Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well One Thing's Certain

One thing's certain. I do not need another frock for a long long time. If anyone sees me buying one feel free to rip my wallet and the frock out of my paws. With Force if necessary. Thank you. I've got more stuff to take to a charity shoppe tomorrow.
I met Zsa Zsa and Baby ZZ for brunch today. This was me.

I never usually eat eggs but I lived on the edge and ordered them anyway.

The Garden looks neglected and I have a long list of admin that needs to be urgently actioned.

but you can see the evidence of Spring about the traps nevertheless

If I had more sun and space and less garden destroying Old testament Style varmints I'd love a vege patch.

I thought these day lilies were dead but they've sent up some green shoots. I love it when this type of Garden Magic happens.

and a few tough old stalwarts are fighting back with new growth

Diana died 14 years ago today. I was in a nursery buying plants when I found out. I burst into tears and called my friend J from the nursery office (no one had a mobile back in '97)

I always wonder what she'd look like now. Pretty good I think. Despite the media speculating that she'd be jealous of Kate, I think they'd be friends and that she'd be really happy for William.



  1. Great lippage, paw and bag symmetry.
    I'm in dire need of frocks and skirts, I have so few clothes it's actually ridiculous.

    Ah Diana, it still runs a chill through me, I was living in London and he who is now hubs was due to come round to mine after work - I thought he had stood me up, he phoned me at 5.00am and said "Princess Diana is dead" He was working on the story and in the first edition they had printed that she was still alive, but critical, there was so much confusion over everything.
    Oh I feel all wistful now, it's funny how anniversaries take you straight back to a time and place.

  2. I was thinking about Diana as well today. I remember my Father watching sport on TV when the newsflash aired. I remember news anchors and reporters crying. I remember crying myself and being surprised by the fact that I did. I was equally as surprised when tears welled in my eyes watching William get married, just thinking of how much he must have missed his Mother at a moment like that and how much she would have loved to be there.

    As usual you looked like a vision. I love your pink lips and your beautiful bee!

  3. Hi FF, I agree with you, Di would be beautiful, gracious, and a good friend to Kate if alive today.

    She would be so proud of "her boys".

  4. I do wonder though if Charles would be married to Camilla today if Di had not passed away.

  5. You ate eggs?
    I think our friendship is over.
    You were on MY SIDE.

    Okay I admit I tried them in Bali.
    I just cant get into them.
    They taste like a dog after a swim at the beach.

  6. I agree with you FF, I think Diana and Kate would be friends. She'd be proud of her boys (maybe excluding the Nazi fancy dress incident)

  7. That is a beautiful photo of Diana...and I'm sure she'd love Kate, who couldnt?

  8. I still remember crying when I heard the news and the funeral was the saddest. I bawled and bawled. FF you make jeans look glam, I am rather partial to stripe knitwear.
    I am so happy spring will be here tomorrow. The fresh new growth always brings promise of warmer weather.

  9. Wow 14 years I was at the MCG watching the football and at half time they had a breaking news and we all watched with disbelief on the big screen. I think she would have been very protective of Kate as she knew what it was like to be introduced to that world.

  10. i know one thing for sure as well - world would be a less happy place without your blog FF! just keep it up, you make my day every time I read your post, although I really don't have time always for comments and I'm sorry for that as it seems rude to be perusing your texts and pictures without regular feedback. I love baby FF, your frocks and use of accessories. take care!

  11. I remember being in Pitt St Sydney and the shop assistant cried to me "have you heard the terrible news?". It was so shocking and devastating. Her enduring love for her boys was a powerful association for me. I am sure she would have been thrilled for William and Kate. I will get sad all over again when they have children...

  12. A vege patch is high on our list of priorities FF not only because it's healthier but the price of f & v is horrendous.
    Diana I'm sure would be pals with Kate. If Wills is happy then Diana would be happy because she adored her boys and loved them to bits.

  13. Your colorblocked bag is Right On Trend. Nice!

    The garden is looking quite joyful. Mine is beginning to batten down the hatches for our blast of hot dry air before autumn. Not its most shining hour.

    My son was still in the NICU when Diana died. We heard about it from the hospital nurses. I was surprised that when we went to Paris for the first time in 2007, people were still leaving flowers and such at the Pont Alma tunnel where the crash occurred.

  14. I remember where I was when I heard the news that she had been in the accident, it was so much confusion, etc. Matt woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me she had died, I remember feeling as if I had lost someone close to sad. I don't believe for a second she would be jealous of Kate and I think she would look fantastic- much better than that creepy Vanity Fair pic that was done awhile back...ugh!

