Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Behold the Magnificence.

This post is chock full of what can only be described as Truly Magnificent Stuff, so if you're in the mood for common-garden-variety or run of the mill products just click away right this second. The Perfection that is Niece FF did a lovely drawing of me wearing sparkles and superior glittery accessories. I know. Her artistic talents and powers of observation know no bounds. The hair is particularly impressive. Speaking of impressive just look at this cushion:
I know. It's stunning. My Mum brought it back from Europe for me where amongst other things she tripped the light fantastic with Blighty in London. Luckily they came across no riotors or looters at Liberty or Carluccios in downtown Kensington. The only member of my immediate family who Ole Blights hasn't met is my Dad. We'll have to sort something out. Speaking of high end decorator products I went to the Magic that is Black and Spiro today. Prepare yourselves emotionally for the magnificence of what Anna's got in stock.

I don't know about the rest of you but I wanted to transplant this entire room into my home:

Amber this photo's for you-

We live in Challenging Times fraught with stress and worry. Make your home a cosy haven that comforts and soothes and ensures coming home is a Joy. If you don't know where to start, stay calm, don't panic. I'm here to help. Anna Spiro's here to help. You'll be needing some of these:

Because Undercushioning is the Devil's Work. I know this. Anna knows this. And in their heart of hearts, the cushion-less know this too. I'll tell you what else is comforting. Prosciutto Cotto. From the New Farm Deli.

And Italian Pinot Grigio. So refreshing.

Today was a public holiday so tennis and excellent company was in order.

And what would tennis be without superior high end home made cakes for afternoon tea?

One of my favourite people on the planet and fellow Leo has a very special birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday!!! I knew from the second I met her she was a Leo- her hair was a dead give away!

The Jean Brown Sale starts tomorrow. Run Don't Walk. Your Economy Needs You.



  1. Is there a place where I can hire a niece for a day just so I can get one of those sparkly portraits?

  2. That picture is Wonderful! The hair - the lips - the necklace - what a talent! Your sweet neice clearly believes that sparkly-wear will never go out of style - we're all with her!

    Tennis looks fun - and I'd love to be able to pop into your friend's gorgeous shop, but I suspect I'd be bankrupt in a heartbeat - its all so nice.

    Except the pinot grigio - gone off it in a major way as I now associate it with awful Ramona in Real Housewives LOL! xxxx

  3. What a gorgeous little depiction of you from Niece FF! That's truly something to treasure forever :) I think she's captured your essence very well also ;)

    Pinot Grigio is forever etched into my mind after The Real Housewives *laughs*

    You also have to share what those amazing cakes were? Did you make them both?

  4. Mrs Exeter *laughs* I can't believe that Ramona ruined Pinot Grigio for you as well!

  5. Just curious but are you the customer that buys a cushion a week (or just about) that Anna mentions in her latest post ?

    Also belated Birthday greetings.

    Your niece's artwork is stunning.


  6. Dear Ms FF, You see Niece FF is a fan of sparkles too. What a clever artist she is! Is she taking after your Mum? Anna's beautiful colours make me yearn for Spring - one solitary cherry tree has burst bravely into bloom outside the office. Hopefully your garden will be going bananas soon. I hope you have a lovely time at the Jean Brown sales. love Lindaxxx

  7. Also I forgot to mention or query actually...if you have also discovered the joy that is the rocky road at the New Farm deli?

    It's the really good chocolate (can't think of the term but there is 70% of it) and pistachios and turkish's swoon inducing goodness.

    Catherine again.

  8. FF, your niece FF certainly has an artistic talent, very impressive! It's the perfect way to enjoy your public holiday with a homemade cake and an afternoon tea, fabulous!

  9. No, I am not the person who buys a cushion a week from Black and Spiro but I support the concept!

    Don't let Ramona put you off your pinot grigio!!!!

