Tuesday, December 14, 2010

International Visitors

Aren't these flowers Perfection? I love hydrangeas.
Meanwhile, Everyone has jumped on the Orange Bandwagon. Look at Ole Mr FF's Moschino tie:
It looks quite nice with my Make Mine Mango Revlon polish and this pashmina scarf arrangement
And Behold the Magnificence of these divine Orange Christmas Decorations!
I know. They are Stunning.
Don't look for them in a shop. They were handmade for me by Linda in Chile's (Our Woman on the Ground in South America) beautiful daughters. I know. The Talent. I am so touched and will treasure these decorations forever. Here the girls are under the tree:
The Girls (who were very pretty, beautifully dressed and perfectly mannered-Well Done Linda!) like to say things are 11/10 too and asked if I really do sometimes change my polish everyday (It's true. Sometimes I do).
It was fantastic to meet Linda and her exquisite daughters In Real Life. My friend M from boarding school was living in Chile and that's how Linda found the blog. We all went to dinner tonight with Lotus and Willow and it was a lot of fun. The girls wore Zara frocks and I wore this green Castle Starr arrangement:

Everyone wore OPI. Mine was La Pazitively Hot, Linda wore Big Apple Red and the girls had a light sparkly OPI polish, but I've forgotten the name.
They gave me these gorgeous flowers:

The media is full of Oprah's Opera House show, it looked like fun too.
When I started the blog I didn't think about where it'd all go and who would read it and who I'd end up meeting. But this has definitely been a fantastic part of the whole blog journey.


  1. Was such a lovely evening - Linda your daughters are absolute angels! Thanks for inviting us FF and sharing your blogging journey!


  2. I know, how divine were those children? Perfection. And a lovely night too.

  3. What a lovely evening you describe. I knew that Linda in Chile would be a great companion. Her comments never cease to delight. Am a big fan of Zara, bought my DGD a lovely leather jacket when we were in Spain.Also got my wallet stolen in Zara but this hasn't put me off. Luff the Zara shops 11/10. Who was the winner at the coal face?
    Am off to bed now, its only 10 pm in Perth.

    Take care


  4. Wow - how wonderful that you all got to meet. This blogging thing has turned out very well for you FF!

  5. Dear FF, oh you met Linda and her girls, how lovely! Am soooooo jealous. And her girls look and sound adorable - look at their long shiny hair, their pretty dresses and the fact that they are not fighting and have not pulled the tree down on top of them. Linda how do you do it??? And everyone wearing OPI - OPI Heaven! xx from a very over excited Blighty

  6. does opi make a polish called positively green with envy? because i would wear it today. i love linda in chile! her daughters look like perfection and i can just imagine you all out to dinner together looking like royalty.

    you are one lucky blogger my dear.


  7. How wonderful that you had an opportunity to meet up!
    The connections that you have made through your blog are amazing.
    The bouquet is exquisite...

  8. Beautiful pictures, as ever, love the one of you laying infront of the tree!.. I've ordered the coral varnish you had on the other day as it may well work with my cream dress for Xmas day.. + most importantly I love Hydrangeas and have several bushes of different colours in my garden and always look forward to them bursting into colour..xx

  9. OMG gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous - the girls, the decorations, the orange tie, the nail polish and you and Linda xxxx

  10. How exciting!!! I am so pleased you met a new friend :)
    Linda is so nice!

  11. Dear FF, gorgeous flowers! I love pink and orange together too. Your nails and Mr FF's tie are a perfect match xx

  12. Another post chock full of 11/10 deliciousness FF.
    How wonderful to meet Linda in Chile. Her beautiful girls possess superior hair.
    The handmade decorations are cherishable and the flowers are divine.
    Which RPE necklace did Linda choose?
    All this orange is making me happy.

  13. Dear FF,
    What gorgeous girls, flowers, decorations...everything!
    ...and how wonderful that this visit from Linda and her girls is the result of blogging - such a lovely story.
    I am mesmerised by Mr FF's orange tie. Perfection. Stylish and elegant. You (sorry, He) has inspired me to get the same for Mr C!
    Actually, (because I am a "joiner") I thought I needed more orange in my life and purchased a Loenhide (?spelling) 'burnt organge' tote bag and "luff it 11/10". It is the perfect 'Hermes' orange and in a sort of 'pebbled (faux, but looks like the real deal) leather. Used it yesterday and no less than 4 people commented on it. The colour works with everything - neutrals especially, but fresh with white and adds sophistication to denim and navy. Who would have thought?Thank you for the inspiration!
    Enjoy your visitors!

  14. Ah- now Christmas is really coming! At last, a sighting of FF under The Tree, and looking as stylish as ever. I must say, I've tried it, and it is indeed very relaxing ( except when your toddler granddaughter decides to join in too).
    By the way, dear FF, how is your grandfather after his fall? You haven't mentioned him lately.
    Have a great Christmas, and enjoy your break from The Coalface; I'm certainly looking forward to having time away from mine!

  15. What a lovely night you must have all had.
    Linda's daughters look beautiful as do you and you all look as if you have mastered this ghastly humidity with aplomb.
    Kate Bx

  16. So excited you met Linda! Her daughters look fabulous. So well behaved! And all that Orange co-ordination is too much fabulousness!

    Who won the decorating competition? Enquiring minds want to know...

