Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hermes, Chanel and My Childhood Neighbours

See this crazy gold balloon horse? Well I got a couple from the opening of the Hermes shoppe yesterday. They were piled all over the roof. Mr FF and I bravely went out in the pouring rain to see what was on offer. If you look you can see I have loyally affixed an Hermes scarf to my bag.
The registers were not working (what if someone needed to urgently buy a Birkin?) so we didn't buy anything but they did have the black and orange tres Kelly scarf that I've been hunting for and I did get to channel Maitai/Victoria Beckham/Grace Kelly and man handle an orange Kelly bag. It was very attractive. They made me put gloves on my paws 1st. It's only $11500 and still available for purchase!!! Run Don't Walk if an orange Kelly's your thing. This is Mr FF getting into the Spirit of the Hermes Experience (although not obviously to the point where he dropped $11500 on a bag for Me. More's the Pity)
I wore my lovely Malene Birger frock that I'd bought in London (Inaugural Wearing) and I also wore my new Chanel Brooch (also 1st time outing).
The best thing about this blog was that my childhood neighbour L followed a link from Anna Spiro's blog and she and her sister C Found Me after almost 40 years!. Last night I went to Il Posto and Met up with L and C.
They were absolutely Gorgeous and Funny and Interesting. I loved seeing them and hearing about their lives. They were beautfully dressed and had excellent polish. Look at C:
and look at L:
I had the best time and hope we can do it again. I wish my sisters could have been there. We will definitely stay in touch. I wore this Milly top thingamy and my new brooch. We'll be very happy I think.
Rain is destroying my 'do but the garden is looking good so I'd better not complain.
Look out for my Giveaway scheduled for the 4th December.


  1. Wow, with the bag a mere $11k, that would make that lovely balloon worth a few hundred dollars at least! Love it :)... and the chanel brooch too!

  2. good score on the balloons!

  3. wait, there's an Hermes shop in your vicinity? quick, lock up the charge cards!!! :)

  4. Dear Ms FF, Well... I have been coveting the orange Kelly bag (among other things) but even if Mr LiC were to entirely lose his mind enough to hand over the readies it would be wasted on me as my handbag has to be able to accommodate all manner of things including a standard lamp a la M Poppins. However, I do think you could be in for a chance as Mr FF does give lovely generous presses and Christmas is coming. L and C both look very glam. Clearly your old neighborhood specialized in producing elegant ladies!

  5. Hi Faux Fuschia, I showed a friend your blog on the weekend and she said, "I went to boarding school with her!" Small world!

  6. The photos of the glamorous gold horse have made my day. Hermes even produces stylish balloons.....

  7. How did you retrieve the horses off the landing? I know, I'm anal, but I like to know everything.
    I would be too scared to actually use such an expensive handbag.
    Lovely you caught up with old friends and enjoyed a fabulous evening.

  8. A FF giveaway?!? Be still my beating self! Hooboy. Starting on speed dial now:).

  9. Your evening with friends sounds lovely. Isn't the blog world a wonderful thing.

    When I was in Paris in October, my husband and I went to the Louis Vuitton store on my birthday. We visited all five or six floors. On one floor, they had alligator handbags going for 33,000 euros - about $50,000. I'm lucky my husband saw that bag before he saw the one I seemed like chump change in comparison!

  10. FF,
    How can one "feel" the Birkin with gloves on ?
    I saw a Hermes salesclerk (gloves on) showing an orange Birkin in the Vancouver store, the customer was gloveless and they had her walking around the store carrying it...
    I didn't stay long enough to see if she purchased it or not.

    The Hermes shop looks like it is in a lovely art deco building...happy shopping!

  11. Hello FF, and all the FF fans.

    Here's the deal, straight from the night of the stars.

    FF is just plain beautiful, as beautiful as we all think she is without having met her, and yes, she has amazing legs.

    BUT I did glimpse a tiny sign that she is related to us mere mortals……..... she did have to sit down occasionally, those beautiful Chloe heels were so high!

    Despite her beauty and glamour, her grooming, her total immaculateness and THOSE sensational legs, she is a lovely person. I luff her already!

    Amber is Stylish with a capital STYLISH! And very kind and friendly too, she welcomed me so warmly even though I was a gatecrasher!

    Lotus and Willow are a pair of cuties, pretty, really sweet, clever, accomplished and they look all of 18, though they assure me they are slightly older than that. AND they were wearing Red Phoenix necklaces, so cool to see those wonderful creations in real life.

