Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Royalty and Other Stuff I Considered Today.

If you're a regular reader you know I'm a big fan of the Queen and love everything she wears. As far as I'm concerned she never gets it wrong. She's beautifully groomed, loves colour and prints, rocks large brooches, has superior jewels and is Hardcore Into Matching. Well Done Fashion-wise Your Majesty. You are an Inspiration to Us All. I thought Zara looked excellent too. Look:
And so did Princess Anne. I'm old enough to remember the yellow silk number she wore to Zara's christening. It had a matching hat. Some people diss her fashion sense but I'm not one of them. I like the way she's stayed true to her look and I really like her Big circa 1972 Hairdo. You can tell she uses a lot of super strong hairspray. Plus she's practically the hardest working royal.

Meanwhile Helen's won a Best Body award at 66. Well Done. She looks great in leopard print.

I once got a very rude anonymous comment asking me why I dressed like a 50 year old woman. I don't know. Because I can?

Thank you for your dinner suggestions. Last night I made a salad from this month's Women's Weekly. It had cauliflower and chillies and anchovies. It was deadset tasty.

Don't lose sleep wondering what this polish is. It's OPI's dulche de whatsy (leche?)

The poor garden's suffering. Maybe tomorrow I'll sort it out.

It's really not covering itself in Glory these days

Today I did the nicest thing

I met up with my friend Y who I have not seen for about a decade. It was like no time at all had passed and we picked up where we'd left off. She looked exactly the same.

We both worked for a department store back in the day when we were uni students flogging men's fragrances and cosmetics. They used to pay us double time on Sunday and commission if we sold a certain amount of stuff per hour. People, I moved that stuff off the shelves.

Who was the guy with the white tie on Q and A? He certainly sparked things up.

Thank you for all your kind wishes about my Baby. I really think this current age is the absolutely cutest.



  1. FF
    I am glad that dinner went down a treat. The AWW is a gold mine for good dinner options I tell you. Except when you're as slack as I am today. I intend to bake some chicken and have it with noodles tonight. Instant noodles at that.

    Baby FF is at a wonderful age. I had the chance to meet one of his cohort at the weekend and we got along famously.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. And also - you do not dress like a 50 year old lady.

  3. Helen looks fantastic in the leopard dress and jacket.
    if someone asked me if a leopard dress with a leather jacket was appropriate for a 60 yo, i'd say no.
    Helen has really proved me wrong.
    She looks fab!!

  4. omg- Helen Mirren's ensemble looks fantastic, and so does the Queen- I completely agree with you. She always gets it right.

  5. Yes, the Queen is wonderful and looked relaxed and happy at Zara's wedding - such a nice outfit. All those nude shoes were hilarious. If they'd had to take them off to go inside they'd still be sorting out the confusion LOL. xxx

  6. 50 is looking pretty young to me now, must have been a spotty teenager who left that snotty comment.

    I love Queenie, she looks like my mum.

  7. Poor you and EMD.So glad Lil' FF out of woods. Didn't see your post last night- but tonight we are having roast chook - I'm going to splash some maple syrup and red wine vinegar over it with some sesame seeds...serving with baked fennel (with breadcrumbs, parmesan and BUTTER!)and nice little baby carrots. Dessert is the FF Yoghurt Peach Cake! (I cooked it with semolina instead of flour...and pears of course given peaches not in season). I also plan to toast Lil' FF's good health with a lovely little vodka and tonic. Love Mouse xxx

  8. Oh yes and what is that about dressing like a 50 year old? Not that there is anything wrong with the way many 50 year old women dress- but I am assuming the comment was hurled as an insult not a compliment. I am constantly amazed at the bile people will publish on line under an anonymous moniker. Love Mouse xxxx

  9. There's nothing worse than the coward who sends a less than pleasant comment and signs it anonymous. Sorry to be so dreary but who cleaned your oven FF? I need a professional jobby done on mine toot sweet.

  10. So does that mean when you're 50 you have better taste and more style and substance than when you're 20,30,40?? 'cause that's what I see here at FF!!
    I scurried home at lunch time to put on roast chicken (YOUR'S- HA!-with some other seasonings) for an early dinner tonight. and then scoffed a leftover chop on the way back to work!
    Enjoy that bubba, some degree of cuteness does wear away as they get older!!

  11. Nasty Anon comments are despicable.

    You'd never send an Anon comment FF, so why would someone do so to you?

    Nasty Anon commenters are without fail cowardly and jealous.

  12. The queen always looks amazing. I want to be like her when I grow up! Well, either her or Helen!

    Even if you did, what's wrong with dressing like you are 50? Nasty anon comments make me cross!

    Glad to hear the good news on baby FF :-)

  13. Oh you'll say that about EVERY age trust me!! Enjoy the cuteness, it will last forever!
    ps: I caught some of Q&A and wondered who that fellow was too. I thought ole Tanya Plibersek handled him very well.

