Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yum Cha and Other Things

We took the Baby to his Inaugural Yum Cha Lunch the other day in China Town. He was what can only be described as a Big Hit with the staff. Some people dislike yum cha. I'm not one of them. In Honkers they call it Dim Sum. Why I don't know. I'm not sure what those sesame thingamies are called but Reader, they were delicious and I ate them.

Jasmine's still going strong

And in exciting news apparently Shane's popped the question and he and Liz are getting married! Or so the tabloids say. Can't wait to see the wedding photos in Hello.

Have you been following the Craig Thomson credit card story? It was the lead story on all the news and talk shows today. I wonder how it will all end. If you live overseas you can read about it here.

My days as a stay at home mother have a nice rhythm. The baby and I go walking. We meet my girlfriends for coffee and lunch. I garden. I read. I action domestic activities like washing and cleaning and I cook things. I crochet. I declutter. It's all very relaxing and soothing. Everyone always asks what this lippie is. It's MAC's Viva Glam 2.

This YSL frock arrangement's been good to me.

And it's not a bad match with ye olde Missoni cardy and my Red Phoenix Necklaces. This is my new favourite bangle. It cost $1.80 and I wear it every day. Prepare to get sick of the sight of it.

Behold the Magnificence of the Baby is his white cardy with a built in hood courtesy of Miss Kitty Cat. I love it!

I know. Beyond adorable. Those Bonpoint strides've been good to him.

I love love love meeting my girlfriends for lunch for a good old catch up. This was at Barracks. They have excellent parents-with-prams-parking options.

And look at what my lovely friends have given me:

Babysitting vouchers!!!! For up to 4 hours per voucher! Valid til he is 18 years old!!!! I luff this idea 11/10. In other happy news, remember this frock I sourced in Soho in Honkers in November 2010??

Well I wore it today. Look:

and I shoved this Jackie Kennedy brooch whatsy on my shoulder. Because that's just how I roll.

I love these Miu Miu shoes. I got them from Jean Brown back in the day.

Tonight I caramelised some leeks. Just because. They're nice with roast chicken. Or fish. Or anything really. This is the Magic of Leeks People.

Remember how my childhood neighbour found me through the blog? Here I am with her in December 1976. I was 4, she was 5. I'm on the left.

She's meeting my sister in Honkers tonight for dinner! I wish I could be there. Here's a photo of them in 1976:

I'm still decluttering like mad and am back on a 1st name basis with everyone at the Salvation Army Depot. Getting rid of stuff you don't need is so good for the soul.



  1. Can I just say that I love the fact you have called Babby FF's trouser "strides"? Made my day....

    Take care.

  2. I love dim sum, your baby and your hair.
    And I do remember that neighbour!
    A day without a FF blogpost is like a day without wine - or is it sunshine?

  3. Yum yum, I love those red bean paste sesame seed ball things. Do you know what they're called?

  4. I've never had yum cha, but I am sure I would looove it. Baby FFs tiny fingers are so sweet, he looks like he is scratching you with his peter pointer. The Politician business is very strange. What they think they can do! I wonder how it will all pan out. I hope they get it right- Aussie style -and the Shurley wedding is a private quiet one, not a big carnival!

  5. Today you are giving even Baby FF a run for his money in the Cuteness Derby:).

  6. They are these!:

    Loving the blog, FF xox

  7. Dim Sum - looooove it! Caramelized leeks - ooh fantastic! Wee fella looks cute as a button in his new jacket too.

    Your blog brightens up my day immeasurably :-)

    Ali x

  8. Yum cha is the best!!!

    Craig Thomson ... tsk tsk (on what I've heard). If I was going to misuse a corporate credit card it would be on shoes, luxury chocolate and a few trips to Bora Bora ...

    That is a gorgeous bracelet - and a spectacular bargain - where is it from???

  9. Baby FF's cardigan is lovely and looks like it has been knit by hand...perhaps Miss Kitty Cat herself?
    $1.80 is an unbelievable price for that bling...
    you look amazing FF.

  10. There are people who don't like yum cha? Who are these perverts?!

    I am very pleased Baby F is maintaining sartorial standards.

  11. Do you have a Saver's near you? They give you punch cards worth discounts on merchandise with every donation. Plus Salvation Army supports some things that are sort of icky.

  12. Do you have a Saver's nearby? They give you punch cards worth discounts on merchandise with every donation. Plus the Salvation Army supports some sort of icky causes.

  13. Dim sum is a favorite - those sesame ones *are* particularly good. Nice lipstick.

  14. I love, love that dress on you! You have such a lovely figure and to think you just had a baby.

    I used to eat dim sum once in a while when I worked in San Francisco. Where I live now, an hour away, has zero - and on top of that our county has the worst Chinese food ever.

