Saturday, December 4, 2010

1 Year Blogiversary Give Away

It's a year ago today that I started Faux Fuchsia Style Blog. I know. I can't believe how fast the year's gone either. It's lovely for me to have a sort of online diary record of the past year. When I started it I had no idea about the interesting people I'd end up connecting with through the blog. It never ceases to surprise me that people I've never met actually read it and are interested in the stuff I do. Who'd 've thought?
If you were reading back then you know that Willow had to come to my house and actually set the whole thing up for me and teach me how to upload photos and stuff. Here she is in camouflage at the Coalface next to my tinsel laden tree.
I wanted to celebrate the year by actioning a Giveaway with a Superior Prize. My 1st idea was offering a Real Life Jersey Cow, because let's face it, who doesn't love a Jersey cow?
then I wondered if it should be something interactive, like say, a dancing Lesson with Ole Mr FF
But both these things are tricky to wrap and complicated to post.
I've given away Red Phoenix Emporium necklaces before, and they've always been a hit, so let's stick with Tradition and offer one of those. Here are some nice pieces from their New Collection:
This is Lotus in a jersey frock (not to be confused with a Jersey Cow) that she designed and made. I want one too.
and here's Willow:

I now own the Fuschia City (Hooray!!) which is the one with jade. I luff it 11/10 and it looks fantastic with the FF Leo necklace.
I wore it yesterday to the Coalface with my grey heavily discounted (it was 1/6th of the retail price People!!!) YSL frock from Jean Brown that I bought in January and have never worn until now.
the necklaces look good with this tres Kelly scarf in fuchsia

I'm about a 1/3 of the way through decorating my office. It's been a Collaborative process- I haven't done it alone and everyone has helped, especially my colleague N.
To enter the Giveaway, all you have to do is comment on this post. Feel free to leave a moving anecdote about how you 1st found the blog, or your favourite post, or if you were one of my 1st original 5 readers, or why you keep coming back to read the blog. Flattery will get you everywhere Readers.
I have some very loyal readers who regularly comment day in day out. You know who you are, so THANKYOU, because the comments are my favourite thing. A lot of them have blogs, and they are on my blog list whatsy to the right but some don't. But I always read your comments and really do appreciate them. I've enjoyed Telling you Everything and Revealing Nothing (to quote Paddy)
Righto, I'm a Creature of Habit, so I'm off to brunch with my girlfriends.


  1. Congratulations from a long time reader who never really comments (I think the technical word for me is 'stalker')

  2. Just wanted to say Willow looks so pretty and I LOVE Lotus's dress, it is fab, adore the bird print and the necklace with it; am very concerned that your office tree is not in touch with its feminine side, more pink is needed urgently, and the office looks dangerously under-decorated, shocking. have a luffly weekend Bx

  3. happy anniversary dearest,

    i don't know if i was in the top 5 but i was def in the top 10, i think! we've come a long way baby. i love you and wish you the very best in the coming year. there is no way on earth i could possibly narrow down one favorite post. i love them all! one day we will meet. that is my dream. take care and again, congratulations!


  4. The photo of you and Mr FF dancing really made me smile! Great job on the blog, and here's to another fashionable year. : )

    - Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

  5. Janet!!!!!!!! You have been a devoted loyal comment provider! Probably the most loyal. Thankyou- we will definitely meet one day what with my love of travel etc and insatiable curiosity etc . xx

  6. Dear FF and FF blog,

    Happy Blogiversary.

    It has been a highlight of my web surfing day reading your blog each day this last year.

    Thanks for encouraging me to be Brave and Fashion Forward with OPI, RPE and leopard print.

    Have a wonderful weekend and here's to another year.

    SSG xxx

    PS - thanks for supporting SSG the blog. I'm really lucky to have great readers like you.

  7. I hope that we'll be able to meet someday! Maybe in Honkers?? ;-)

    Anyhow, I found your blog when you began commenting on mine, and have been a follower ever since the first 11/10. I hope you'll keep blogging, and entertaining and inspiring us.

  8. I found you via Fun & VJ's when I was alerted to a mysterious and attractive couple being 'possibly' sighted in Brisbane city. I came on board and have been enjoying your fashion, travels, eating and social life ever since. Such entertainment value is most certainly 11/10 and I luff your blog, always on trend, no trendsetting!