  14. Queenie baby, she does rock a good frock, coat, hat, handbag & shoe medly, she never fails me either. I do like how she has merely pared back the colour to pastels these days & still exquisite. My English mother refers to the Queen who sports a poster in my father's walk in robe (ok he was a Naval officer & has met her a few times, launching ships & the like) as 'the girlfriend' an older woman at that!!
    As for anonymous comments, cowards, i just did a post on Sunday. . . why do these people bother with their nasty hate filled comments, i'm constantly called a faker as i, shock horror, love being a mum & doing tonnes of things with my children - mainly as i'm a housewife & have 4 children, it's kind of what i do!! Otherwise i'd be blogging about the lowlights such as grocery shopping, sweating at the gym & hanging out washing, exciting stuff!! Love Posie

  15. Helen Mirren is fabulous. I'm so glad that she's being celebrated and even perhaps more excited to know that she beat Pippa The Bottomless to 1st place!

    You always look absolutely immaculate FF; chic and elegant but always colourful and snazzy. To me you always just look like a very well put together "whippersnapper" as you'd put it. If that's what "50" looks like though, I look forward to it ;)

    What a sad little soul if they think of 50 as being old, or of dressing like a 50 year old as being an insult.

  16. The dressing like a 50 year old comment was far less offensive than the "you treat your baby as an accessory, and if he had health problems you wouldn't dress him up like a doll" comment.

    Babies children and adults with health problems should not have to go without nice outfits. To suggest that a child with health issues has to be dressed without care is just weird I think.

    Some of the most glam stylish women I know are in their 50s, so if people think I dress like them, good.

    There's a fair bit of snark in cyberspace these days. I don't know why. Maybe it's because people aren't very happy.

  17. Bloody hell I cannot believe somebody had the effrontery to leave such a despicable comment regarding your 'treatment' of your baby. So, so vile.

    Our baby's are around the same age and I can't tell you the pleasure it gave me to dress him up in a '50's seersucker sunsuit today complete with matching bonnet.

  18. I'd like to tick a little 'like' against Lillian and Selina's comments. All I can say is that if Lil FF is an accessory.....he is the ULTIMATE ACCESSORY. Mothers have been enjoying dressing up their babies for centuries and continue to do so. And anyway- this is a blog that expresses a definitive interest in fashion- I do wonder about sad little cyber space combers trawling through blogs just to vent their nastiness. Love Mouse xxx

  19. The polish is called Dulce de Leche. I love that OPI colour.

    FF I'm a law student who would love to hear about your time in law school, and your early days as a lawyer. I hope to read about it in the near future. :)

  20. FF I can't believe someone would say that about your (or anyone's) baby! That really makes my blood boil, and I'm not even a Mother.

    I really do think that sometimes the anonymity that the internet affords us can reveal the worst of human nature (along with sometimes the best).

  21. FF - Agree with you entirely. Love the Queen so much and I also love Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Mary's mother in law, as she is always happy and is beautifully groomed. Australian Women's Weekly is so fab, my favourite one is the 1980's Italian book, which my mum has and is literally being held together with serious quantities of sticky tape. As for those rude individuals who have shared their insular and unwarranted comments with you - can you block them from your blog? Fifi

  22. The Queen looked sensational. I agree. The vicar who married Zara and Mike is an old family friend of ours, he was based out in Honkers when we were there. Seeing him on the news coverage was a proud moment for us all xx

  23. What lovely cushions and teacups, hope you have a lovely week FF.x

  24. I'm somewhere between you and 50 and in a completely un-stalkerish way copy your style whenever I can. If you remember, I sent you an e-mail awhile back where I told you I FF'd it up with my wardrobe for a trip to Italy this past spring and was complimented numerous times by fashionable Italian ladies on my choices. I love your style, I think it's age appropriate without being dull and boring, who wants that!

  25. Fifty year old woman?! I'm 21 and I only wish I could be as glamourous & stylish as you; you are my fashion icon. Some people just have no taste. And some fifty year old women are extremely glamourous. As for the Baby, it is clear to me that you love him very much (and don't clog his arteries with butter). Considering the hideous 80s/90s outfits that marred my early life, I think Baby FF is lucky to be dressed so tastefully!

  26. I think the Queen is just hitting her stride fashionwise. Hopefully that means there's still hope for me. I love the fact Zara does not have her nose in the trough which means she can do exactly as she likes, such as looking fabulous after a two-day drinking sesh at the pub. I'm glad you're back. I hope the snarky comments give some light relief. I don't know how I lived before having a Kitchenaid.

  27. Just catching up on your posts as I have been away. Glad to hear baby FF is well but know how stressed you must have been to think he may not have been.

    I had a mexican chicken dish with salad for dinner tonight. Delicious. Followed by Macarons. Yum.

    I love Dame Helen. She always looks divine. Just stunning. I thought the Queen looked lovely at Zara's wedding. I do think Princess Anne might have bought a new dress for the big occasion. She looked nice though...

