Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pruning and Baking.

Today I finally actioned some long overdue gardening. But not before I whipped up some bread rolls with sesame seeds. Hello Darlings.
Tabitha asked me for my bread recipe. I only have a bread roll recipe. I got it from the back of the Defiance yeast packet- 2 cups of flour, a packet of yeast, 3/4 cups of water, salt, sugar, an egg and 2 tbsp of melted butter. Let it rise then put into whatever bread roll shape you feel inclined towards and let them rise and then whack them in a 220 oven for as long as it takes (maybe 10 to 12 minutes)

These cordylines are the business aren't they? Gardening is so good for the soul. You do your best thinking when gardening plus you can't eat while you do it. Win/win. I thought about lots of things-the carbon tax, the share market, Hong Kong, the Happiness Project, how about 70% of my wardrobe no longer fits. Which made me wonder whether I'd ever get to wear stuff like this ever again:

Sparkly Tibi frock, I miss you.

And Milly organza frock, I miss you a lot too.

Agaves are always a handy drought tolerant addition aren't they? I never understand those who say No to succulents.

And in happy news I noticed the jasmine's about to burst into bloom. Goody. It's near the front door and I always used to love coming home from the Coalface and smelling its scent at dusk.

I've made a pea and ham soup. Soon it'll be too warm for such things so I'd better wheel them out while I still can.

Meanwhile I don't think I've ever mentioned this before but I'm a big Blondie fan. I saw her live at Festival Hall in 2003. She was fantastic. And she wore an orange top.

Speaking of orange, I have ordered the following adorable shoes for the Baby. I used to source high end heavily discounted footwear for me. Ha! Those days are over.

The You Dress Like a 50 Year Old sparked a lot of interesting comments. I love reading the comments everyone leaves. Some women look glam at any age and Jackie's (our Leader) sister Lee is one of them. Look:

And she has excellent taste in sofas too:

I read somewhere that 44 is the official age that women become "invisible". Surely this isn't the case?

Carry On.



  1. Yeah funny about that body shape bit after having children, plus my feet grew and the metabolism changed too. for some of us we never attain that pre baby shape, or even full term weight lol. Other women have no dramas whatsoever and seem to bounce right back to great shape, perhaps they're lucky or work really hard at it. A friend of mine said she didn't feel right until bub was 12 months old- right meaning pre bub shape and even the way she walked. Everyone's different, let's hope you get back into those beautiful outfits, without having to be too mean to yourself.

  2. By the way if I was a cow I would have been culled after baby 1, I tried so hard to feed him, but he got thinner and I got fatter and fatter. It just didn't work for us. He was so much happier when he got his bottles. Baby 3 - different story, it all worked by then, until a well meaning nanny slipped him bottles while I was on my way home from work to feed him. Still - feeding didn't help me in the size dept though.

  3. Sorry dear FF, have to disagree on this one. I think Lee Radziwell , doesn't look too, um, well.

    Very stylish I agree, but, very, very, very thin.

    Hope you and darling Baby FF are well.

  4. I am so glad that you are still managing to blog and seem to be enjoying life.

    I was sorry to hear about the worry you had over Baby FF but am glad that is behind you.

    Knowing how you love sourcing Heavily Discounted Designer Clobber and are partial to Pucci, I thought of you the other day. I was in a designer emporium that we'll call TK Maxx (Blighty will have told you about it) when what did I see but lots of Pucci Frocks!!!! For about £200!! I even saw one for £160!! I wish you had been there.

    Much love.

  5. Say yes to succulents - they are surprisingly resilient. Mine survived even after I left them out on the balcony in the snow.

    I always ignore that ridiculous 'women become invisble at a certain age' comment, it's absolute nonsense. And what is this about dressing like a 50 year old? Obviously came from a person who doesn't know the first thing about ageless style.

  6. I adore Lee chic. Double adore her furnishings and effects.
    Mouse xx

  7. Those rolls look heavenly FF!

    I feel your pain re: the ill-fitting wardrobe. I don't even have a baby to show for it though! I think you look utterly gorgeous in any case.

    Invisible at 44? I'd say that's ridiculous, but may jot that down for future reference when I need to justify some more OTT accessories in coming years to make sure I'm still seen ;)

  8. Thanks FF! My dough has been really sticky and it's been taking me days to scrub the residue off the counters, I think i'm overwatering my dough.

    I'm forcing myself into heels and a frock this weekend even if it's to go to the butchers, I'm becoming invisible because I have no need to make an effort.

  9. I'm a bit slow on the commenting, FF... Am glad to hear that whatever the health concern was with Baby FF has now passed. I am sure the relief was palpable.

    Funny how once the little ones come along, the shoe shopping is all about them!!

    With regard the comment about you dressing like a 50yo - if that's the way a 50yo dresses, then I'll happily jump ahead 20 years. You are gorgeous inside and out, it's time to laugh at all the haters, I say.

    PS: I just came across a little vest that my boy wore nearly five years ago now. I appreciate that we don't have much vest wearing weather left, but if you want it, it is yours. I hate giving the really lovely things away to randoms who won't appreciate them. Oh, and where did you source the RL shirts?