    Have not tried the rocky road but I will xxx

  10. Oh wow I want everything you have pictured from Black and Spiro. Seriously I could not choose a favorite item lucky I'm in a different state or I would be very poor but my house would look amazing! Your nieces drawing is gorgeous too! x

  11. What gorgeous uplifting photos ! I wish we had a Black and Spiro store here, that Tiffany blue sofa is to die for !!

  12. Dear FF, Can't wait to meet your Sis for dinner in Honky Town next week (wish you were there too!). After seeing that gorgeous Black & Spiro wallpaper, my immediate thought was that you should action some wallpaper at your place too. It would look amazing! Love, Clare xx

  13. I love niece FF's drawing - it's amazing and priceless.

  14. What a darling portrait and so appropriately crafted using lots of glitter.

    You are so right about making our homes a cozy and safe place to nest in our often scary world.

    xo, A

    P.S. I had to laugh yesterday - the Universe is directing you to be on my mind. I was rifling through a box of my stepdaughter's nail polishes yesterday and the first bottle I picked up was Sally Hansen's "Fuchsia Bling! Bling!" First the "Fuchsia Trail" and now this?

  15. That portrait is suitable for framing!
    It makes me happy just looking at it.
    Children's artistic creativity always amazes me and it seems to be so natural.

    I wonder if she will paint a picture of Baby FF.

    I agree about cocooning in a cozy home, feathering the nest and keeping the home fires burning. A little bit of cake doesn't hurt either :)

    I see you are wearing my favourite shoes...

  16. Truly superior fabulousness - that cushion your mum brought back from Blighty is MAGNIFICENT!!! Love proscuitto and Pinot Grigio - regardless of our rubbish weather here....And the cakes look wonderful - what is the yellow topping - is that lemony something or other?

    My friends have started querying my new habit of describing things as 11/10 or telling them to run, don't walk people......and I'm 'actioning' stuff left, right and centre.

    Just wish I had your hair too..... :-)

    Ali x

  17. How in the world did you play tennis in those fabulous red shoes?
    I'm so impressed!

  18. Niece FF indeed does have artistic talent! Those Black and Spiro interiors are inspirational. I need some of that Chinese blue and white pottery!

  19. aaah this lovely warm weather I am told will not last. All of my trees are trying to blossom, so I hope we don't get a frost.
    I'm afraid I have an "immature palate" -as I was told by a snotty older woman once and just loooove a moscato, I also prefer a liquer to a spirit, Ha how about that!! could I have a sweet tooth??
    I too fully appreciate the lovely blue lounge and decor there, though I don't think that it would keep looking so good with the doggies and kids around here.

  20. Ps -I agree you must frame niece FF's art work, It is very special.

  21. I dont need alot of things to get by in this life, but I can get through another week if I dont have those pink cockatoos right. now.
    T x

  22. I love how niece FF has carefully pencilled in a necklace to the sparkly outfit! Thanks for the cushion inspiration I am going to update my sad looking lot!


  23. Good to see Niece FF's love affair with glitter commencing at a young age. Shows she has superior style.
    I can always be tempted by new cushions and the gift from your Mum is absolutely 11/10.

  24. Hi FF, I would like to transplant Anna Spiro into my house for a week, then all her stuff.

  25. Good God FF, is that dollops of butter on the top of that cake? So daring and a brilliant result I see. I like your style.

    I agree that Niece FF's pic would look great in a frame. She must pay close attention to detail (those lips and that hair - eternally shiny). Clever girl!

    Thanks for the shot of Those Shoes, I was missing them.

  26. What a lovely picture Niece FF has done - so sweet! Gorgeous glitter. And I love your new cushion - (is it by Jan Constantine?) - I have one of hers - she is v. talented I feel. Glad you had a wonderful birthday and I can understand why the most special thing was the card from dear baby FF. X

  27. Just checked my new cushions- they are by Jan Constantine!!!

    I didn't make the cakes- my friend S did.

    I don't play tennis- my talents lie elsewhere. I offered emotional support and ate the cakes. xxx

  28. I'm so coveting that ginger jar, however given I've just been busy on the ASOS website, I shall avert my gaze and instead, behold the magnificence of your incredibly talented niece and her wonderfully accommodating mother for letting that much glitter in the house. I must also compliment your mother on her excellent good taste in cushions.

  29. FF, you offered more than emotional support yesterday at tennis. Your gorgeous red Prada flats alone were the perfect compliment to the perfectly behaved junior FF. I think we need to see another photo of him wrapped snug in his M wrap and M pram.

  30. I love cushions as you know and I don't think I could live without them! They make me 100% happy!!xx

    Thanks for the lovely post...

    That baby is the cutest thing ever!


  31. Superior to the max in all departments.

  32. love the glittery picture, blue & white and those cushions

  33. headed to brisbane next week.. cannot wait to hit up jean brown and black and spiro. YAY



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