine side. I will persevere. You are changing lives you know. A-M xx

  16. That card rules!

    My husband's family eat their beef strog with hot chips. I know. I often wonder if it's a New Zealand thing?


  17. So I somehow missed this entry when it was posted. But I am glad I found it today as I have inspiration for dinner and lemon and leek risotto is cooking now.
    Have a great weekend xx

  18. Hate mail, noooo!... come over my way if you want to see real venom! You are not alone... chin up! Onwards and upwards. A-M xx

  19. Great gifts and card from Blighty and love that the FF garden is starting to flower too...A great weekend to you FF. x

  20. Some very gorgeous things there and happy birthday! I still haven't seen the Valentino movie but I've heard it's brilliant!


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