  9. I found your blog through Janet of The Gardener's Cottage. I spent a day and a half catching up on blog posts, (I was hooked!). Needless to say I did not get a lot of work done those few days. I believe I caught you in late December, maybe January. The saddest cyber day for me was when you were throwing around giving up blogging. I am glad that notion is gone. I have no one else I wish to live vicariously through.

  10. Hi! Not sure when I started to follow you’re blog, but I do find it very interesting. LOVE your outfit posts the most, and the shots of your hair. You have AMAZING hair.

  11. Yes please! I'll have the dancing lesson with Mr FF- whats that,you were only joking? Damn- thought all my Christmas's had come at once then!
    Seriously, Ms FF- i just luff your blog, first thing I look at every day- don't know how you do it- you just inspire me. I think your next move should be an Oprah style TV show ( except with a lot more class).
    I'm extremely concerned about the restraint you are showing with your coalface decorations, let your head go a bit!
    Thanks for a great year of stylishness- and have a wonderful Christmas. xx

  12. I just wanted to say congratulations on your one year blogiversary. I have a lot of fun reading your blog. If only my mundane could be as interesting as your mundane! My favourite post, although not a happy one, was the lovingly written tribute to your beautiful Grandma - it said everything and revealed more. xx

  13. I don't think you have enough tinsel in your office - you must action more. I love checking in on your blog for a light hearted look at life. Where else can you see pics of an adorable baby swathed in high end clobber? I first found it around January, I think through a comment you left on another blog.

    ps I don't comment as regularly as I'd like as each time I comment, I have to create my google account again. Does anyone else have this problem?

  14. Dear Miss you know "Mouse" got my onto your fabulous blog... and thanks to Mouse..not only am i a very, very regular reading... but have forwarded around the office - to my closest friends and relatives. In fact my Aunt I think was one of the first people to purchase your first FF necklace.... I love reading your blog...and often get such a giggle. Living in Sydney also keeps me up to date with all the important developments happening in Brisbane (and don't think I won't be going to Peasant when I'm home at Christmas - maybe even Eurovida). Thanks for all the laughs, photos and stories - it's been a pleasure reading your blog - i luff it...

    Danielle x

  15. Hi FF

    Congratulations and happy birthday to your fabulous blog. It wasn't that long ago I discovered you and I've loved getting my FF fix ever since. I've even tried bright pink OPI as a result and you'll never know what a stretch that out of my comfort zone but so much fun! Have a great day

  16. I just found your blog today and absolutely adore everything on here! Your style is fun and timeless! And food pictures, so lush! I'm hooked!!


  17. Dear FF

    Happy blogiversary. Mine is not far behind yours. I found your blog through the Vogue Forums. And have been a follower ever since.

    I love your blog - it is cheery and glamourous and frivolous.

    I enjoy your photo-stories of parts of your life.

    Your Faux Fuschia-isms have slipped into my blogcabulary.

    And I admire your ability to tell everything but reveal nothing.

    You have become a good friend to me this past year - I am so pleased blogs have brought us together.

    Love Carly

  18. I love your blog.

    Its sheer pinkness makes my day on a regular basis.

    It is a bad day indeed that can't be improved by a good dose of Faux Fuschia.

    Thank you.

  19. You remind me at every turn that a phrase is gold and life is to be dared. Thank you. I cannot remember how I found you - but I think I was an early US reader. I think, but cannot know.

  20. Congrats on your one year anniversary. I really enjoy reading FF & checking out your wardrobe,& nail polishes!

  21. Been reading your blog for close to a year now! Found you on Vogue. Love your "sayings and words" I am very similar. I have stolen a few... But always quote you!
    I love your good old fashioned values too. Something simple like writing a thank you note. I do it too! My mum taught me well.
    Now if only I could lean to spell properly...

  22. FF,
    I think I started following you around fairly soon after you started your blog I am maybe Follower # 120 something...
    your garden and wardrobe hooked me...
    I love that you share your glamouous life...

    I remember vividly seeing that Pho Fuchsia sign in Seattle...
    stopping dead in my tracks and getting out my camersa..
    Mr. HB was quite curious as to why I had to take the snapshot...
    I remember I said oh it's for one of my blog friends :)

    Congratulations on your anniversay...

