Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Gardened like there was No Tomorrow

Hello. Today I spent hours sorting out my garden with Mr FF. I went to Bunnings not once but twice (I know. The Commitment) Nothing is flowering and this cruel lack of rain and Old Testament Style Conditions are really taking its toll. There was only 1 nasturtian flowering in the whole place! Giverny it isn't. I (well, Mr FF) divided some bromeliads and potted them up. Look:
Thank God for them. They can't be killed with a blowtorch and are Hardcore Resilient. Just like geraniums:
and cordelylines-
Behold the Magnificence of my rechargable leaf blower. I love him 11/10. I bought lots of seeds in a Spirit of Optimism. It's allegedly going to rain this week. Allegedly.
Mr FF divided up some variegated agaves and found new homes for its pups.
On a happier note my jasmine's about to burst into flower

After all this activity and actioning of tasks, it seemed sensible to have this Soothing Beverage-
You know how I've got some of Grandma's things?
Well tomorrow, it's 2 month's since she died. It seems like yesterday and forever ago all at once.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of her. And miss her.
I especially think of her lovely garden when I tend to mine. I wish I could grow camellias like hers.
I got a book from amazon that really summed up how emotions can be tied up with the things people loved. It's My Mother's Clothes by Jeanette Montgomery Barron.
The author inherited her mother's things after her death. Her Mum loved clothes and loved loved loved to shop. Her skill at sourcing high end clobber was Impressive. Look at this scarf:
and this stunning YSL jacket. Her Mum stuffed the sleeves with tissue paper to keep their shape. I love this book. It's gorgeous. And moving. You can buy it here.
Did you go to Valentino like I told you to?
If so you would have been witness to all this loveliness
Speaking of which, it's my birthday soon, so I've bought myself something Sensible.
Behold the Magnificence of these Chloe shoes, 25% of their original price sourced from Jean Brown.
I know. They're stunning.
Enjoy your Sunday night.


  1. Jasmine - one of the best scents ever you can find in a garden. Pure luxury to me!
    In Vienna everyone, even politicians hate leaf-blowers! They make noise. and noise. And what else? greetings from the sweeping city!

  2. Beautiful shoes. What a lovely present for yourself. It is also my birthday soon. I somehow subconsciously convinced myself a few months ago that I was already a year older, this has helped with the transition to a new age.

    Your garden looks like it is coping better than mine, but it looks like you are paying a lot more attention to yours than I am to mine.

    Have a lovely week. :)

  3. Great work on the garden, FF and Mr FF.

    Don't forget The Good Wife finale. I'm staying up (!!) for it and Mr SSG has requested to be summoned from his footy tipping for it. So it must be worthwhile.

    SSG xxx

  4. Oh good gardening and great shoes - what more can a weekend yield xx

  5. Love the shoes, it must be a leo thing!!
    I saw that book last week - it was for sale in the two Kate Spade stores I visited in the US. I wish I had have purchased now.

  6. My grandfather died just over 2 weeks ago now. I had the task of sorting through his closet, he had so many ties - Christian Dior, YSL, Gucci, Henry Bucks. There was an article on him in the SMH on Saturday -

  7. I know, such crazy weather. Fingers and toes for rain.
    Grandma would be proud of your garden.
    The book reminds me of how my mum used to lovingly stuff tissue paper in her best shoes and handbags. To keep the shape.
    My Leo mum lives in a care centre and it's her birthday on Wednesday. Which means cake and candles and spoiling. Birthdays are BIG in my family and to be celebrated.
    Those sensible shoes are absolutely to die for FF. Happy Birthday!! and I hope you have a glorious day.

  8. We are up the coast in Chile this weekend where surprisingly the Eucalyptus trees are in bloom (Gum trees appear to follow, well actually, proceed us). My daughter and I collected the tops that fly off when the blooms emerge. - you know, the little hats of Snugglepot and Cuddle-pie. I had such a yearning to be home. So, how lovely to wake up this morning to your nourishing post which starts with lots of greens (I love the sound of bromeliads and cordylines on my tongue) has good meaty bits to ponder and ends with a lovely dessert of Choe shoes with some Valentino on the side all washed down with Champers. Your grandmother must have been so proud of how you touch so many people and encourage us to live lives filled with greater balance and beauty. Thank you.