  15. thinking of diana's very untimely death still brings sadness. and i can't look at images of william without seeing her. it's sad and yet comforting.
    were she alive today, she would be gorgeous and chic.
    and...i agree, you don't appear to need another frock! ;)

  16. Love eggs and tomatoes together! Very yummy.

    I remember we were camping when we heard the news of Diana--so sad. She was my childhood real life Princess (2nd only to Cinderella--don't even try to tell me Cinderella wasn't real).

    Oh, and I love that bag! xxBliss

  17. We had just bought this house and my mum and dad were down staying with me. I remember thinking about William and Harry and how small they were to have lost their mother in such a way.

    I think Diana would have been giving the Royals loads of headaches and would have LOVED the wedding that William and Kate had. She would have looked stunning. Wonder who she would have taken as her Plus One?

    Eggs don't agree with me. Bunging up qualities, yanno?

    Your garden looks wonderful.

    Ali x

  18. We were on a boating holiday when i heard the news of Diana's death...I couldn't believe it.
    It was so tragic and senseless.

    I think that Kate and Diana would be friends too.

    I wonder if a royal baby is in the works.

  19. I was in college and had just come in from a night on the town....there was a message on my machine from my sister. I can still 'feel' what it felt like to listen to that message. I sat up all night watching her funeral, sobbing and eating the only thing that could possibly comfort me: pink and white animal cookies and red ropes. Sigh. Mama P

  20. I was 14, listening to the Top 40, reading Dolly... Still gives me shivers. I recently watched The Queen, and sobbed and sobbed. So sad.

  21. I remember exactly what I was doing when Diana's death and 9/11 were announced on the TV, both times I was feeding babies. Sad times.
    Do you think you could grow some tomatoes and vegies in hanging pots? Then you could move them around to get sun and the varmits would have a hard time getting to them. I've heard those upside down tomato growers are great.

  22. Wow, that is right, the anniversary of Diana's death is today....I heard the news about Diana at my cousin's wedding; one of the bridesmaids came running into the hall where the dance was and announced the news after talking with her boyfriend. We were all shocked and I was glued to all the TV coverage after that, woke up early for the funeral. I was in Paris 6 or 7 months later and my cousins showed us where the tunnel was...very eerie. She left behind such a legacy.

  23. It is hard to believe it is 14 years since Diana's passing shocked the world. I was at Brisbane airport that day - went to the Ladies when all was as usual, then came out to a shocked, hushed silence throughout the place. It was really eerie, and I knew immediately what had happened. It still sends shivers. Yes, Diana would still be elegant and inspiring, because that is how she was, and would have rejoiced in William's happiness with Kate.
    PS Love that fuchsia trip bag!

  24. Yep, you have a LOT of dresses FF.
    I have one! Honestly.
    You continue to amaze me with your grooming and style, plus baby.
    I think I might have to come and visit and try and catch some of your grooming and styling skills.
    Mine are non-existant.

  25. Dear Ms FF, Love the Spring blooms. I love love Spring - so full of possibilities. By the way, heaps of bling and snakeskin in Latin American Vogue - speaking of which I hope the Old Testament Varmints in your backyard are not currently of the slithering kind. I think Princess Diana had a kind and sympathetic heart - she would have remembered the hard time she had and have been lovely to her son's wife. My youngest hates eggs but will eat them to be polite. Lindaxxx

  26. Dear FF,
    The day Princess Diana died was L's 6th birthday party. As the mothers trickled in the first reports were coming through that there had been an accident and by the end of the party the awful truth was revealed.
    L cried nonstop for 8 hours she was sick with sadness. Her Dad and brother looked on incredulously but I knew what she felt. As she said to me late in the night "Mummy I loved her because she was a real princess not just a fairytale princess."
    I miss her and I know she would adore seeing her sons grow into the fine young men they are today. She would have loved Catherine.
    Kate Bx

  27. I was sitting in our study writing an assignment for school with the TV on (I've always been a multi-tasker) when the news about Diana came through. Mum was having a nap but I still burst into her bedroom with the news.

    It was such a terrible time, with the Port Artur massacre and the Thedbo Village disaster all within weeks of each other. I think I will remember that time forever.

    P.S. Well done on the decluttering I need to take inspiration from you and attack my spare room aka the junk room.

  28. do a blog sale next time!!! and then donate the proceeds to charity

  29. I was 12 when she died, its all so clear in my mind though. I can remember a news update came on the tv about her death. Then I started laughing (due to shock/grief, not because I thought it was funny) & went outside to the pool to tell my parents who didn't believe me at first.

    You are right, the media have it all wrong. She would be friends with Kate & the rest of her family too.

    I hope that there is a little Princess Diana in the next few years.


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