  23. Hi Faux Fuchsia!! I have never commented on your blog before, despite being a loyal reader, and decided that now was the time. I remember when you first started this blog, after so much conversation and encouragement in the 'what fashion blogs do you read' thread on the Vogue Forums. While I know it makes me sound creepy, I remember reading your posts on VF and consistently being entertained - hoping you'd start a blog so I could read more of your comments (note: I have been a long time reader on VF, not poster). In light of that, I'd like to thank you for the following gifts: the Amaretto Sour (truly the nectar of the gods), the joy that comes from apologising to Dr Atkin, the evil that is mess and clutter and, finally, the delight that is unchipped nail polish. Thank you, Faux Fuchsia, for making my past year just that little bit more entertaining.

    P.s. I started reading your blog when I lived in Melbourne and now, after moving to The Netherlands, feel like I add a little bit more joy to your life when you see a reader from Zuid-Holland pop up on your Google Analytics.


  24. Hello FF, I received a phone call yesterday, that made me whop with excitement. My lovely friend Jane called to inform me that your long lost neighbour L ,is actually her friend L , ( does that make sense? ) who I know, and think is one of the most stylish ladies I have ever met, and a lovely person as well.
    Since I discovered your blog, I have been a daily ( sometimes twice daily ) stalker for want of a better term, to the point that my 4 daughters call me obsessed.
    I actually just love your humour and style, and you have influenced me to wear nail polish again, and to also buy the Coco necklace from Tribune. I hope you and Mr FF have a wonderful Christmas.

    Cheers Jan x

  25. Hi FF, Congratulations on the Blog's first birthday, you must be so proud! I love how the blog thoughtfully throws up little tidbits at the end that it thinks I might like and I always do! It was via the Blog that I found my Coco necklace from RPE. We are very happy together, so thank you!

  26. Congrats on your one year anniversary FF!
    I joined the blogger-verse on 25/2/10 and haven’t looked back..finding your delicious pink eye candy *flatter flatter* about a month into my own adventure. I check in on you daily and almost had a conniption when you had a crisis of blog faith and mentioned leaving us. *phew* so glad that passed.
    Well done you & thanks for proving me with some style and grace each day.
    Angela x

  27. Hullo FF! I found your blog earlier this year via Sydney Shop Girl's blog, who I found via Maggie Alderson's blog! I read your blog everyday. You are very witty and have inspired me to step out of the monochrome fashion style I had fallen into. I luff your blog 11/10! Happy blogiversary!

  28. Hey, wait a mintue, I just realised that I LOANED that pink silk top to Willow, obviously a year ago,time to cough it up W.

    P.S the new Red Phoenix Emporium Global Tribe collection is now online at comment on the FF blog and you could win one!!

  29. Greetings from a recent "lurker"... I just started reading your blog and figured that anyone who likes hot pink, fuchsia, dancing, gardening and meat is worth my curiosity! Keep going....and congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  30. Happy 1st Birthday Faux Fuschia. Wishing you many more years of blogging! Love M

  31. Congratulations are in order for starting and continuing this fabulous blog.

    Happy 1st Birthday darling FF!!

    For a terrible minute recently you expressed thoughts of chucking it in and I felt terribly sad. This moment was the day before my internetless weeks holiday and I recall the mortification of being out of the loop and not knowing if the moment passed and you decided to carry on. Suffice to say this follower was extremely overjoyed to return home and discover FF pink still gracing the 'puter.

    A memorable post for me twas the night a wee tree snake threatened to invade the Fushiadome and blog sisterhood came to the rescue sending moral support via our keyboards. I luff this cyber bonding 11/10.

    Reading Faux Fushia has allowed this ole girl to rediscover her inner style and I'm loving it. Your inspiration has allowed this neutrals girl to break out and invite colour into her wardrobe. New additions include fushia pinks!
    I know, I'm amazed.

    So....THANK YOU xxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. I love that you luff everything 11/10. Very Green Acres.

  33. Look at all that colour! Every photo is like a fresh turn of a kaleidoscope. I come here colour therapy and to eat vicariously through you.

  34. Dear FF ... to borrow a phrase I luff your blog 11/10, and congratulations on your first year anniversary.

    I found you when you were de-cluttering, and I've been lurking ever since!

    I love your joie de vivre, and grace and I'm so very very glad the blog got through it's mid-life crisis! What would we have all done without a little fuschia in our daily lives?

    Thank you for a stylish, humorous and entertaining blog.

