Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election Day!

Have you voted yet? I'm just about to go out to the local Senior Citizens Club to cast my vote. I hope the Scouts have set up a fund raising sausage sizzle. Are you all going to election barbecues a la Don's Party (no one will get this reference probably) tonight? Mine will be tamer and with better clothes. I can't wait!
How nice is this cleome?
You might know it as a spider plant. And look at my baby nasturtiums-nothing's eaten them (yet). Fingers and Toes.
This is a kalanchoe flower. It looks like an alien form.
and this is another sort of kalanchoe. Say what you will about succulents they can handle drought like No One's Business.
My jasmine's gone beserk.
it smells wonderful at dusk.

My bromeliad is about to flower I think, look:
Hello Joan Salvia. You're a Stalwart of the FF Garden. We love your weed-like ability to thrive in Old Testament Style Conditions. Keep up the Good Work.
Meanwhile yesterday I was showered with polish. My new friend M gave me this OPI polish-
and Whippersnapper S gave me a fab Mac polish and handcream. It's her Kitchen Tea Party (Shower Tea?) today. I haven't been to one in years and can't wait. I might wear my new Sensible Chloe shoes.
Judes from Atlantis Home's been baking what she calls lemon bars.
I made her recipe- it is deadset easy and tasty.
In Australia we'd call this a lemon curd slice. Either way it's delicious.
Don't Forget to Vote!


  1. I voted already, and I'm having an election party. It's going to be super. Especially if the Second Best Party gets in, and the Best Party gets a lot of Senate seats. FF, what is your political persuasion?

  2. Sometimes I'm a Swinging Voter. Sometimes I'm Not.

  3. Seen the movie numerous times. If Abbott wins I am moving to another galaxy.

  4. Hello! This is your new friend M. This colour should look good on your perfect nails. My old nails wear unnoticeable pale pink! Enjoy.

  5. i've never seen a kalanchoe that looked like your alien species. very interesting.

    the bromiliads are spectacular also.


  6. Holy Shamolie seriously these beauties sleep on your premises?!? gorgeous flowers thanks for sharing the lovelies~

  7. Bypassed the sausage sizzle today in favour of a tray of honey joys...yummy. No BBQ for us tonight but does a day of pamering count? Make-over at the Estee Lauder counter and a new lip gloss, with hair cut and colour this afternoon. Its almost too much excitement. Have a great day FF.
    MFS xx

  8. But in the US we call them nasturtiums.

  9. We're having an election night barbie - and I manned (womanned?) the cake stall up at school where there's a polling booth. I even made a coconut cherry slice (like Cherry Ripe, but better). I don't think an election Saturday gets much more Australian than that :)

  10. Your election night sounds like a party...ours are dull... cast the ballot and go home and stare at the telly to watch the results as they trickle know how to live it up...and new sensible Chloe shoes...let's see!

  11. I've voted!!

    We are on the bullet train to Hiroshima tonight. I've spent the whole day online trying to get the latest election news.

    Have a great evening.

    SSG xxx

    PS - lovely garden.

  12. Voted between soccer matches, 'election night lambs shanks' in the slow cooker, twitter #ausvotes at the ready! Love this one: "Just voted. There were no militias or suicide bombings. There were sausages and a cake stand. Voting in Australia is awesome" . I so agree... and such a beautiful day for it! A-M xx

  13. Your plans are looking great, FF.

    I voted on Thursday.
    Here is my election blog entry, titled A sausage for the nation

  14. Voting has been done and dusted and I got your Dons party joke... but no bbq's here tonight...
    Love all of your flowers and am happy to say the I just shoved some of those alien looking kalanchoes in our garden (no roots even) and they are still kicking! Fingers and toes for sure on this one but don't think I will need it. Just actioned some serious baking - butter cake and lemon merigue tarts with serious meringue on top! Enjoy your weekend. ;-)

  15. Am off to the polling booth now. I do like the Senior Citz (mainly for that wonderful mural feat. Old Man on Motorbike), but Milton State School is my preferred polling station. They never fail to disappoint re- the sausage sizzle and also a cake stall. I do hope I am not too late for a chocolate crackle.

    We rented Don's party on Thursday in readiness for watching tonight (we thought there might be a run on it at the video store)! Essential viewing for an election night - interspersed with the wonderful and factual Antony Green on the ABC. What fun.

  16. Love Don's Party! Have even seen a stage play of it a few years back at the Opera House.
    Voting done, not sausage sizzle for me :-( I'm always up for a sausage sizzle!
    Enjoy your election party, I'm off to a birthday party at the pub!

  17. I made my first ever chocolate brownies. I used a 20cm square tin instead of a 25cm one. It's on the kitchen bench cooling. Fingers and toes it's not completely hopeless. Regarding your voting preferences. Funniest thing I heard all election FF.

  18. Oh my, you and Mom are on the same page, lemonwise. Should I be worried??

  19. FF believe it or not Mr B and I are having our own election party (breakffast) in Dublin and watching Kerry on the 'puter before we get on with enjoying the lovely city.
    Your garden has so many 'hang in there no matter what' treasures.
    Have a lovely weekend

  20. Just the way an election day should be .. sausage sizzle, cake stall .. no guards with guns, how lucky are we here?

  21. I saw don's party at MTC. love it.

    Watching on tv because of large amount of homework tomorrow.

    garden looks fabulous!!

    soph X

  22. Hi FF, watching history unfold tonight. Yes I remember Don's Party. Many years ago we had our very own (Don's) party. The night Paul Keating was elected. Oh what a night. Only 2 people owned up to voting for him, one of which was our 18 year old son. Very funny, the other person who owned up then had a screaming match with his wife. We all had lots of champagne and had quite a good few years with our Paul.
    No Sausage sizzle at our polling booth today. It's Un Australian I say.
    Take care

  23. Loving it that so many of you know Don's Party! I love the scene when the guests arrive and everyone is in a cross mood.

    I added lime juice to Judy's recipe and SW you have nothing to fear.

    Thanks your nice garden comments.

    Loving the election coverage sick. xx

  24. Dear Ms FF, We are 14 hours behind you so it is always almost over bar the shouting by the time we get up. I have been watching Kerry O'Brien on the ABC website this morning resplendent in my Sussan's PJs, fluffy dressing gown and matching fluffy slippers (me, not Kerry - however, I now have this image in my mind... I am a little older than you Ms FF!!) I am finding some of the Schadenfreude being expressed a bit sad. Clearly their mothers never said "If you can't say anything nice..." I voted earlier this week - my Canberra ballot paper was very uninteresting which does reflect poorly on my electorate - no looney fringe candidates with unusual platforms. We were here for the Chilean elections earlier this year which brought into power the first right-wing Government since Pinochet. At about three in the afternoon when the results starting coming in, people in my posh* and very right-wing neighbourhood started blowing their carhorns and the cacophony continued such that I could still hear them (and not faintly) from my then 16th floor apartment through closed balcony doors at 3am. Chileans can be very enthusiastic. In comparison, the atmosphere from the ABC appears very sober - not quite what is required for a party (Don's party-like or otherwise) for either side - however the Greens will be having a fabulous time. I am very tempted by your slice which has made me hungry. I think that I will be actioning a slice today too (goodness knows I need to keep up my calories to retain my rubenesque figure !!)

    *I don't want to give the wrong impression - I am quite the opposite of posh as I come from a long line of peasants on both sides.

  25. Mary! I love my polish! I have asked S for your address because I have a thank you card for you xx


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