Monday, August 1, 2011

Relief and Other Good Things.

Do you like to have little snacky things before dinner? Me too.
The Baby's lovely whippersnapper babysitter gave me this book to read. It's about a lady who tries to inject more happiness into her life. I've just started it- one of the first things she does is declutters her apartment and gets rid of the evidence of her past mistakes. You can imagine how much I was loving that bit.
Bromeliad flowers are always a bit spooky aren't they?
The poor garden's dry and looking a bit worse for wear. It needs some rain.

It's looking a bit neglected and scrappy which is not a look that suits anyone. Maybe I should give things a bit of a prune and chiuck some fertiliser about the traps.

These arrived in the post. Remember how I saw Ole Sarah JP in New New York shooting an episode of Sex and the City back in 2003? She was very skinny.

I sourced the Baby what can only be described as some heavily discounted shirts. These were marked down by 70% and were only $18 each. I know. Cheaptastic. You can just tell he is going to look 11/10 gorgeous in them paired with some long cord strides or maybe some cargo shorts...
You know how I'm partial to a mirrored jewellery box? Well I got my mitts on some more.

and shoved some necklaces into them.

This scarf's been good to me.

You know how I like to buy stuff from the Magic that is Black and Spiro?

Well even if you don't live round these here parts, you can too, because Anna's launched an online site! Hooray. Run Don't Walk and visit it here.

One of my favourite feelings in the entire world is Relief. We got some very good news about the Baby's health last week which brought floods of relief and was a fantastic antidote to Extreme Maternal Distress (which is what the paediatrician actually wrote on the referral to the specialist). Nothing beats Good News.

There was an excellent documentary on ABC2 last night about Dalton Trumbo, a blacklisted Hollywood writer who went to prison rather than answer questions before Congress about his political activities. It's excellent- if you get the chance to watch it, do.

What should I cook for dinner?



  1. Lamb Kofta's with cous cous and a mint/cucumber yoghurt sauce.

    So happy to hear good news on the baby front, there is little more overwhelming and stressful than having a sick child. Have a gin and tonic whilst you are de-stressing, I'm surprised the doctor didn't prescribe it for you.

  2. Cybill, how funny, i'm planning to make a kaftan curry arrangement tonight. Recipe from my favourite food blog

    FF, so lovely to read your post and see your beautiful pictures, as always. I've noticed a lot of "FF language" popping up on other blogs. You're clearly a fantastic trendsetter.

    I've been thinking of you as i've been having yet another massive de-clutter. Where does all this stuff come from??? Feeling a wee bit guilty about getting rid of some excess toys and a bit sad about getting rid of some too small clothes from my girls.

    Happy to hear that all is well with your little man.

  3. Lemon and green olive chicken tagine with Israeli cous-cous. I am a mother of a six month old girl and can only imagine the worry and stress behind your words about your son. So glad that all is better. Sending you much love and continued good fortune.

  4. I love, love, love your blog!!!

  5. Dear FF,
    I too have been diagnosed with extreme maternal distress on more than one occasion (including last week lol) but seriously am so relieved that Baby FF is fighting fit.
    I love your canapes. What are they?
    Isn't the weather beautiful?
    Don't you love the shoot of SJP and the kids and Matthew in the New York apartment? Ole Anna says SJP might run for Mayor. Now that would be exciting!
    Kate Bx

  6. Hi FF,

    So glad to hear you received good news regarding Baby FF health. He such a cutie, everytime i see a pic of him i just want to give him a cuddle.

    I saw the happiness project book the other day online and was thinking of buying it to read, i'll have to put it on my to buy list.


  7. Pasta with tomato, mushrooms, leek and basil (and heaps of garlic). Plus a good NZ chardonnay of course. Very happy with your good news - cheers to you and baby FF! xo

  8. Hey FF, I'm glad to hear your little one is a-okay. Also good to know that paediatricians are observant of Mum's health too! The button down shirts are very smart. xx

  9. Hi FF
    Lovely to hear that Baby FF is ok; there is nothing worse than anxiety about your baby's or child's health - relief is indeed the best feeling! (As is Champagne which should accompany said feeling..)
    Look forward to continuing to enjoy your pearls of wit and wisdom. On totally frivolous matters, have you tried OPI's Mrs O'Leary's BBQ? Strange name but fabulous winter shade - deep red/plum.
    Take care, Fi in Melbourne

  10. So glad Baby FF is OK.

    Am v excited about online Black and Spiro. Online being my favourite way to shop....

