Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello. And Thank You.

Thank you to everyone who left such lovely and generous messages about my pregnancy. I was amazed and touched.
Meanwhile my bee hive gingers are spookily channeling Rommel and amassing an army. Here they are looking all Sinister about to Make Their Move:
Don't you love these cheery plates? Me too.
Here's me in a Maternity frock from Target. It's a glorified t-shirt that I wear with leggings (which I make my cutting the feet off black maternity opaque tights) and ballet flats for play wear and it cost about $40, which I think is 'Spensive for what it is.

And here are some of my Christmas presents. I got this feathery pink cuff thingamy which I love
and this beautiful Tres Kelly Hermes scarf that I wanted for ages. It is the perfect shade of orange.
And I got some really good books. The history of Chanel No 5 is un-put-downable and I love Dreaming of Chanel-the illustrations are beautiful. The baby book was from The Baby itself (Really. The Kid loves to shop. On the internet.) The card said
"I trust You, but just in case, you might need this book. Love The Baby xxx".
And I got a feather pillow and some silk pillow cases in this lovely dusty pink colour that allegedly will help me maintain my 'do and prevent wrinkles. Goody.
Let's talk Turkey People.
The Before Shot:
and the After Shot. It was partially boned and delicious. And cheap. Much cheaper than lamb.
People doing Low Calorie Diets look Away Now.
Because look at this Eton Mess. So comforting and soothing during Life's Difficult Times.
Is anyone else craving soup? This is a sort of blonde French onion soup arrangement with gruyere crouton whatsies.
All it does is rain and half the state's flooded. My roses are covered in black spot and nothing is blooming 'cept this lone ranger:
I've been addicted to High Teas lately.
Why do teeny tiny things taste better I wonder?
Remember this YSL frock? Well it has become the Veritable backbone of my meagre Maternity Wardrobe. It's not silk, but it's lined, and it has side pockets.
this is The Bump-
I had a wander through the Magic of Jean Brown Today

I loved this McQueen frock

and these orange sandals were Perfection
One sad thing about being preggers is that you can't really tolerate super high heels. More's the pity.
And without the Volume and Roominess of By Malene Birger frocks, I would literally have nothing to wear. Or at least nothing attractive. This is my new Frock.
Accessories have become My Best Friend. By God you really rely on scarves, bangles, necklaces and Good Grooming when you can't wear 80% of your clothes. I think it was a lot easier to dress when I was in winter in Europe last month- I just chucked on maternity skinny jeans, boots, twinsets, cashmere jumpers, fur gilets, silk scarves and I was set. Summer is a lot more challenging for the Pregnant Woman Fashion Wise I think. Annoying given that it is now what can only be described as Summer.
I really am touched by every one's kind wishes on my last post. It made me teary reading all the comments.
If you were reading in June you know that my Grandma, who I loved beyond measure died, and then 2 weeks later my uncle died suddenly too. I remember my friend M said to me "when there's a lot of death in a family often some one has a baby".
I had absolutely no idea that it would be Me!


  1. Maternity wear was probably the reason pregnant women didn't venture out very often back in "the olden days". The 39th and 40th week are the most challenging. You look great and good grooming will take you far! xx

  2. WOW, the bump is gorgeous! You are definitely the most chic pregnant lady I've ever known!
    Your beehive ginger is making me laugh now and I am envisaging Hitchcock's "The Birds"
    I love Eton Mess, on of my faves. Oh and its a proven fact that everything tastes better in teeny, tiny form!
    Have a fantastic New Years! xx

  3. Loving the bump. The Robin Barker book is the absolute best baby book. I gave away all the other books I was given. Too much advice is just confusing.....

  4. You look beautiful! I am a week behind you in the pregnancy count down but I am about six times bigger (it is my third though!) Congratulations FF, am so happy for you and Mr FF.

  5. Your bump is too cute. I can tell you're one of those skinny-pregnant women who everyone is insanely jealous of! You look gorgeous.

    Rachel Zoe is still sporting super high heels whilst pregnant. It doesn't look fun though.

    See -

    I would be very interested to hear whether your silk pillow case does indeed keep your hair smooth while you sleep.

  6. Dear FF I think (in a good way) your ginger has become sentries for you and Baby FF to make sure you are safe and sound.
    This weather has required an Ark and all my tomato bushes literally sailed by our dining room window on Monday.
    Nothing to do but get on with it in the manner of the Royals and bake, declutter or watch soothing films. The King's Speech was more than 11/10 and I adored Helen being all Queen Motherish but with a glint of irreverance which after reading the Queen Mothers biography was very apt!
    You look really glowing AND stylish but can feel your pain re the unstylishness of prego clothing.
    Have a happy and safe New Year!