  9. hi ff,

    love the pic of you and grandma. she was quite elegant.

    i like putting my garden to rest for the winter, i find it very relaxing. do you?


  10. Dear FF, I have been having a super time sitting here on a Sunday evening catching up on your blog,what a lot you have been doing: gardening,glamour, Valentino, those smashing new necklaces, and oh, the Chloe shoes, soooo divine. and you have added extra bits to your sidebar - luff it 11/10! But do you know, the thing I most covet right now is your leaf blower, I know, I am shocked too (maybe I'm coming down with something??). Boy One says thanks for sending Bruce, Bruce says phone Animal Rescue immediately, he can't stand it any longer...Bxx

  11. Very nice shoes! I've been thinking about buying this book--it sounds like a good read. Good luck with your garden, we are all about to pass out with the heat here in Texas!

  12. Dear Linda in Chile,
    Bromeliads I think are native to south America? They are those plants that start with the letter e that can grow in trees and do not need soil (epithytes or something??) so you should get some! I have zero sun and intense shade so I need stuff that will flourish in those conditions. I know those little hats from Snugglepot and Cuddlepie! I really like it that someone in Chile is reading. xxx

  13. Blighty I love my leaf blower.

    It's not very noisy.


    My neighbours all renovate 24/7 (the people across the road have been renovating for 5 years!!!) and I have to put up with their power tools and tradesmen and builders parking across my driveway so I am not bothered one bit by 10 minutes of sooothing leaf blowing!

  14. Shu shu will look up that article right now about your Grandfather x

  15. Thanks for the gardening fix. I am on a forced gardening strike due to a red bellied black snake that keeps appearing in my garden.

  16. Dear FF

    What a lovely tribute to your grandma. Keep her in your heart and you will never lose her.

    Love your gardening pics. I'm a complete disgrace to gardners would wide such is my non-talent but I do appreciate a dedicated green thumb where-ever I see one. maybe one day I'll get the hang of a flourishing pot plant but for now I'll concentrate on them.

    MFS xx

  17. hi there - well try being in Melbourne it is raining and raining and only became sunny two days ago, and my parsley, and my camellias are just amazing this year.

    But that book. I want to buy it but I am concerned it will bring out a whole lot of deep seated emotions in me!! Seriously I can remember all of my mother's clothes so clearly and they included, (I have to tell you this because I think you would have liked them) a bright pink parachute silk YSL jumpsuit from 1975, a purple YSL blazer from 1980 and much much more. We all remember what our mothers wore don't we?? xo

  18. Dear Jane,
    the book is cathartic and beautiful- you'll feel uplifted and moved, not sad at all. Trust me. I'm a lawyer. I really would like a YSL jumpsuit. You are lucky. Clothes tell such a story. Thankyou for commenting and good luck with the garden!

  19. Rochelle I have snakes but apparently they are more scared of me than I am of them. Hope so!

  20. Oh look there's Jane! I tell you, everyone is finding you pet... it's a revolution! Flora and Fauna and Fashion... you have everything here. Oh those shoes.... glorious.... now where would I wear them?... school pick up? piano lessons where I wait in the car?.. soccer practice? I'm afraid I'm in the Blighty camp and do get a higher heart rate when viewing garden implements these days. I love it when you can say 'I did' but really the Mr has done all the work. I do it all the time. Secret squirrel. A-M xx

  21. You garden will be thanking you FF - looking good despite the lack of rain.... LOVE your sensible shoe purchase - gorgeous... x

  22. My geraniums didn't survive the winter BUT my fuchsias are looking amazing! I have 2 - one Barbie-pink and white in a hanging basket and one ludicrous purple and (funnily enough) fuchsia in the conservatory. They are magic.


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