  35. It is a very good thing that you are turning only the magical one today. It means I didn't have as much to catch up on when I started my daily FF reading ritual midway through the year! Your positivity and zest for life radiates from you like the ever-changing OPI nail colour which stirs in me a degree of envy!! You were foremost on my mind last week when, at the grand age of thirty something, I endulged in my very first manicure! Thank you for sharing the fabulous feminine you! Congratulations xx

  36. Hi FF! I'm also a recent addition to your many, many followers. The best thing about your very stylish blog is that you update it regularly and we are all kept informed and entertained. When I found your blog I was encouraged to look at my wardrobe, makeup and nail polish! Thank You! I have also recently purchased a few new 'frocks' and scarves - which is rare for me. I thoroughly enjoyed your posts from Hong Kong and London - two of my very favourite places. I look forward to reading all your future posts. Happy 1st Birthday and may all your birthdays be as good as this one! Thank You....

  37. How wonderful! Well I found you because you commented on mine. When I'm a big hollywood mogul I'll need your superior advice on all manner of legal things and nail polish of course.

    So glad you introduced us all to a multitude of naughtiness particularly our measures of excellence.

    Much love

  38. I started reading your blog in January - came here via another blog. I'm sorry I can't remember which one it was!

    I don't comment much but I check your blog every day for new posts. A day without FF is a day without sunshine!

  39. Well done on keeping such an entertaining blog going for a year. I came to you via the decluttering forum on Vogue, where you were a real inspiration to me. I also love reading the other bloggers that comment regulary. I reckon the giveaway necklace would look great on Janet from Gardners Cottage, can just see it on one of her white tees.

  40. Thank you for bringing your amazing world to us all. You are hilarious, clever, loyal and indeed VERY glamorous. We found each other IRL when i first moved back to Brisbane and Jean Brown was still being hatched. I think our our Leo manes brought us together and your courage to come and say hello sealed the deal. I saw you from across the room and thought you must be very important and famous (remember me asking if you were a fashion editor?). I am so proud of you. Happy Blogiversary!!!

  41. Oh, I know about those cows. Don't they have the most amazing eyelashes?

    However, the shipping costs would kill you.

    I don't remember how I found your blog--perhaps via Midlife of Privilege? I keep coming back because of your sense of humor, mostly.

    Congratulations on your blog's birthday!

  42. I've always loved your posts from Vogue and when you started blogging I was elatedddddd!

    Happy blogerversary and happy holidays!

    - the_sugarplumfairy

  43. Dearest Glamorous FF,
    I have been following your blog since you posted a link on your FB page and now check it daily.
    You were the first blog if ever followed and what an introduction.
    Thank you for all my happy hours spent reading, being inspired and giggling while on following your blog.
    You have made me pull up my socks and take more care when racing out the door after my crazy 4 children. I now no longer ( well almost never) leave the house without blow drying my hair!! I attempted the nail polish for a few weeks but had to stop as the chips would appear after 1/2 a day!!
    I love your food posts too!!
    Keep it up and looking forward to an exciting new year with FF blog,
    Margie x x

  44. Dear Ms FF, Congratulations on one full year of blogging. I have been reflecting on my Addiction to your blog and I think that it stems from the Absolute Enthusiasm which which you approach your life and your Lack of Tolerance for ugliness in any shape or form. I have learned of the importance of Never Knowingly Undercushioning (or Underdecorating a Christmas tree - have just bought more baubles as a result), never using wire or wooden clotheshangers (and noting that all the clothes must hang at exactly the same height in one's closet); consistently fighting the good fight against Old Testament Conditions in the garden; spending time with friends and family preferably over a meal which includes a dessert; writing thank you notes; clutter is the Devil's Work; Butter is Key; and never ever ever wearing chipped nail polish(Hell, I hardly ever wore nail polish before). I know that God is in his Heaven and All is Well with the World when the Universe directs you to bake and rejoiced when I Beheld the Magnificence of your clean oven. Dear Ms FF, when oh when are you going to announce your Tour of the Americas?

    Luff from Linda and the Fashionistas

    PS - Agree with Mrs Blighty - your tree does look as if it is not sufficiently in touch with its feminine side. More, Ms FF. More.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. HI FAUX, it's hot up here now, today is about a besquillion percent humidity. Do not , I repeat, DO NOT bring your do up here!

    I'd love a Willotus necklace to wear in Lapland on Christmas Day, so I'm going to be sensible and leave an uncharacteristically poignant comment.

    So, what have you used that Teeeeeeensy copper pan you bought in Brittany for?