  7. I didn't get around to comment on your announcement post. Congratulations! You definitely have the most fashionable bump! ASOS has some cheap and cheery maternity wear, I wish I knew about it when I was preggers.

  8. That last paragraph has made me all teary, here's to the New Year and your very own new beginning.

  9. Oh FF, I have a baking question for you. I have no mixer, no hand whisk, nothing but my wee arms and I've just been creaming sugar and butter and could cry with the pain! Should I buy a hand blender, a mixer, a food processor or go the whole hog and buy a glorious kitchen aid mixer like yours?

  10. I have been off line for a while and just saw your news ... WOW!!! Congratulations!!! So wonderful. Don't fret re: the preganancy wardrobe ... you are all class and style regardless of what you are wearing. I am sure you are one of those pregnant women that just glows and we all envy. As a side note, your gingers are freaking me out!!! I can feel a nightmare coming on. Seriously that second photo is very unsettling ... I feel like they are taking over Brisbane. Should I move now? To quote you ... run don't walk!!! Congratulations again. Nik xx

  11. I am the oldest of 5. I remember when my mom was very pregnant with my youngest sibling, she wore a black pencil skirt with black ballet flats. The skirt had a huge circle cut out of the front with ribbons that tied above her pregnancy belly! No stretch panels yet in the '60s! She had 5 kids under 5 by the time she was 25! I didn't have my first until I was 35! And my last at 36! Very different lives, my mom & I.....

  12. Ohh, You look so lovely! Beehive Ginger is utterly gorgeous, however, the only time I have ever seen it is in floral arrangements...never in it's natural environment...err..the garden. Is it hard to grow? Do it turn into something else or is that the end result?

    Look forward to more of 'The Bump'! :-)

  13. FF - how wonderful is was to read of your BB (Baby Bump). Ironically my neice was born two days BEFORE my Grandmother passed away. Altho they were either too young or too old to remember, the rest of us did. As we laid my niece on her pillow before she drifted, I think they shared a secret between them. And I will bet your Grandmother told BB something wonderful before she opened the door in heaven. This is a wondeful part of life....ENJOY!!!

  14. i received the same slip silk pillowcase for my birthday two days go.. am testing it tonight! not sure if it will live up to the hype but it feels lovely either way. also received dreaming of chanel and dreaming of dior - the dresses are
    just divine, and i love the little stories accompanying the drawings!

    its reassuring to see that you can still be comfortable yet utterly chic when pregnant (and doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg!) i like your target tunic top, black and white stripes never go out of style!
    never go out of style! :-)

  15. You look fabulous! Yes, accessories and good grooming will get us through trying wardrobe times. Your new scarf is gorgeous!

    Happy New Year, FF!

  16. hi ff,

    your moxy, beauty (inside and out) and sense of humor inspire me beyond words. your son is the luckiest little boy in the world. he's already taking after you. sending all my love from california. xoxoxoxo janet

  17. I love the note Baby FF put in your card. It's good to know it's got a winning personality already.

  18. Your bump is completely adorable. Not to get too personal, but I hope you've had a good pregnancy and all that.

    Do you have an recommendations in Brisbane for High Tea? I want to take my brother's girlfriend but I'm stuck on where. I've only had High Tea at Joseph Alexander's a few years ago but I wasn't blown away. I'm at Milton, for reference.

    Thank you for any ideas!

  19. Hello bump. You are quite cute. BTW, if they sell a brand called Japanese Weekend over there I highly recommend it. Because while you have a bump now in a month or so you will become a Freak of Nature, in a good way, and feats of engineering will be required. JWO puts the band UNDER the bump, which is quite soothing. Really.

  20. FF you look radiant and I believe that you are channeling exquisite taste.
    Boy or must be thinking of names by now! Have you started on a room for the nursery?
    Those ginger things really are enchanting...look like they could be from outer space!
    Hppy New Year!

  21. First, you are the most fashionable gal with a bun in the oven ever!

    And those bee hive ginger things are fantastic. Are they succulents? I've never seen anything like them.

  22. Congratulations on your baby, it's wonderful to hear such wonderful news, especially after youv'e had a difficult year.
    Also, you look so chic - the most glam pregnant lady I've ever seen!

  23. FF,

    You look gorgeous!