    You were such a beautiful child but I am not surprised!
    Happy de-cluttering....seems it never ever ends, does it? xo

  15. You have a most magnificent wardrobe, however I am concerned that your stunning brooches make little holes in the delicate fabrics. Do you have a trick to combat this?
    T xx

  16. Dear FF, I could not agree more with your comment about the enjoyable rythmn of being a stay at home mum.

    I have recently returned to part-time work after 3 years at home with my babes - that 3 years was absolute bliss. Just having the 'time' to enjoy the small things, nuture all those at home with great meals, an immaculately clean home, a well tended garden, the company of great friends, and still have the time to enjoy some creative outlets is a wonderful thing.

    I do enjoy my profesional life but getting that wonderful balance is tough.

  17. Hi FF (sorry it's been awhile), SAHM looks wonderful on you, and Baby FF is just divine. xx

  18. I don't think we have savers in Qld, and the last thing I need is a voucher to bring more stuff inot this house!!! What "icky" causes do the Salvos support? I like going to them because they are a 5 minute drive away and you can drive right up to the dock to unload and always get a park. I also like to donate to Hey hey it's yesterday who used to be on Latrobe Tce because they are the only place that support the Brain Injured Children's trust.

  19. FF - I can't wait to be a SAHM. It sounds like so much fun. But then again anything you do sounds fantastic!

    I'm so glad Baby FF loves his cardi. Hostess - I WISH I could knit!! That small piece of Divinity came from Seed. They have the most fantastic kids clothes. I bought Little Miss Kitty a pink one.

    We are also seriously decluttering over here at the Kittydome. We're having the carpets steam cleaned today and have made so many trips to the Salvos with stuff we no longer need. We are being ruthless too. It feels wonderful but at the same time very strange. Part of the nesting phase. We have managed to accumulate so much superfluous stuff in the 6 years we have lived here!

    K xx

  20. Oh, and I have a serious pregnancy craving for dumplings too. Proper Shanghai dumplings like Xiao Long Bao. So delicious. I could live on them!

    K xx

  21. Yum to yum cha. Must drag mine off for some this weekend. And that dress - definitely my kind of frock. Gorgeous!

  22. Good on you for introducing the baby to yum cha early on. I can tell that you are raising him right.

    That dress is gorgeous, the addition of the brooch is genius.

    I often do a side of caramlised leeks with bacon for roasts. They also make a brilliant base for just about any stew, braise etc that you can think of, and lets not forget the wonder that is a caramalised leek and goats cheese tart. It really is the vegetable that just keeps on giving.

  23. Bracelet is from the throw out bin at an acessries chain called Collette that is at Indoorroopilly Shopping Town.

    I loved my job and I still love my colleagues (esp the wonderful girls in my team and my fantastic female boss and mentors who I miss a lot) very much, so I was worried I would find the SAHM gig a challenge and feel isolated, but I really do cherish my time with the baby and i love all things domestic.

  24. Have loved that Honkers dress FF since it's first appearance. Do I have to go to Honkers to grab one?

    Dropped some stuff at Sallies this week. The staff are very nice and appreciative, so lovely to see smiling faces.

  25. FF

    I am in awe of your SAHM attire.

    Babies and yum cha are a good fit, in my book.

    So much to look at and a captive audience of adoring fans always ready to give them a cuddle.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  26. It's a pity that Salvos are anti-gay....But I still give to them.


  27. Love the shell detail on those shoes!

    Your post has taken me back to Sunday Dim Sum on institution! Have you ever been to Yuatcha in London? Very pretty.

  28. Much better look for Shane Warne.

    Ya know I think those other photos had been "got at" with photoshop just for a story. I have seen other recent photos and he doesn't look quite so odd. Just a thought.

    Love the "strides" and the hoodie. V cute.

  29. So much food,so jealous! I love dumplings!

  30. I do love a Yum Cha session but haven't been in ages.

    Staying at home and rocking the domestic scene is a pretty rewarding gig. I have been at it for four years now and thinking of returning to work next year, if they'll have me! My profession is just like riding a bike so I am expecting it to all come back to me.

    Is it just me, or is Craig Thomson's smug silence really annoying?

  31. your son has your lips, he is simply divine. i dont know how people can not like yum cha. its in my top three favorite things in the universe. whats not to like about amazing food on trolleys perfect for sharing and an abudance of seafood really. it ticks all the boxes. as long as you're in multiples of three!

  32. I have a craving for yum cha now! It's been so long... where did you go? I don't know where's still good anymore. Back in the day we used to go to King of Kings.

  33. They give money to anti-gay rights organizations and generally do not make it easy for gay people to work there. They're a Christian organization, so I suppose they can do what they like, but it just comes across as Not Very Nice.


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