  17. I've become completely addicted to OPI since discovering FF, and love that I can have my very own FF fix every day. In fact I find myself browsing the fabulous selection at my local when I should instead be buying bananas. Even my 4yo loves it. Great post today FF, so happy and magical. I love hydraneas too, and yours are gorgeous. Oh sigh...how I wish I'd inherited mother and father fox's green thumbs, then I'd have a whole garden full of them.

  18. Wow, Everything about this post was Superior! How lovely that you got to meet up with Linda and her beautiful daughters and would you share with us which necklace she chose. I always enjoy reading Linda's comments. The photo of you and the girls hands is too cute and that flower arrangement is killing me with all it's beauty, so gorgeous. Cheers Robyn

  19. Well spotted Anne-Marie. The girls clearly have superior hair. If ever they start their own blogs, I think they will have FF pictured under the heading "Our Style Leader" on the top of the page to the right. And "green with envy OPI''!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again: This blog has superior commenters.

  20. Oh - this post made my day. How gorgeous are those girls with their stunning hair? I am glad your blogging journey has created such lovely friendships.

    Take care.

  21. WOW,something about Christmas that brings out a sense of anticipation and excitement!just like being a little kid again.and it is so much fun!All this images really get on in the holiday mood.

  22. Hi FF

    My three year old daughter just saw your Christmas Tree as I read your post from today and informed me that it 'looks pretty and taller and nicer than your tree Mummy'.....you can't beat that kind of honesty.

    But, to give credit where it's due, she's pretty much spot on. Loved your decoration from Linda's girls - I made one of those about 20 years ago at school and I still have it! So yours will no doubt stand the test of time as well.


  23. Dear Ms FF, We had such a lovely evening with you, Lotus and Willow. Thank you for meeting us and for my beautiful Red Phoenix necklace. I had to wear it today too. I think I will wear it everyday of my Australian holiday. May I say that your tree (which I knew from the images on your blog would be magnficent) is considerably more majestic than I could have imagined - the scale of the endeavour is really not apparent from the photographs. My girls are very glad that you like the orange baubles - there was a lot of discussion about how to go about creating them. The girls have been talking and talking about you three glamourous ladies all day! Of course, your other readers want to know what you were like in person, Ms FF. Well you are exactly as you show yourself on your blog but more so; more warm, generous, kind, beautiful (well of course), stylish and witty. My girls and I were spellbound... love Linda xxx

    PS The girls were wearing Nicole by OPI Dream Maker. It is a sister brand to OPI for the younger fashionista.

  24. Hello,
    I am very new to the online world so please forgive any errors. I was fascinated by the title of your site Faux, but having read through it is seems there is very little fake going on here, which I'm glad about, as if you can have the real thing then you shouldn't bother. You seem to have a great deal of fun and your blog is full of vitality and lots and lots of colour, which I adore I hate black, it's so draining. I have a beautiful garden, and a very clever gardener who tends to the grounds twice a week, we have many beautiful plants including Hydranges. Very best wishes.

  25. Down to the serious business... Linda in Chile chose the Jade City necklace, which looked absolutely beautiful with her purple silk top and even cuter on her daughters!

    Lotus & Willow

  26. Amazing pics.
    I'm sitting here in my taupe house wishing you could come round and colour me beautiful

  27. I am so ready to wear sleeveless again! The whole kit and kabooble looks so fun and festive in your neck of the woods. Linda and her daughters must have had a fabulous time with the FF's!

  28. Hello From Russia.
    I've missed the internet I can tell you. It's in Russian here - who would've thought?
    Think I'm conquering it now.
    Wonderful to read about Linda in Chile and Lindas Jnrs 1 and 2.
    Don't they look cute as?
    Can anyone sense any sort of mother organised meetings between these two little dolls and Boys 1 and 2?????

  29. I've made it official FF! I'm your 734th follower. Seven hundred and thirty four has never been a particularly lucky number, but that might change? I'm enjoying life as a voyeur....getting a bit itchy though!!

  30. OMG- I love those orange ornaments by the progeny of Our Lady From Chile- Isn't that the same Linda from Chile who was raised a la Eloise in a hotel in Bangkok when she little?? Anyway, orange is my favourite colour and I always have some of it in our tree. Which I'm still working on. Actually, just started. I know you've had yours finished for like 3 months already.
    Hope all is well with you!!

  31. Such lovely decorations and gorgeous flowers too from your international visitors. So pleased you had a wonderful evening out with Linda in Chile and her beautiful daughters. x

  32. Dear FF,

    I haven't been commenting lately as I have been going through some tough times - my father died in November after he lost his battle with cancer. It was hard and it hasn't gotten easier yet, but throughout the tough times of his illness and the sadness of his death I've stuck by your lovely, lively and colorful posts to keep me going and give me energy and remind me of the small things to be thankful for. Thank you so much.
    Now, I want to know - who won the office decorating competition? I hope it was you! Can't wait to find out.
    Those are wonderful decorations - I am about to put up our tree and my two-year old daughter will have so much fun with it I just know it.

  33. Dear Milena,
    I am very sorry to read this and hope you are ok. Grief is such a journey, and an individual and private one at that. I wish you luck with yours. I always think no matter how old we get wewant our parents around, where we can see them and hear them and touch them. Stay strong. My group and my office got "most stylish" for the decorations- everyone who entered seemed to win!! Good luck with your own tree and creating your own traditions with your daughter. xxx

  34. Thank you for your kind and wise words!
    Good job with the most stylish win!


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