    Of all the yummy food pics, my favourite is the french onion soup with toast!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  24. FF! I missed a few posts and am dreadfully belated but biggest Congratulations to you and ole' Mr FF! What wonderful news, and what a lucky little person he/she will be to have you as parents. It is beyond exciting to be having a new little soul come to live with you soon, isn't it? I have only 5 weeks to go, eep!

    Maternity 'drobe issues are a problem. Especially when one is trying one's hardest to be thrifty; buying an overpriced, poorly made garment of non-natural fabrics, to be worn for a few months completely goes against the grain. I have been thriftastic and have shoe-horned myself into existing outfits which are generous around the middle (hello, Malene and Metalicus) which, sadly as tummy has gotten bigger is no longer an option. Now subsisting on a few hand-me-down maternity frocks. Not v stylish but hey ho, they are cotton and one has side pockets! You are totally right that accessorising is key. Clever old Santa knew how useful that Tres Kelly scarf would be.

    Congratulations again FF, so exciting!!

    P.S. those orange sandals are delicious.

  25. That is so true ref deaths in family - babies always come along tis the way of the world and how marvellous it is you!

    Also because of the lure and need of filthy lucre can one recommend the bestest ever book for actioning all manner of baby things and getting into a routine to make smoothness of the potential turmoil - Gina Ford The Contented Baby.

    All people who object to her didn't have to keep themselves together and get back to work. Her book is a godsend and I will email you the useful spreadsheet my sister did. xx

  26. Love those gingers, they remind me of Bali. I think the reason small cakes are so delicious is they seem less naughty, so why not have another one?! and another! Congratulations on Baby FF. It's the most exciting and happy news! Life with a child will never be the same, but never better.

  27. Oh FF you look so luffly in your By Marlene Birger frock. I remember being pregnant in 1983 and 1984 with my 2 youngest daughters, and at the time designers Jill Clegg and Sally Brown had beautiful flowy frocks with big white lacy edged collars. I felt so good wearing them.

  28. what an adorable bump.
    You've done a great job dressing it up, but it will only get harder. However I have faith in you, and looking forward to more pics.

    I think I need one of those pillows.

  29. Congrat's FF & Mr FF! I'm so happy for you both.
    I haven't left many comments this year but always check your blog. You will be such a wonderful mother, so excited for you!!!

    wishing you all the very best for 2011. enjoy every moment.


  30. A truly pregnant post FF! Love the food, flowers, frocks and of course Little Bump. Thank you for sharing these lovely moments.

    I probably have a few stories about pregnancy and babies BUT I will spare you those. Your experience will be as unique as you are!

    Bless the person that invented silk and satin pillowcases and that Moroccan Hair Oil. What magic Do-tamers they are!

  31. Congratulations, FF, you have a lot of love to give. Happy New Year.

  32. Hi there
    Robin Barker's Baby Love is akin to the real Bible. I know you love things that are comforting, and I found this book to be my ultimate comfort when I had my daughter. My husband used to laugh at me for reading the same chapters over and over. Comfort in the extreme.
    You look glamorous and lovely - it's almost (only almost!) enough to make me want to do it a third time.

  33. FF.
    There Couldn't be any better news. What a wonderful way to begin the new Year! Congratulations to you and Mr. FF. Life is going to begin such a fantastic and loving new chapter. This fashion road block will be over before you know it and you will be a smashing looking young mom with baby in tow!
    Hard to believe that my two boys are now in university! Where did the time go??
    Enjoy every single moment! So excited for you.
    O.k. The gingers have gone from sci fi to needing their own episode of "Creature Feature".Thank you brave little white rose !

  34. FF - as expected The Bump is perfect and gorgeous! I'm very glad that you are enjoying the whole pregnancy caper so much.


  35. Well, here you and Mr. FF go!! What a fantastic voyage pregnancy is! There is nothing like a child to give us spiritual centering! You look divine and congratulations!

    That French onion soup with Gruyere looks to die for!

  36. FF, I'm going to ask you something I have asked many a girl-in-the-know, and no one has come up with an adequate answer. Why, oh why, are the frocks illustrated in Dreaming of Dior (etc) and not photographed? Please tell me. It is unbelievably frustrating, and on the quiet, a bit suspicious?? P.S. You'll want to burn your maternity clothes by the time the baby's born, trust me. You'll be sick of the sight of them.

