Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kate's here!

 Kate Wills and George are all on Australian soil and Kate's looking the Business in Yellow.
So cheering.
 Her hair really is 11/10
Meanwhile, you know how I luff and endorse leopard print as a Neutral? (Cue the Leopard Visuals)
Well Maitai (Creative Polyglot and highly skilled scarf and pavlova expert whose style and Hermes Scholarship know no bounds) has generously devoted a whole post to Leopard print in response to a comment I made a while back. I know. I was loving it sick too. You can read it here. 
Look how good she looks:
 In local news I got home from the Coalface and raced into Woolies and purchased stuff to whip up some béchamel and make a sand crab lasagne for the family. I know. 
It was the last word in Comfort. Thank God there are left overs.
Tonight Zsa Zsa phoned me and crystallised some Easter Plans. Goody. Some People call it Feaster because the food really is just so so Good.
Loved all the funny Polyglot comments on the last post. You people do make me laugh.


  1. isnt kate gorgeous? i think it is marvellous how much william seems to cherish her. busy easter coming up. went food shopping tonight and spent mega bucks on a few chickens and bunnies. happy easter FF!

  2. Really fitting that Kate wore yellow to sunny Australia. She does have excellent hair. Do you think the rumours that the Queen and Camilla want her to cut it are true? I saw MaiTai's post and I luffed it, in fact I need to go back and read it again. Please tell me your top Easter comfort foods, I'll be cooking all weekend long and I need some FF inspiration! xox

  3. Kate's dress was the business, Done the shopping. Easter here we come.

  4. Am very cross re all the nasty Disney princess comments re Kate. Am sure Diana would have been kosher royal if Charles wasn't bonking Camilla - enough to send anyone into highly strung territory methinks. Such large shoes to fill as the people's princess but I think she may have the goods.

  5. Happy Easter FF! I'm a newbie reader and am slowly back-reading your blog posts (currently at Thursday, May 31, 2012) which have just covered the Jubilee posts. Am compelled, and enjoying myself immensely. It may take some more weeks to reach the beginning, and I will get there, don't doubt me :) Love the colour, the fashion, & the traditions. Stay true! From Louise.

  6. Yes luff Kate's dress and she and William seem such genuine, sincere people. l say ditch Charles for King and go straight to William! Charles is so dull and boring. lm going to go down to Southbank on sat to have a real life peek. They said on the news tonight cutey pie George is not coming to Brisbane. Devastated - he is the cutest chubba bubba!!

  7. I read MaiTai's post before I popped in here and it put a big smile on my face!
    So you to pose the leopard question....and bravo to MaiTai for going shopping to make it happen. You gals have so much fun!
    Kate wears yellow very well....she really is doing a marvellous job on this junket. I just cannot help but think of Diana. I am still not over her demise.
    Enjoy the Feaster weekend!

  8. Kate is 11/10 in every category with me.

  9. MaiTai rocks that leopard in a way that would make a hyena give up it's kill.

  10. I liked the yellow dress but Kate must have been a bit chilly ..I had cardy on all day

    big news here is ..we've lost a Premier

  11. Bechamel really is a necessary evil isnt it! That prince George is as cute as. I also think her hair is amazeballs.

  12. Kate's frock was bright and chirpy personified, she looked gorge! And I love every outfit she's put Georgie Boy in, beyond cute.

    Doesn't Maitai have the most stylish mirror-selfie pose you've ever seen, you almost forget she's holding the camera!

    In culinary news I think I will try your potato/chicken stock this w/end, they looked scrum.

    In case you don't post again before Easter, have a lovely time celebrating with the family. Nothing better than an occasion with loved ones.


  13. Loved the yellow dress. I wish I could wear that colour, I just love it. Unfortunately it makes me look like I'm dying, seriously crazy what it does to my complexion.

    Easter will be a seafood extravaganza with my family. Mussels on Friday, lobster on Saturday (IGA have lobster tails on special, get in quick) and loads of cake inbetween. I have an apple shortbread cake in the oven as I type.

    Now to finish the housework and get set for some actual relaxation after too many weeks of 10 hour days and working weekend.

  14. Loved Kate's yellow dress and George is soo cute.
    Also loved all the leopard print, both you and Maitai look superb in

  15. No one rocks leopard like you! Loved the challenge, and am so happy with my two leopard 'neutrals'. All thanks to you!! Kate's dress is fabulous, and I am still laughing at 'Feaster'. Have a happy one! xx

  16. Friend of mine and her 2 little girl met William and Kate today at Katoomba.. Kate looked great, said lovely a lot, speaks with the same accent as William and was very patient with all the kids

  17. Loving George's romper suits. Loved Kate in yellow despite the negative comments. Wonder if she fancies a bit of leopard print a la MaiTai?

  18. Soaked up Mai Tai's post like nothing else! She looks amaze. Like you I heavily endorse and eagerly embrace a bit of leopard. Luff that pic of you in the hermes scarf and leopard top. Up there with Tai. Xxx

  19. Kate is perfection. Loved the yellow dress, very appropriate for Easter I think!

  20. That yellow dress was sensational. I read online somewhere that the DVF dress Kate wore in the blue mountains the other day sold out online within a few hours of her being photographed in it!

    I couldn't help myself, after reading your blog today, I had to make a bechamel sauce too! Did it with so e fresh herbs and prawns and a salad, it was delicious. Perfect for these cooler nights we are (finally) starting to have.

    I am not one who can carry off leopard print garments but I do have a fabulous pair of leopard print heels that I will wheel out again once my centre of gravity returns to normal.

    Have a fabulous feaster Easter FF. I hope toddler FF finds lots of eggs from the Easter bunny and you enjoy some time away from the coal face. Lord knows I will be.

  21. oh i think diana would so love kate. she looks so beautiful in yellow. i will go read the mai tai post now. happy easter my friend. x

  22. This post has relieved coalface work week stress like nobodies business. I thank you

  23. Prince William is chanelling Darren Lockyer in his blue suit. I wonder if he is wearing the blue shoes a-la-Darren?

  24. Love MaiTai's poses, she has got the loveliest smile! Kate looks jolly good in the yellow, now I can't pick which is my fave outfit, there are too many goodies.


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