    Jean Brown is a shop to die for as you could well imagine, and the people at the party were such a knockout - I didn't even see the cakes.

    Mr FF, well, his dad was such a honey, the loveliest man, and I can assure you all that Mr FF inherited the gorgeous gene from his dad.

    Anna Spiro is really, really nice, really nice, her shop is just the bomb, and Anna is so warm and giving of her time, and she remembered me as Paddy's Sister, from a besquillion years ago (even before she caught sight of the Famous Paddy).

    All the Big Names WERE there, but I'm not one of them. I was known by all as Paddy's Sister. Paddy's the Big Name, I was the provincial tagalong sister. Blighty, I'm back to shorts, tshirt, cup of tea, typical Townsville gear now I'm back home, and I have to empty the bin in the morning too.

    Linda in Chile, no I didn't have a puppy in my handbag, the Dodgy Brothers (the rescued chihuahuas), and Bronny and Bee the 16 year old-Bichons were all home in Townsville.

    BUT.... tee hee ......... I spent a goodly amount of time convincing Mr FF that he and FF need a puppy. I am well on the way to convincing him, and I have his email address, so the campaign will continue. I'll keep you posted on any puppy developments.

    Well my 1 minute of fame is over after meeting "The Wonder Who is Faux Fuchsia".

    Cheers all, from Paddy's Sister, Louise in Townsville.

  12. hi ff,

    and first thank you louise for the wonderful recap of the evening. i want to live in australia with all you guys!

    i love the blog world and all the friends and i'm noticing by reading the comments that so many of my cyber friends are yours too. loving it.


  13. Thanks Louise! I am so touched! I wish you were here to go Hermes scarf shopping with me. x

  14. Janet we really do have the loveliest people who comment. The comments are the most interesting things about blogs I think. x

  15. Anne-Marie, I didn't get the horse balloon off the landing! They must have had some spares "out the back" or something!

  16. Dear FF
    I'm very sore and feeling a bit sore today. So your line 'what if someone needed to urgently buy a Birkin?' made me laugh.
    I love seeing you live the high-life! So glamourous.
    That gold balloon thingy would make a great handbag.
    Love Carly xx

  17. PS - how wonderful you met your childhood friends :) What a beautiful story.

  18. Dear FF,

    Just a note to say I *love* your blog. It makes my day! You are 11/10 fabulous! And your Christmas tree is be-YEW-tiful!


  19. Oh very superior nail varnish - love the colour on your childhood friends mitts - what is it?

    The champers Mr FF is holding looks yummy too - shame about the bag, glad you got a gloved feel xx

  20. How wonderful to meet up with childhood friends - looks as if you had a wonderful evening. I am VERY envious of your CC brooch I have to admit! And how fantastic is your golden balloon?? XX

  21. I wonder if your friends feel obliged to step up their standard of grooming when they see you.

    I love your new dress! Mr FF looks immaculate too.

  22. How can I contact you Faux Fuchsia?


  23. Dear FF, your new brooch is lovely and looks gorgeous with the green jacket xx

  24. Sounds you like had a fabulous few days FF...great story about your childhood friends. Isn't it lovely reconnecting with people who were a big part of your life.
    Take care

  25. Hi FF, This is my first comment. I followed Anna Spiro here in May and I've been reading religiously ever since. I've meant to comment before, but just haven't. I had to comment today though, because the funniest thing happened that made me think of you.

    I had been wondering where the new Hermes store was, and I happened to drive down Elizabeth St today and saw it with all the golden horses on the roof. Then I went to the 'lighting of the xmas tree' ceremony and carols in King George Square. I was with my 5 yr old daughter and we arrived really early to get a seat where she could see everything. So we had a really long wait. She was wearing angel wings and pretending she was an angel, and while we waited she kept looking up into the sky and pretending that various birds high up in the sky were really other angels. Then, all of a sudden there were several gold inflatable horses floating through the sky, up really, really high. No-one around us could work out what they were, but I knew, and it made me think of you, and I had a lovely chuckle. My daughter decided they must be unicorns. There, I've made my commenting debut. I'll be back
    p.s. I didn't want to use anonymous but haven't worked out another way yet.

  26. Hi FF

    Just wondering if you've seen this week's New Idea magazine? There's a small pic of Princess Mary on the cover and it looks like she's wearing your new By Malene Birger dress. Looks like you have similar taste to royalty!

    BTW, Happy Birthday to the blog.

    Susan in Sydney


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