  37. What a lovely post - you and the B Bump look gorgeous and chic, of course. Great Christmas presents, too, especially the Scarf with Orange. I have always loved orange, much to some people's horror. My best Christmas present was the FF Leo necklace, and I love it totally - goes with everything, and has an excursion most days. Your bee hive gingers are amazing; a keen gardener, I had never seen or heard of them before your blog, but was quite excited to find them in the florist at Kenmore last week. Fascinating plants. After the deaths of three grandparents within a year in our family, someone said the same thing to me (to which I replied Not Likely). Lo and behold I became a grandmother twice over last year. Dear little ones come to replace the departed :-) Happy New Year to the FFF

  38. FF you are such a glamorous, stylish expectant mother!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2011!

  39. Oh that 'Baby Love' was my bible. God bless Robin Barker. Your bump is beautiful. A-M xx

  40. Oh FF, that last paragraph had me teary. It is so true though the whole death being followed by a new life (the wonderment of it all). I absolutely love the pattern on that By Malene Birger frock and your bump looks so beautiful in it. Hope you have a great night tonight FF and I wish you all the very Best for A Very Very Happy New Year, Cheers Robyn

  41. Dear FF, may 2011 bring you a wonderful, stylish, healthy and happy baby! Stay as gorgeous and stylish as ever!

  42. Dear FF, congratulations!! You will have the chicest maternity wear ever. I've loved reading you blog and seeing your fabulous style... and fabulous food this year.

    Wishing you love and happiness for a fantastic 2011. Love Christina xx

  43. Although I read your blog every day, I was away for a few days and missed your pregnancy post. Congratulations!!! I am sooo happy for you. Enjoy the pregnancy and everything to come. You look lovely and the happiness shines through in everything you write.

  44. Happy New Year to you, Mr FF and your cute BB!

  45. One of my nieces was born on the anniversary of my maternal grandmother's death. My mother didn't like the coincidence of those dates, but I thought it was just perfect.

    Happy new year!

  46. Dear Ms FF, I love a baby who can organise pressies before it is even born and from the internet too! Baby FF is going to be quite handy to have about if he is going to be so technologically savvy. He is a handsome bump. I think everyone is going to want one just the same now. Babies do choose when they want to come and don't they choose the best times! My youngest, the one with the naughty green eyes, came three months after the death of my wonderful father-in-law. It is at Christmas especially that we reflect on all the yummy things that he used to cook and the funny things he said and that we miss him particularly so I really feel for you missing your beloved Grandma and your uncle. This season is so bittersweet, isn't it? Here on our hill outside Canberra looking out over the very quiet pasturelands we are thinking of all those Queenslanders who are having such an awful time with the floods. My heart sinks when I think about all the cleanup that they will have to do afterwards.

  47. Dear FF
    you and The Bump look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
    And your food looks amazing too.
    Aside from being glad that The Baby being healthy, I am so glad that it likes to shop. The love of shopping is certainly a must-have gene :)
    Keep well,
    Love Carly

  48. Hello FF.
    I've thought about you the last few days as I cuddled my 7mth old nephew and his big brother who have been staying with us (I'm exhausted :)
    There is nothing so sweet as the smell of baby and the way he snuggled into my neck and don't get me started on the wonder of blowing raspberries on a cute little belly..sublime.
    I gave the Robin Barker bible to my niece and she swears by it, full of commonsense suggestions which is just what new mums need.
    Hope you are having a relaxing new years day. Don't fret about maternity clothes I'm sure you will be inventive and ultra stylish as always.

  49. See what i said about Baby Love, it IS the bible. The baby knows.xx

  50. Robin Barker is the bomb. I actually burnt one of the other baby books I had. Satisfying. I got given Robin Barker's toddler book for Christmas. Potty training ahoy. SarahMac.

  51. How on earth did I miss the news in your first post!? FF I am so happy for you and Mr FF. You two will make quite fabulous parents and FF jnr will be the most stylish young un' on the block. Congratulations!

    I adore the Hermes scarf too, two of my favourite colours on the one silk = perfection.

  52. I have just sat down at the computer for the first time this year - and wow - what lovely news. Congrats, now you might need to prepare yourself for after bump wear - it is not altogether pleasant especially if you are breast feeding - fashion horror ...

  53. I had a good laugh at your Rommel army, they do indeed look like they're up to something! And I love high tea too, I try to attend one every time I visit friends, and I do believe I've been to the very place you went to as well! That stand is a little on the distinctive side! Lovely views too, though the lift with the glass side isn't for the faint hearted - one of my friends is petrified of heights, she had to stand in the corner of the lift and close her eyes the whole way!

    xx Kit

    P.S. You're rocking the maternity gear! Don't know what you were worried about!


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