    Lots, of love and curiosity,
    Louise (The Townsvillage Idiot).

  47. Thank you for such a lovely Xmas giveaway! Seasons greetings to all...

  48. It's everything! It's your colourful expressions, your upbeat way of looking at life. It's the sheer luxury of some of your posts and the sheer reality of others. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. I always look forward to a read.

  49. Hello FF
    Have you seen the movie Fair Game?
    Tis a powerful 11/10 film. Run don't walk people.

  50. Hello FF, I started reading your blog in August of this year but I can't remember how I found it. I was up in Brisbane visiting my stepmother who was having surgery. There was a lot of waiting around which I happily spent reading through the archives of your blog. I really enjoy it, and check every day. The result - my nail polish is better and my house is cleaner!

  51. Hmmm, still thinking about that Willotus necklace, and how Santa would admire it in Lapland on Christmas Day.
    Think I'll go for Quantity entries over Quality.

    So....... why is there a coffee cup in your pink tree at the CF?

  52. Dear Faux Fuschia
    It had been fun reading all your exploits and travels - thank you! Best of all you love pink just like me!! We bloggers have to stick together - I know how much time it takes to keep a blog going and I don't post blogs nearly as often as you! But like you it is lovely to see other people get enjoyment from it.
    Best wishes on your 1st anniversary!
    Scarf Addict

  53. Happy Blogiversary!!!
    I'm so indebted for to this superior blog!!!! Its the gold standard of all things soothing, stylish and inspiring!!
    My evenings are enhanced by your words, timely ideas (think soothing beverages) and colourful scenes of daily life (especially any shots of products or garden blooms obeying the superior colour of the colour wheel - pink!).
    THANK YOU FF!!!!!
    My favourite post was dancing themed - there is nothing like a bit of spontaneous dancing to brighten any day!!
    Samba girl xx

  54. Happy Birthday, your sense of humour and style are to be commended, great combination. I await each installment with anticipation.

  55. You know the real Santa, with whom I will be hobnobbing on Christmas Eve in Lapland, (beat that Hermes Exclusive Invitation Sister Paddy) would feel really jolly if he saw that wonderful Willotus Necklace. It's so bright and cheery I just know it will perk the old fellow up before he has to make that long haul flight all the way around the world doing deliveries.


  56. Congrats on your one year blog anniversary. You are by far one of the best on the internet - your blog is full of life and musings and these things are valuable in this day and age.

    Though only 22, you've definitely ensured that my future lifetime will be full of excellent FF gospel and grace.

    Thank you

  57. Dear FF,

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

    I must have started reading your blog when you first began because it seems like it's been a long while.... way before I started mine last summer.

    You have inspired me to start painting my nails (I recently dug out my O.P.I. Lincoln Park at Midnight and got a manicure after reading a post of yours) and to be more aware of how my hair looks from behind - yours always looks 11/10!

    Cheers to you!


  58. you made me love OPI and we share a love of Debo. x

  59. People are leaving the nicest, sweetest comments- THANK YOU. Meanwhile I've been up since 4.30 am actioning ironing and sorting. I want less stuff and more space x

  60. FF - I've been reading about nine months. As soon as I saw "Our Leader' and "Our Princess," and the other delightful sidebar features, I knew you were a kindred spirit. Life can be so dreary sometimes. A bit of nail polish does us all good.

  61. hi k,

    sneaking back in here to tell you that deleting word verification is going to be my christmas wish for all my blog friends. and now i'm going to click one button here! yippee.


  62. Dear FF - not sure if you read "Blonde Salad" but I saw this post -
    and the Pucci prints made me rush over to let you know straight away!!
    Happy Monday!!

  63. Gosh, it's so hot and humid in Townsville today - I'm sure a Willotus necklace would cool me down.

  64. Hi FF,
    Happy Blogiversary. Your blog is The One I look forward to reading the most Everyday as we share a lot of the same interests. I love everything about your style and sense of humour and I would actually Really love it if you could action up another Letter to the Weather (I have really had enough of this rain and I don't want to spend all summer dodging it to spare the do). I can't for the life of me remember how I came across your blog but I think it was from A-Ms when the Universe Directed you to Bake - my friends and I have been saying that for years too, it cracks me up. Also you are a Leo, they are my most favourite people. Thank you for your Dedication to posting regularly, We Luff You for it, Happy blogiversary, Cheers Robyn

