Monday, August 22, 2011


Remember when this poor little antique chair was cushion-less? Thank God those days are over. Today was blustery rainy and freezing. Which I quite liked.
After a long walk during which I was recognised by a blog reader (Hello!) I took a car load of stuff to my friends at the Salvation Army Depot. I'm not kidding- the less stuff I have, the lighter I feel. It's like a weight off my shoulders to get rid of anything that's not contributing meaningfully to my life. Decluttering really does increase Happiness People. Don't ask me why. It just does.

I was telling Anna Spiro the other day about one of my favourite books- Martha Stewart's Gardening. It was published in the early 90s. I bought my copy in 1996 from Mary Ryan's Bookshop. It cost $50, which was pretty 'spensive back then. It's chock full of snaps of Martha actioning gardening cooking and decorating at Turkey Hill (long since sold). She was still married to Andy and hadn't been to the Camp Cupcake for her Imclone share trading fiasco... Here she is swathed in cashmere.

and hanging with her chow chow

I think she's actually wearing shoulder pads on the front cover. Needless to say, her garden was absolutely gorgeous.

I don't know about the rest of you but I feel comforted and reassured when a bottle of wine is covered in gold medal stickers.

It was 1977 in my kitchen tonight. Look at this retrolicious spag bol:

And in other exciting Food News the Baby has embraced what can only be described as Solids. I know. I am well and truly Through the Looking Glass People.

In sad news, this OPI strawberry margarita polish has really let me down. It chips after about 5 minutes.

We aren't getting the Missoni/Target Collaboration in Australia, which is a shame because there are some nice things. Look:

Excellent story about Ita Buttrose tonight on Australian Story.



  1. ooo, your bol' looks delicious! do you put two tablespoons of milk in at the end? its a great trick - makes it all unctuous! We had lazanya (spelling courtesy of Irene from Home and Away). Nothing like late winter pasta!
    T x

  2. Oh the Target Missoni line looks fun.
    I can't believe how big the bub looks there - look I'm picking up Australianisms now. And recognised by a blog reader, I'd hit delete if anyone ever recognised me, I love hiding behind the computer!

  3. Dear Ms FF, Your Work Ethic is astonishing - barely have I read yesterday's post and you have done another. I shall be late for work! I was just thinking about Martha Stewart too - do you remember how she dissed Oprah ever so slightly for not visiting her in prison? Solids are very exciting and good on Baby FF for taking to them - my eldest was mad on sweet potato - when we first fed her these I thought she would eat the spoon! Lovely photos of Missoni. love Lindaxxx

  4. Miss T, I have never tried milk in a meat sauce!!

    Tabitha, the blog reader was so sweet- she was carrying a 9 week old baby. I was a bit sad that I'd been exercising for an hour in the rain and looked like crap, but these things happen.On the upside I was wearing one of Mr FF's nicest golf caps.

    Linda in Chile, I have not tried veges yet, but I will!I would never cross Martha. She would be a formidable opponent.

  5. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the missoni target homewares and baby wares.
    i need them.
    i need the missoni pram when i am with child.
    I also need a space in which i can garden again.
    the house got sold and now i have no garden.
    i will be coming to you for advice when i am with garden again.
    hopefully not too long!
    in wedding news, we have set a date! yay.

  6. I am seriously coveting those Missoni for Target coffee cups after first seeing the picture last week.

    Let me know if you want any clobber, I can try to pick up and ship to you.

  7. I looove that missoni for target. I might just have to get a USA address to have items sent to and then on here to OZ. There's always more than one way to get the job done.
    You might notice baby FF sleeps a bit longer now he's moved on to solids. It becomes so much more interesting seeing what their tastes are ie what flavours they spit back out at you.
    I looove Martha Stewart and have recorded her show from Austar for years, but I can't find her since she did some channel deal in the US I think she moved to Hallmark. I have searched and can't find her in the program guide. Are you watching her on foxtel, If so would you be so kind as to let me know which channel.

  8. Your 1977 dinner looks delicious. Also, congrats on graduating to solids. Yes, I am getting a little worked up about the latest Target collaboration. I may be stalking a store the evening before in case anything gets put out early. On another note, I think you are inspiring me to declutter... or maybe I need to make room for some Missoni?

  9. oh, i love martha...her magazines are what got me obsessed w/ flower gardening (way back in the day- before i moved to the islands). i long to return to gardening, but alas it does not rain where i live now, apparently. oh, and it's brutally hot, too. :(
    i like de-cluttering, and have to agree it makes one happier somehow.
    send some of those grey skies to texas, won't you?

  10. That book looks great - I should add shoulder pads to my gardening clothes. It would deffo let the weeds know who's in charge!

    Your son is getting quite big - I remember baby rice well. Clear up all spills immediately (LOL - who am I talking to?) because it sets like cement!

    Decluttering rocks - and so does that Missoni stuff. We can't get it here either :( xxx

  11. baby o is on solids already? where does the time go? glad your chair is cushioned.


  12. just two tablespoons, right at the end, justbefore you tutn the heat off. I dont know what it does, but it sure is good.
    T x

  13. FF

    Devastation regarding Missoni for Target is being felt here in Sydney as well.

    I am gearing up for a spag bol cookathon this weekend too.

    Well done, baby FF for embracing solids. I am loving his hoodie!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  14. When in doubt at the bottle-o choose the wine with lots of medals - that my motto.

  15. Love your new little pillow, and I CAN't wait to check out Missoni at Target. I'm sure it will sell out very fast. I might check on-line first.

    Pop over and say HI sometime soon...


  16. Oh that target missoni makes me wonder if I could justify a trip to the US? Those ballet flats are particularly covet worthy.

    Baby FF is looking very grown up, solids is a whole new world!

    Love the Martha photos, however I just can't imagine gardening in white pants. White and me is a disaster at the best of times, I imagine they would be green and brown stripped pants very quickly if I tried that.

  17. Beautiful bub pic, beautiful flowers thinking the price is due to the early spring like weather...
    he Missoni range is amazing, Im sad we wont get our unchipped polished mits on any..

    Keep enjoying the theraputic benefits of decluttering, I am heavily into it now I am moving to Auckland. xx

  18. I have thrown milk into a spaggus too! It did make it 'unctuous' .
    Love Mouse x

  19. FF just spied the new fancy pants Farex pack. I grew up on Farex, ,my kids did, hell we even fed it to the puppies! Is Farex an Australian brand I wonder? Anyway the teddy beats the boring green box (I think!) thaht we had.
    Love spag bog on a cold night nothing better. Ita's the bomb and so discrete!
    Kate Bx

  20. Ladies, I have only posted here once before but I am soooooo excited. There is a company that will purchase your items for you from companies that won't post to Australia and send them to you! I am thinking of doing a test run with them before the Target Missoni release. They ship to other countries too! (I don't work for them, I read about them in this morning's Age.) Fingers and toes!


  21. Ok just checked Farex is from New Zealand, thrilled to see the ANZAC lives on!

  22. Oh no, re Missoni Target. I just saw some thongs (flip flops) on a blog the other day and they were perfect for the beach this summer. I was hoping to get some.

  23. Your spag bol looks delicious Faux Fuchsia, and if spag bol is 1977 - long live '77!

    The Missoni pieces look fantastic. I dread the eBay markups to come from this limited release. It will make buying services look like a bargain I'm sure.

  24. Spag Bol looks great - I don't put milk in mine, just red wine and some Worcester Sauce :-) May give it a little whirl with some milk to see what difference it makes!

    Love the Missoni stuff - very lovely indeed.

    Congrats on getting to solids!

    Antique chair with cushion looks A number one!

    Ali x


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