  11. Chicken & leek quiche - we are big into pastry at our place. Every good home needs to keep some emergency puff pastry in their freezer in my opinion. So many delicious things to make with it besides semi gourmet quiches for small children...

    Glad to hear you had good news on baby FF's health. We have friends with a seriously ill child, and I can't imagine the daily stress and worry over him, let alone that initial diagnosis that they received when he was a very little baby.

    Champagne definitely should be on order!

  12. Loving the details in every aspect of this post. Can't think of dinner for my family neverlone yours - parent/ teacher interviews, all sparkling & fabulous but my high schooler left me running late as i picked her up first & she forgot (humph) so i had to speed listen to the stories & academic atttributes of my glorious younger children. Now i'm hungry. Love Posie

  13. Wonderful that your baby is doing so well! And I have that book, I am wondering where I put it, and that is not making me happy.

  14. That's some good news, I can fully relate to the feeling of relief re your baby's health and I can also imagine the agony you've been going through. Take care and continue to inspire us all please!

  15. Good news are the best news!

    How about Steak+green beansmashed potatoes for dinner? That's what we are going to eat tonight, it never lets us down.

  16. Love the RL shirts for the little one! Gorgeous!

    Stumbled across the blog this week - highly recommend it as a sure fire way to brighten the day.

    A comforting chilli con carne and bottle of red is what the Dr ordered for me tonight!

  17. I am SO glad to hear that little Mr FF is all ok. I can only imagine the relief and I hope that there are no more worries like that for you all.

    I'm living without carbs right now, and as I type this, the "feature" to the right of your page is a GREAT big bowl of scrumptious looking pasta titled "Forgive Me Dr Atkins"... it's making me flush with desire. So I vote for whatever delicious concoction that was :)

  18. I hated the Happiness Project, I wanted to slap her her and tell her to be grateful for incredible life, she is so whiny, I binned the bpok after a few chapters, I have never been more annoyed by a human being.

    OH so sorry to hear that our best boy had some health problems but happy to hear that all is well now.

  19. I'm well aware of feelings of fear and panic in regards to my children's health, so am so pleased you've received good news for your little one. I love to read your blog and have been channelling you in the de-cluttering dept lately. My husband is beginning to worry that maybe I'm nesting?? Umm,that would be no. Take care, Kell

  20. The purchases for baby FF are gorgeous. I see he loves RL gear. You may want to check out buyinvite's RL kiddies shoe sale here, they should have stuff in baby FF's size. :p

  21. I like to eat dessert before mains. Nom nom.

  22. glad little baby FF is ok.
    Any royal wedding reporting to be done? (Zara) I thought it was quite funny the best man had a bunged up face with stitches from a rugby game...

  23. Relief is a hugely welcome feeling and so glad you had some with regards to baby FF.

    Never underestimate a mother's intuition when it comes to illness. Always better to be alarmed over nothing than miss something big. More reason for whisky too (as if we needed one).

  24. I did wonder,when you went silent,that something was wrong with your little one. So pleased that all is well - and that you are back blogging,in your inimitable style.

  25. Dear FF
    great to see you are back on top form. Must be the extreme maternal relief kicking in!

    God Bless the child and keep him healthy forever. We had some issues with the grandson and it was v worrying but he is now a very healthy, bonny 6 month old so all is well.

    Was that Olivia Palermo on the front of one of the mags? I love her. In real life she is very tiny and skinny (much like sjp) I wish I knew their secret (probably no food but living on diet coke and fags)

  26. Wonderful news about your baby boy - we had some worrying times when my son was little but he is now an extremely energetic 6 year old who never stops talking or moving! Enjoy your little man.

  27. Hope bubba is okay?!! When oh when are we going to catch up? I have an invite to a BIG exciting party maybe you might want to come with me?? I wil email you!!

    PS. Hugs for the mention of B&S online!xo

  28. So glad about the baby's health ; I was plagued with EMD (that's a good one !)and still find things to worry about although my only daughter is now........ 28 !!!

    One thing I like about decluttering is finding things you didn't even knew you had !

    I thought about you last night when I was watching "Modern Family" which we now get in France and I find hilarious. Anyway, there's an episode where the husband complains about all the cushions his wife puts on the bed. She had tons of them and they were arranged in the same way as yours !

    I'm glad you're posting regularly again, your blog is a ray of sunshine ; the mixture of glamour and down-to-earth good sense is very original and makes for a very goog read !