  65. FF, I found a trail to your blog via the lovely A-M and a comment about "under being guilty of under-cushioning". I was intrigued that day and every day since. Happy blogiversary. Love the jade necklace, want to make it mine :>)

  66. Congratulations on 1 year! I love your blog and enjoy the read about fashion, recipes and the garden and anything else you mention. I am now scared to wear chipped nail polish! ;-)

  67. Happy Blogiversary! I read often, but only comment rarely - I think I may have commented once on how fantastic your cheesecake recipe was (under my name, not my blog name). Well, it still is and it is the baked good that hands down gets the most requests from family. I haven't admitted to where the recipe came from (they haven't asked) but I'd be happy to give full credit to you and Family Circle if need be. Great blog, and if you have any other cheesecake suggestions that would be nice.

  68. I'm not commenting because I want to win the giveaway, but I think I want you as my new best friend. I'm a first time reader, jewelry maker, and turquoise is more my color than fuchsia, but I find you hilarious and I agree with everything you say in the 'About Me' section, especially the chipped nail polish (so ghetto!). Now subscribing to your blog.

  69. Long time reader, many time commentator here.

    I found your blog through a recommendation from a friend in late December last year and although I don't think I was one of your first 5 readers, I have been following you a long time...

    I adore your witty way with words and the genuine fun with which you follow your passions and live your life. It's definitley 11/10 for me! I admire you so much that I actually wrote on my Christmas list "Meet Faux Fuchsia" on my Christmas list - unfortunately something that will be very hard for Mr Kitty to get me...

    Happy Blogerversary lovely lady! K xx

  70. My entry today for the Willotus necklace.
    I have to go to the Ballet in ST Petersburg - imagine how that necklace will blow their socks of over there in Russia.

  71. Happy blogiversary FF!

    Here's to many more

    M xx

  72. Can't believe you've only been blogging a year. Seems more "polished" than that (pun kind of intended).

    I'm too short/stout to wear such a necklace. If I win, sent it to Blighty.

  73. Happy Blogiversary FF,
    I discovered your blog after the sale that A-M had in her house as we both baked her a passion fruit topped cake that she posted about. I have been following and reading and leaving the odd comment since.
    Keep doing what you're doing - I love it.

  74. Dear FF,
    Happy bloggy birthday.! Hasn't the time flown and what a year its been!
    I was one of the voguette fan club (or coven I think someone said once meanly) whom encouraged you to start the blog and what a blog it is.
    I love every bit of it as I do you. You have become a joyous part of my day now and I look forward to another fun filled, stimulating and endearing year of posts.


    No, I wasn't one of the first, I couldn't possibly choose a favourite post and I can't even remember who told me about you (but bless whoever did!). All I know is that visiting you each day is like visiting a good friend and I always look forward to it. I am so busy this time of year (as we all are) and when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and overworked, I don't pop a pill or head for a glass of vino; I simply read your post, and I INSTANTLY feel much better, much calmer and much happier! Here's to a fab 2011 and Merry Christmas to all!!

    xx Kate

  76. Dearest FF - you brighten my day when I see you have a new post. I think I was a fairly early reader - January or late Dec. last year. I adore your witty FF-isms and your devotion to pink.... Congratulations my dear on a year of blogging - the blogosphere would not be the same without you. XX

  77. Happy Bloggy Birthday - is it really only a year? Sometimes it feels as though an eternity has passed since I started reading your blog & everyone else's for that matter. Have a luffly Chrissy.


  78. Hi FF,

    I have been reading since your very first post. I used to love your comments on Vogue Forums, especially your Thrifty and Hoarding threads and I remember someone said 'you should start a blog FF' and we were all 'YES YOU HAVE TO'.

    I can't believe this blog has been a part of my life for a year now. I love hearing about your life, especially your butter-laden cooking. My favourite post is one you did very early on, about the importance of grooming.

    Congratulations! I hope you never lose the will to blog.