    K xx

  28. Dear Ms FF, Even as a Republican I love the Queen. I think her secret is knowing what looks good on her, sticking to it and being perfectly groomed. There is a charming book called Almost French about an Australian journalist who marries a Frenchman and lives in Paris. One day he stops her from running out to the bakery in her old tracky daks with "but it is not nice for the baker!" I think there is a bit to be said for the fact that it is other people who have to look at us and it is as well that we don't startle them with our fashion choices. Poto (bum in Chilean) to the rude anons. love Lindaxxx

  29. Hi FF,
    Just went to DJ's (well someone had to!) and I was completely astounded by the vast array of colours Opi makes. I had no idea. Last time I bought Opi was in a supermarket in the USA (Yes. They know how to make grocery shopping worthwhile) Anyway, when did their range get so enormous?
    I have been embracing polish thrift for too long, clearly.
    Cheers, Polly xx

  30. My favourite debrief on the royal wedding in Aprill was with my 11 nieces and nephews! Princess diaries this... princess diaries that... then my 10 yr old nephew chimes in " I really loved that yellow/buttercup-ish outfit the Queen wore." Priceless!!!

    P.S. 50s my *%$@!!! You are so late twenties!!!

  31. i think your comment to the rude anon person is my all time favorite ff'ism. you kill me. i don't know - because i can. ahhahaha.

    the queen does look good and so does helen. see what we all have to look forward to?

  32. I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up...or at least, when I grow "older". What a bod that woman has!!!

    I sincerely hope your son is in good health - it sounds like things are on the 'up'. When my daughter was born, she had a "clicky" left hip. At the ultrasound taken when she was 3 days old, I was the blithering, weeping bundle of misery, sobbing uncontrollably in the corner of a darkened room, while my Shining-Armoured Knight of a husband managed everything - bless him a million times! So it's wonderful to hear that Master FF is progressing well - nothing is more stressful than seeing your dear little one unwell...I can attest to that.

    Please pay no attention to the negativity! Bitter, bitter people who, oddly, feel the need to strike out at others...I don't pretend to know why and, quite frankly, who cares? Like many of your readers do, I dressed my daughter and son as newborns and toddlers in the most gorgeous outfits and still have many of them, kept pristine and precious, in their "Memory Boxes". My little girl's Christening outfit was made from my wedding dress offcuts, carefully saved in the hope I'd have a daughter - Italian silk and French seed-pearl lace - NOTHING is too good for your own darling child!!!

    P.S. I think you dress like a hot 27 year old. Isn't that what you are, anyway?!?!?! :-)

  33. How fun to meet up with an old friend. That's my very favorite thing. I must say, the Queen covered herself in glory in her wedding attire. Nicely done.

  34. Cannot believe the cruelty of some people. I know when I am not feeling well, I feel so much better when wearing a fab outfit made of fab fabric - who's to say a baby wouldn't as well?
    It looks to me as if you dress your son in beautiful lush fabrics which would feel cozy and wonderful against his skin - much better than cheap fabric. So who cares?
    I do not like it when I see a well dressed parent and a slob looking child in the same family. Dressing your children nicely not only promotes respect, but it shows that YOU care how they are presented to the world and how others view your children.
    And to me - your son is wonderful. So well done you!

  35. Helen Miren looks so fabulous - only hope I can look half as good at 66!!!

  36. Dear FF, the way you dress is classy and creative. I love your style. The dressing like a 50 year old comment clearly has its roots in jealousy as does the awful baby accessory comment. Baby FF is sweet and stylish. What's wrong with that? Hugs, Camille
    PS: eBay frock arrived and is adorable!!

  37. You should be basking in the wonderful warmth of the love, admiration and affection the vast majority of your readers and friends shower upon you. I am sure a hurtful comment can be shocking, but try to just shake your head in wonder at the sad bitterness and shrug it off. This is your blog and be assured it is much enjoyed and appreciated by many.

  38. Hi FF, I just have to say to everyone reading this amazing blog, but mostly to the cow who posted a rude remark about you - IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY F OFF. I cannot believe that people think they have the right to be rude to you. Your blog brings so many people happiness and is always full of positivity. Clare x

  39. I feel very sad indeed for the dismal life one must lead in order to draw satisfaction through posting nasty, nonsensical comments on blogs! It's difficult to fathom having the time to waste on being downright mean! Clearly, you have the maturity necessary to disregard such woefulness...and so you should! Have a wonderful day with your beautiful boy enjoying this gorgeous weather! Beck xx

  40. 50 year old women rock.
    But I might be biased :)

    Zara looked divine and her gown was beautiful. One pic I saw showed the hem getting very dirty from dragging on the ground. A shame there wasn't a nice red carpet leading into the church.
    May I say I chuckled at Mrs Exeter's nude shoe comment! Imagine it...too funny.

  41. Helen Mirren is just fantastic. I aim to be looking that good when I'm 60, actually I aim to be looking that good right now.

    The polish is called Dulce de Leche which is a great colour but actual Dulce de Leche is an amazing caramel spread from South America. It is sort of like the boiled condensed milk caramel only better. If you can find some, try it.

    I thought all the royals looked great and far more relaxed at Zara's wedding. Must have been nice without the tv cameras and the millions of people.

  42. Just saw Heather Locklear and thought of you. So there!


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