Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Before I went to sleep I was reading about Diana Vreeland, so when I woke up I was thinking Red. This YSL clutch was the 1st thing I ever bought from the Magic of Jean Brown.
The Devil Wears Prada and I do too.
I wore these Prada flats and got a lot of compliments. Some people won't match shoes and bags but I'm not one of them. I think it's cute.
I wore some OPI Big Apple Red polish and Mac Russian Red. Both superior reds really
Is everyone mixing their high end designer products with their chain store cheap things like I told you to? I wore my Target frock yesterday with my red accessories and RPE necklaces and loved the whole thing sick.

I love this red Persian rug from Iran. It has the added benefit of sporting orange. I bought it at an auction in 2004.
These are some images from the Diana Vreeland book. Here's Truman Capote's Black and White Ball (which inspired the dress)
and here's Ole DV in her Billy Baldwin decorated Garden in Hell. This inspired my Red.
she had good stuff
Here's a red Christmas bauble that Mr FF gave me in 2004
and this is one of my favourite red things. Also from Mr FF.
and campari is red and refreshing, especially in this heat
The FF Garden is doing its part with these red poinsettias. The flowers are small and white but the bracts are red.
My Friday lunch pal M has given me this book by Keef to read. Can't wait.
Oprah's in Sydney to tape her show today, I wish I could've been there, but no matter, I have my own Celebrity High Profile International Visitors arriving tonight.
Stay tuned.
And wish me luck with the Coalface Christmas decoration comp. Judging's this morning.


  1. While I cannot in good conscience follow your nail polish guidance:), I absolutely take orders on high-low. Wore a Jessica Simpson dress with Christian Louboutin heels. Rocked.

  2. Listen LPC you've got to live a little! Red polish is chic!

  3. Hi-Low is my style mantra! Love the Big Apple Red, one of my favorite polishes for summer. I'm getting closer to finding my perfect red lipstick. That MAC looks like a contender.

  4. Loving the Red Theme this morning sick FF! Is it too early to have a Campari yet?

  5. Good Luck in the Coalface Christmas decorating competition FF!
    I think they should grace you with a special award for looking so gorgeous at the coalface on a daily basis! Maybe it should be called the "Behold the Glamour" award.

  6. ff, i want your rug. i think it would look perfect in my living room. how the heck am i gonna get one?


  7. Good luck in the decorationg competition this morning!

    I love red - it's very festive and appropriate at this time of year. I particularly love the Prada shoes.

  8. I love those shoes. I tried them on at Jean Brown about a month ago. I'm glad they've gone to a good home. Daisy

  9. High-low is the way to go. There's been a tug-o-war over the Keef book at That's Not My Age Mansions - but Mr TNMA tells me that his teenage diaries are the best bit.

  10. I too am a high-low fan. Those red shoes are super gorgeous.

    I hope you are the Coalface Christmas Decorating Champion by the end of the day.

    Take care.

  11. The Keith book is a fantastic read.


  12. Gorgeous persian. My neighbours have been telling me to hit those auctions, you just may have inspired me FF. An advert for Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic is on the tv as a type this. It's red. Fancy that...!

  13. FF
    Yes, we have been mixing high end with high street!!

    Love your Target dress.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  14. I like the high low combo...it does work.

    Red for my toes never for my hands...I'm with LPC on this one...I adore and lust after your Prada's....swooning from here.

  15. Orange ..Red ...Pink ...check out Anna S's pink chanel bag ... luff

  16. Good luck FF! Could Princess Mary be coming to dinner!?!

  17. Red polish is vibrant. Love it on my toes or fingers, matters not.
    Did you win FF?

  18. FF.
    Red is my fav. Toes not fingers. Own a restaurant and the potential for chippage is too high. Not a good look whilst refilling a customers water glass. High-Low: i live for it, so liberating and makes people curious.
    Takes imagination and moxie, that you have by the ton. Relax, your pink tree of celebration is a shoe in for winning! Oh, what is the prize? Best of luck!

  19. theyre both faves of mine too.. big apple red was my first ever OPI purchase

  20. Dear FF, now your talking. Red is the colour.
    Just luff it, especially the shoes.
    Good luck with the decorating comp.
    We finally have our tree up and its getting to look a lot like christmas.

  21. Hi FF, Love the red shoes & yes, I am with you I too like to match my shoes with my bag. I'm sure that by now you are the Winner of the coalface decorating comp as I highly doubt that anyone could Out-Decorate you, you must share with us what the prize was. I have the Keef book, I enjoyed it, and I am very excited about Oprah visiting our shores I "Luff" her. Off to get chores done now so I can sit and watch the interview with her tonight. Enjoy your evening with your high profile guests. Cheers Robyn

  22. Love your Blog - just had to let you know that I read a book to my daughter tonight and it was called "The Fuchsia is Now" by J.Otto Seibold. I thought of you immediately! So cute - perhaps a lovely gift for Niece FF?
    Hope you "cleaned up" at the Decorating Competition this morning!

  23. You HAVE to win the coalface competition for your Dex... You are Number One!! Loving your reds too especially the mixer and the lovely christmas bauble from mr ff...xx

  24. Oh all that DV redness!!! OPI CALL MY M-AGENT-A on fingers and toes. I also like to live a little! About the Keef bio, Johnny Depp is voicing the audio version. Listen to that! http://www.npr.org/2010/11/16/131352119/johnny-depp-voices-keith-richards-audio-book

  25. I love this post because tis the season for red. I'm wearing a bright red silk frock to a Christmas party tonight with red and white jewelry!
    If only I had those fabulous red flats to wear with my outfit...
    BTW, I match my shoes and bad too. If it was chic enough for Jackie O, it is chic enough for me!

  26. Visionary, the red and black thing, because, you know, it can all go so disastrously wrong and you can end up looking like an AFL supporter which you don't of course. The key, clearly, is keeping red to the accessories, which includes the nails. Visionary. And Killer.


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