  29. FF,
    Do you have a George Foreman Grill? Here in the US we're always in a rush about everything, and with this electric grill, you can make a meal in 5 minutes, literally! A family fav is George Foreman grilled chicken over mesculin.

    About that extreme maternal distress, don't think that will ever end. It's just what causes the distress that changes. My youngest is 19 & in college. Some of the worst extreme maternal distress I've experienced after raising 4 kids was when an arsonist was at large in my son's dorm building (he's since been caught).

    I always say, when you have distress over something money can fix, it's not such bad distress. It thoses distresses that money can't fix that eat you up from the inside out.

  30. Hi FF,

    Thank goodness your beautiful little man is well. These little ones come into our lives and nothing is ever the same again.
    It is lovely to hear your familiar chit chat again.

    Kellie x

  31. I too have been de-cluttering like a mad thing. It's taken a while, but my goodness does it feel good.

    Very happy to hear that Baby FF is doing well! :)

  32. So happy for you that bubs is A-OK and healthy K, what fantastic news. I loves me a pre-dinner snacky more than a little! And yes, bromeliads have a certain alien-esque quality about them, love it xx

  33. Im not a common commenter, however I thought it appropriate to say I am glad you are back! Also good news is always, well, good.

  34. Heya FF,
    Good news on the BoyBubFF being a trouper and healthing it up, destressing his Maternal Bearer and Carer, helping you find mirror boxes and obviously helping to declutter the house.
    L:ove to catch up, before you get back to wok, I have another 2 weeks down here before I head home with my new (very metallic) back.
    Will ring.

  35. Fantastic that all is well with bubba. But be assured there will be plenty more worrying times/moments, such as concerns after little bumps to the head and all night stints watching over him when he's sick and has a fever, though hopefully none will be too serious or long term. Its 24/7 this parenting gig!

  36. happy, happy about baby being o.k. I got that book and read it on vacation in Hawaii, having not much else to do I make tons of notes to follow up book advice. Even taking notes on plane going home! And then, well, everyday life took over and I couldn't tell you where the notes are! Nevertheless, I find a few episodes of Hoarders gets my cleaning juices going.

  37. Dear FF - I'm so glad your worries are over regarding your son's health - my daughter was born with heart problems, and although she was never ill, it was a massive, massive relief when she was given the all clear at about one year old, so I can imagine how things have been for you.

    Unrelated to your lovely post I have read that live cattle exports are to begin again after the month ban - is there any way to resume lobbying against it (I think the gvt. assume the fuss caused by Four Corners has died down) - its such an awful long journey never mind their terrible fate, I can't actually stand to think about it much. I can't believe much has changed in a month. Is there anything we can do? Please e-mail me if you wish - mrsexeter (at) gmail (dot) com xxx

  38. Dear FF - I recently discovered your blog and absolutely love it. Secretly I wish we were besties:)

    I also recently became a mom and can completely sympathize with you when it comes to worrying about the health of your child. So glad to hear that everything is good with your son.

    I have a complete envy for your garden - I wish I had that magic touch.

  39. Unfortunately EMD is a common trait of motherhood!
    Very happy to hear baby FF is alright.

    Did you watch Q & A last night? It got a little heated between Tanya and that journo fellow.

  40. Oh goodness, I am so glad that baby FF is in good health!! I hope he has been okay? I can’t even imagine how distressing it would be for a Mother to not know how to help her baby. Great news!!!

  41. I am so happy to hear Baby FF is OK, and the health scare behind you. He will look gorgeous in the cute shirts. Love your mirror boxes and orange scarf and necklaces, and you have inspired me to start another declutter. Your blog is always a delight to read.

  42. Nothing beats stronger than a Mummy heart xxx

  43. Dear Ms FF, Hurray for good and happy news! Well done, clever Baby FF for passing all your tests. I hope that your mother celebrated with large glasses of champagne to go with the caviar (Ms FF, you really must visit Moscow and St Petersburg!). Still on a Russian theme, I made Beef Strogonoff for dinner tonight - slightly fancy and retro and yet very comforting. It is something I remember my mum making from the Women's Weekly Cookbook in the 1970s. I am sure your mum did too. love Lindaxxx

  44. Sorry, I meant a very GOOD read !!

  45. Delighted that you had good news on your son's health. I am sure that was a huge source of relief for you.

    All the best,

  46. Hi FF

    So pleased to hear everything is OK with Master FF. There's nothing more worrying than the health of your little one.

    I hope cake was involved while you were going through those troubling times. I made a whopping great carrot cake and thought of you.

    Susan in Sydney


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