  79. Between you and Mad Men I may just become the ultimate laaaadyyy. Love reading your blog, it's pretty fab!

  80. I love K's comment but Madddy's bought a tear to the eye. Such great and loyal readers you have FF.

  81. Hi, I haven't been around for a couple of days, sat glued to the TV with this horrible fire in Israel (luckily we live far away but I've been to those places and met some of the people who lost their homes).
    Anyway, it's finally over and I can read something that lifts my spirits and brightens up my day. Oh yes, flattery! I found your blog sometime last spring via MDS or unefemme's blog. The "chipped nailpolish" line got my attention. And then the word "shoppe". And then I got hooked and read all your archives. And that's my story :)

  82. Many happy returns, bloggy! May you live long and prosper.
    D xxx

  83. Dear FF, a very happy blog Birthday to you!

    I'm loving the pink Christmas tree and your pink dress is wonderful xx

  84. FF, are you feeling the luv? That's what I luff (lifted with permission;) about the blog. Congratulations!

  85. I wasn't one of the first five, but I have read all the archives, does that count? I am a true FF addict!

  86. Happy Anniversary.... I didnt find your blog but was sent the link by a fabulous friend, I needed about of inspiration in my life after a very sad breakup and losing my job.. Your blog got my up and laughing and embracing the fabulousness of life, I also blame you for my OPI obsession.. who knew there were so many shades of pink, red and coral... Thankyou for cheering me up and bring fabulkousness to my life when I most needed it x

  87. Your blog is addictive FF! Sometimes I feel a bit stalkerish when I wonder what FF has been up to today! There have clearly been times over the life of your blog when all has not been a beautiful rosy shade of pink, but your wonderful personality always shines through. It's actually impossible for me to imagine you wading through a day of files and meetings and deadlines and problems - I prefer to imagine you swanning around looking gorgeous, perfectly accessorised with a sort of pink haze around you!
    And I must know - Are Lotus and Willow real names? If so, I applaud their parents! Beautiful!

  88. I read your blog all the time and I would Luff to win!

  89. Dearest FF,
    Happy Blogiversary! (has it only been one year?)
    From the first moment I "happened upon" your fabulous blog - I have been totally hooked.
    I love your style, wit, grace, intellect, sense of humour and 'Joie de Vivre' - in a word, you simply make me happy!
    A bit embarassing to say, but I now even check your blog before checking my Emails (which, because of you, now include updates from Bluefly and Outnet!)
    I love the way that you embrace (what to some may be) the "smaller" things in life - but are really the "big" ones - spending time with friends & family, living stylishly, respecting yourself and others and taking the time out to "smell the roses" (literally!)
    Such is the power of your blog that I have gone from a mother of four who had lost her sense of "self" along the way whilst having and raising 4 children (a very sick little one amongst them) to (still, thankfully)a mother of four, but one who takes the time to respect herself and not always put herself last (if at all!) - and am a better mother/friend/partner/daughter for it. Definitely a win/win!
    I now make the time to blow dry my hair, put mood-lifting "slap" on, polish my nails and think about what I am wearing each day from my now organised ("soothing" clutter and wire coathanger free) wardrobe! This is a major turn-around from someone whose hair was neglected, nails were lucky to get the odd flick from a file and clothes were selected from the cleanest and easiest to shove on from the pile on the bedroom floor (embarassing but true!)
    I now feel happier, my family is is better - so an enormous "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart!


  90. Hello FF. I can't remember how I found your blog but I am SO glad that I did. I love your fashion hints and comments and especially about your nails. From only painting my toe-nails because fingernails would get chipped/worn too easily, after reading your blog I went mad for nail varnish. I have run after Chanel special editions in France when they were unavailable in the UK. I now just paint with any fabulous colour I find and top up when necessary to cover chips. What fun! And those Malene Birger or Day Birger dresses. Wow! I can't afford those but have chased near versions in local shops. And woohoo - wearing 'skivvies' and leggings under summer shifts to take them into autumn or even winter. As an effect of your style advice I even wore a lace dress with velvet leggings on Sunday when the weather outside was freezing fog. I think I became follower 50 or 51-ish when you put out a call to make it to 50. And while you're a fellow legal eagle, in my day any colour except black was unacceptable. So more power to your pretty elbows! I luff your blog, keep it up please.

  91. Happy 1 year Blogiversary!

    My 12 year old daughter and I are very impressed with your 'do, so much so we printed out photos from your blog and took it to the salon and said copy this!
    They did, and the results was 11/10!

  92. Happy anniversary!

    I can't remember how and when I exactly found your blog, but it was during my extended "I want to move to Australia after university" fit when I was searching for Aussie-based blogs. All I knew about Australia back then was Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and marsupials.

    Since then, I've learned much more about Australia: its brilliant interior designers (Anna Spiro); amazing shopping (Jean Brown stores); exorbitant food prices(!), etc.

