Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fantasy Blogger Dinner Party and Other Things.

It's dark and stormy outside so I'm whipping up some baked beans. I use butter beans mixed with cannellini beans. Some people use ham, but I don't-bacon's what you want. Trust me. It's better. Really.
This morning I actioned some bread rolls.

And last night it was 1972 in my kitchen complete with lamb chops grilled tomatoes and mash.

Meanwhile remember this Old Malene Birger Stalwart?

well I threw it on again today

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love a Baby in white.

This outfit's from Galleries Lafayette in downtown Paris. The zebra's from my friend M. Who doesn't love a zebra?

Today we had a very soothing deli lunch complete with what can only be described as excellent People Watching

And in my continuing series on the Superior Hair of the European Royals I give you Dutch Princess Maxima. I think she might hail from Argentina, but I'm not sure.

Tomorrow'll be 14 years since Our Real Princess, Diana died. I know. I'm sad too and I can't believe how fast time's flown since then. I feel I was a different person back in August 1997.

Do you ever imagine who you'd invite to your Fantasy Blogger Dinner Party?

If you could invite say 6 bloggers, from anywhere in the world who would you ask? I know that Ole Janet from Gardeners Cottage would be top of my list. I'd whip up a special vegan treat just for her.

Behave. x


  1. I go one better FF- I cut a hunk of speck up into lardons.

    R made baked beans on sunday. delicious. Refer to my fb for pics.

    Also I know I add pork products to a ratio of approx 1:1 but whenever I eat beans I feel positively virtuous.


  2. Yes think dear Janet would be top of my list too - and I would have to search for top notch vegan recipes! Hope you are ok - Mr SE has just arrived in Brisbane and phoned me to say they have apparently just closed the airport due to massive thunderstorm about to hit! How cute and gorgeous is baby FF in white? So lovely. Keep warm and cosy and have a couple of soothing drinks! XXX

  3. Can I come? I will help cook?
    T xx

  4. I see baby FF has developed superior toy holding ability. 3 at once! good effort. I love a baby in velour, so soft and cuddly.I also like Mr FF's tie, very nice indeed and I do fully approve of the Marlene number, perfect. A well turned out family indeed.
    I would like 2 blogger dinners. I can think of two very different groups I would love to get together.

  5. Dear FF, I have just actioned an FF tribute post over at mine, re Chatsworth, please don't sue for copyright infringement...i agree, babies look fab in white, just delicious...

  6. Baby FF looks adorable. I love how his teddy bear's outfit matches one of the cushions/pillows :)

  7. Totally agree with you re the bacon. Totally.

    Am now thinking hard about my dinner party. Food for thought.

    Loved your TV show comment - my thoughts are on my blog comment stream but run along the lines of the fact that I want a motorbike and side care like The Two Fat Ladies!!

    Take care - I think Baby FF looks great in all colours.

  8. I think we have the same K-Market cushions! Mouse x

  9. Mouse, I am SO OFFENDED those cushions are TRINA TURK and DESIGNERS GUILD from ANNA SPIRO!!!!! But because we've been Friends in Real Life since Jan 1990, I forgive you.

  10. I'm not sure if I'd want to host a fantasy blogger dinner. Most blogs feature scarily perfect food presentation. I'm not so good at artfully presenting my cakes on a lightly flour dusted butchers block with an antique monogrammed french tea towel draped somewhere. Mine would be presented on a plate, most likely. Too disappointing for bloggers.
    The baby looks divine in white. Super cuddly.

  11. Oh god I am so sorry...... evil K- Market Gremlins have been out a-spyin on Anna Spiro et al!!!!! So relieved qualify for auto- forgiveness.....you know you are are my Style Icon. Mouse x

  12. Heidi, the Fantasy Dinner Party is more about the Meet'n'greet and Chat than the food...maybe you could get it catered? Given it's Fantasty and All x

  13. Ooooh.... I love the idea of a fantasy blogger dinner!

    Top of my list would have to be you, FF!
    Also, Lady Melbourne, Garance Doré, The Sartorialist, Esme & the Laneway & The Blonde Salad.

    What fun and delectable treats we could enjoy together!

  14. Glamourista that is very kind. Can you arrange it?

    Sheri, how'd you go in the hurricane thing??

  15. Love Princess Maxima! I think she is from Argentina. She is always smiling and seems to be very happy, good to see among some of the royals! xo

  16. Your beans look so yummy!

    Baby FF seems to have quite the knack for actioning the stuffed animals.

  17. Ha, your and Heidi's comments cracked me up!
    I'd have you - you're on bread roll duty
    Lilian: hummus duty
    Janet : veg duty
    Dani BP: table setting and flowers

    Now I just need a butcher and candlestick maker.

    I love Baby FF's little cuddly legs!

  18. Fantasy blogger dinner party guest list...let's see...there would be you, and Janet of course, Tabitha, Trish, Ruth, Lisa, Jill, Christina, Pseu and we would need our token gentleman blogger, David.

  19. FF- I would have to invite you to my dinner, especially since we could let the babies play while we drink wine..some Americans are way too uptight about combining those two fantastic elements of life :) Baby FF looks beautiful in white, its one of my favorite colors for my boys too.

  20. I'd love to meet you Faux Fuchsia and baby FF of course as I adore babies! It would be really difficult for me to only choose 6 and I would be stressed to the max if I had to leave out all the amazing bloggers that I visit every day.

    I love babies in white, their skin looks radiant and pure.

    Bacon indeed with baked beans...

    Loving your "frock"!

  21. I have too many blogger friends I'd like to meet and have dinner with...you, of course, are among them.

    Baby FF looks so sweet in his get-up. And I had to laugh at the dinner circa 1972 :)

  22. My babies practically lived in pure white bonds onesies and they always looked clean, crisp and cuddly. Master FF's fine motor skills are top notch by the way he's grasping his toys.
    Hard question FF re blog invitees, I love em all.

  23. Never thought about a blogger dinner party, though I've had a drink with a few.

    Would love you to do a Stylish Thoughts post on my blog - can you email me so I can send through the questions (if you're interested)?

  24. Good on you for doing homemade beans!
    I did me an amatriciana pasta sauce yesterday...bacon is an essential ingredient in that too.

  25. Mmmmm, Blog Dinner party, oh god it all sounds so difficult.
    Would everyone look the way we imagine them to be?
    How could I be funny without an hour to think up every sentence I utter?
    If you were there, I'd have to tame my hair into submission, and that's a feat I've never achieved.
    And Janet is just so neat and PERFECT, so much to live up to.
    Better have a nap, all this thinking has worn out my brain - which is already exhausted from broken elbowitis.

  26. FF,
    We were very lucky with regards to the hurricane. We got tons of rain, but did not flood on our street. No leaks and no power outages.

    However, my younger brother and his family's home was flooded. They lost everything. They live near the beach and were evacuated. The good news is they have very good flood insurance and hopefully will replace everything they lost. My sister-in-law had the good sense to put all of their pictures and keepsakes up high.

    There is so much devastation around us, and the rivers still continue to rise. And there's another hurricane (Katia) in the making. Mother Nature will have her was with us, I guess.

  27. Baby is really awfully cute, especially sitting up and holding a toy. A little man! A little well dressed man...


  28. Hi, what a lovely blog you have !
    and yes that,s our princess Maxima (i,m from Holland ) she,s from Argentina and she is our most favorite royal here. She looks always superb,and she and her south-american flair spiced our country and royalty up!!


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