  10. Pruning and baking sounds quite fulfilling. I don't know what I've been doing with myself. So busy. I'm hoping on another major declutter in the next couple of weeks.

    Good to hear your gorgeous boy is ok. The wait is something ferocious, isn't it?

    TDM xx

  11. My jasmine is popping too! so beautiful! I might try rubbing it on my self as I leave for work.
    T x

  12. Can't you imagine the Middleton sisters looking THAT FAB in their 80s - lady like slim perfection.
    Really, invisible at 44, i shun that, i believe we're only invisible if we let ourselves be invisible - young girl in a shop trying to get assistance/ new mother with baby hoping someone will open the door for her pram or God forbid carry it up stairs & help/ lady of a larger size ignored in a clothing shop yet a) she needs clothes & b) she has money/ glamorous lady of a certain mature age still rocking the accessories - invisible, NEVER!! Not if we band together, love Posie

  13. Mmmmm...well, sadly, I do think women become sort of invisible at about 55 - but we are only invisible to men. Luckily other women can still see us perfectly well, and we are capable of being the most wonderful friends you can imagine. Some sweet men can still see us after the age of 55 and they reap the benefits!

  14. I didn't get past Lee's hair. It's AMAZING! It's obviously had some work done...

    It has taken me two years to get back to me, but I'll admit I have only tried hard in the last 6mths. I had to wait that long to get a decent night's sleep :).

  15. As a male, I have to say that Lee R is looking like MDAL.

    Nancy Reagan looked like this as she aged - a big head with even bigger hair on a stick figure.

    There's nothing attractive about it IMO.

  16. I say yes to yukkas, rosemary, fig and sultana bread and triple chocolate chip biscuits. That is all for now.

  17. Goodness!! I have been invisible for the past 5 months?? And here I was thinking I was 'rocking' my middle agedness!

  18. At 44 (and a half) I don't feel invisible at all! I'm not 25, nor do I want to be. I really feel like I'm at the best time of my life, but then again, I've always felt that way. I hope I feel the same at 50, and 60 and so on...So many of the thing I worried about in my 20' and 30' aren't even on the radar anymore. It's all about living a life that's rewarding. Sure, I work on looking good, but now it's about making the person in the mirror happy, not anyone else.

  19. so glad baby FF continues to do well. He will rock those shoes.

    Lee, however, looks scrawny and unhealthy. She has the bobble head thing going on....oh well, to each their own!

  20. I love clicking on and finding a new post from you. Truly sorry about the fright you must have had, puts things in perfect perspective though, doesn't it! Lets not even talk about pre baby clothes...two boys later and many years on, I never got near it but found a happy medium...( instead of a blissful small!!) As long as you're perfectly groomed... Has been damn hot here in Blighty (south coast) today, pottering in my garden and picking my toms :) bliss itself x

  21. Oh bloody hell!
    I'm 44 in two months time!
    What's going to happen to me?!
    Can I specify which bits I want to go invisible first?

  22. Oh, I'm glad you warned me that invisibility is fast approaching! I agree with some others that Lee R is too thin, but incredibly stylish nevertheless. Style is not an age, surely? How dull if it were ... Have you had baking weather up there - Sydney is sweltering. Have cake stall to bake for this weekend so must gird loins, etc.

  23. Ok who knew that Ole Lee would divide the masses? I think her hair is excellent and she is very elegant. I myself like a bit of height in my 'do.

  24. Hi FF,

    I just want so say that not ALL anonymous commenters are meanies! Some of us are just a bit commitment-phobic when it comes to cyber space and would just prefer to let others have the spot light. I think you're absolutely lovely in every way. I love the way you dress, the colours you choose to wear, the nail polish, the jewellery, the hairstyle, the way your dress your little man. I don't think you dress like a 50 year old at all. I think you follow your own style. Some days you dress more classic (if that translates to 50 year old style, so be it, I LIKE IT) and other days you dress like a younger woman...I LIKE THAT TOO. I think you look great in every thing you choose. I would call myself a definite FAN! I am the anonymous commentator who said you should be the next (younger) Kerry Anne Kennerly.

    Tracy in Perth.... who used to live on the Gold Coast and understood your initial neglect of moisturiser due to humidity and who has been commenting anonymously from day one of your blog. I also have to add that my fingers just would NOT be able to type out anything mean to anyone; unless they were truly evil, of course.

  25. I think women are invisible anytime they make themselves so. Maybe 44 is a time when you are focused on others, children etc and forget to focus on yourself which is what makes you invisible. Or, my other theory, it is when you have teenage daughters who the teenage shop assistants pay more attention to.

    I say, don't let yourself fade into the background, continue to put yourself out there and you will be fabulous.

  26. Great...I'll be 44 in less than three months. I plan on debunking that myth.

    I am a huge Blondie fan too...huge!

    I have the Happiness Project too - I keep forgetting about it because it's on my iPad and I've not gotten used to reading books on it. I think I may spend some time reading it this evening since you seem to like it. xo, A


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