    But the best part of this blog is the FF lifestyle. I love how you not only consume beautiful things, but you actually make beautiful things in your garden and kitchen. Other blogs will just show pretty outfits and leave it at that, but you do the whole lifestyle! And you've been honest to your readers about the discipline needed for your level of glamor. This isn't a game, kids.

    Frankly, I want to disagree with you about telling everything and revealing nothing. Every time I eagerly read the FF blog, I see, admire and strive to be that hardworking, pulled-together, disciplined, level-headed person. You and your blog inspire me! A bit too much, I know, but it's really true!

  93. Regarding Christmas tree, why not buy an artificial pink tinsel one to begin with? I can still see bits of green in your tree and that's just not good.

  94. Happy blogiversary FF. I became a lurker in about March. Up until then I didn't know what a blog was. Sad I know. Like everybody else i read immediately all the older posts and became hooked. You made me laugh, cry, laugh and I luffed it all. I became a follower later when i worked out the technology of how to do it.
    One of the best bits is reading all the comments (I didn't work this out straight away)
    You have such a diverse range of followers which only adds to the fun. I don't wear nail polish but chipped nail polish really does revolt me too. Have fun and keep blogging


  95. My life over the past five months has been far from glamorous. Unless of course you call hospital stays, chemotherapy and radiation therapy glamorous. I don't!

    I look forward to your posts so much because they bring that glamour into my life vicariously at a time when I really need to escape my reality. I don't think there's really another blog like yours. You're so unique and I do hope that you keep sharing snippets of your high end life!

    I think that you have a really positive effect on people's lives, even if it's only for a few minutes a day. I hope you realise this.

    That necklace is stunning. I may have to ask for one for Christmas!

  96. i rarely comment, but i've read your blog nearly every day since i first visited in march. i have to say, my nails have never looked better! :)

  97. I found this blog through Vogue (particularly your Thrift thread - very inspiring!) and love your great mix of fashion, food, wit and good times :) I think I may have written this before but I absolute loved your post that went "Some people have jobs that send them to view the collections in Paris and Milan. This week the Coalface sent me to a Regional Centre to view what can only be described as Infrastructure" - because my Coalface has made me do that too, but I've never heard it described so well!

  98. I'm also a rare commenter but I have also read every post you've made and you never fail to entertain me FF. I love reading about your garden and your quips about fashion, food and the world. By far yours is my favourite blog, so HAPPY BLOG-IVERSARY!!!! xx

  99. Loving your coalface tree K - are they running a competition at your work again this year? I'm backing you as a contender this year!
    Happy Blogiversary! xoxo

  100. Mother’s milk: moved beyond words.
    Well darling I hope my reply moves you like a dose of salts. Because that’s just the effect your blog has on this avid reader. I was so excited when I encountered your blog the first time (only a month ago – where have you been? you may well ask) I immediately had to rush to the loo, a peculiar phenomenon that would normally only be triggered by an overdose of stimulation at a Jean Brown Sale (or back in the day, a morning coffee and a ciggy).
    I’ve now taken to starting the day with a generous dose of Faux Fuchsia, my morning tonic so to speak.
    I spoke to a therapist friend, hoping to get to the bottom of this particular state of excitement, and when I told him of this sudden urge to visit the loo on rare occasions when overwhelmed by a cornucopia of wondrous offerings, he wisely nodded and said – Mother’s milk, my friend, you are crying out for mother’s milk. I’m still pondering that but thought I should share it with you. Your blog might be just this - for those of us hungry for more - mother’s milk!
    So beguiling, fun and sumptuous are your bloggettes! How do you get to have such beauty, wit and discretion, an incredibly sophisticated aesthetic, and yet a curious disposition (such a rare thing…so many people think it’s sophisticated to be bored bored bored). And you’ve got bucket loads of humility and good sense. If asked to choose one word to describe Faux Fuchsia, it would be CHARM. Not charming but charm itself. Magnifique.

  101. I'm not entering your fabulous giveaway, as I haven't visited for ages and it wouldn't be right somehow. Just wanted to wish you a very happy anniversary xxx

  102. I'm such a cow! I didn't even say "Happy First" in my comment. (Not a jersey cow though, they are so fabulous!)

    To the many-many more posts to come!

  103. Congratulations! It has been a year of most excellent blogging. Whoever said you should have a tv show is 100% correct, I am thinking a cooking show would be perfect. Here's to another year of laughter, glamour and Superior Hair!


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